Outfit: Celine Me Alone

CELINE_1Rebecca Minkoff “Becky” Blazer (or try this under $100 look alike) // Celine Me Alone T-Shirt

Rag & Bone Jeans (magical – or try these) // Khepri Bag // gifted Banana Republic Heels

BaubleBar + gifted K. Kane Necklace // Emerson Fry Coat (or try this deal)

I’d been absolutely dying for this t-shirt when they finally got more in stock!  I paired it with my favorite jacket and my newish Rag & Bone Jeans.  Honestly, these may be the most flattering jeans I’ve ever bought… even on a “fat day” I feel amazing when I put them on.  Alicia had sung Rag & Bone Denim’s praises so I finally gave them a try…  I could not agree more.






 photos by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. Super stylish as always! Love the bag! PS: Hair tutorial please?

    • Grace Atwood says 1.17.13

      Aw thanks Gab! So here is my hair tutorial. 1) Go to Dry Bar on Monday. 2) Sleep with hair in a low pony or braid at night. 3) Add dry shampoo on Thursday or Friday…. 4) Go back to Dry Bar the following Monday. Kinda gross but my hair doesn’t really get greasy. xoxo

  2. Samira says 1.17.13

    love your heels!!! you look great!!!

  3. Caitlin Wilson says 1.17.13

    I love this! I’m all about a t-shirt and jeans, but I love the way you’ve “femmed” them up with the t-strap heels! Very chic.


  4. Alyssa says 1.17.13

    I feel like this is the perfect “New York City cool” look…not that I expected anything less! I’m in the market for a new pair of jeans (mine ripped, sad) so I’m going to check these out for sure.

  5. viv says 1.17.13

    Dying for that t-shirt! And I totally agree, Rag & Bone denim is the most flattering out there.

  6. Chelsea says 1.17.13

    I love this outfit. It looks so put together yet so effortless. Those heels are gorgeous. You can make it a week in between dry bar/ hair washings? I am so impressed. Struggling with three days. Anyways, love it!

  7. Lila Sirena says 1.17.13

    Hi Grace!

    I’m loving the necklaces too, super chic as always.


  8. Cassie says 1.17.13

    You look so good in these pictures, Grace! Love the outfit. And I think we have really similar body types (as much as I can tell from the pictures) and I always have trouble finding jeans! Maybe I’ll try Rag & Bone. Do you know what style these are?

    PS-Haha at your “hair tutorial” above. Really wish we had a Dry Bar in Ohio!


  9. Hitha says 1.17.13

    Damn you girls – now I’m definitely buying a pair of Rag & Bone jeans. Next month, most likely. And I want that t-shirt.

    You look fantastic, as always.

  10. christin says 1.17.13

    this is the day we were twinsies. awww. also, loved that hair tutorial.

  11. Sarah says 1.17.13

    Love the outfit! You look so chic and comfortable! And I am completely obsessing over your amazing shoes!

  12. Kelsey says 1.17.13

    Lovee the celine me alone tee!!

  13. Taylor says 1.17.13

    I think I need this T as a treat! I see the just put up a pre-order function! 🙂 Such a cute combo, i love the blazer!

  14. blue roses says 1.17.13

    t-strap heels can often look dowdy or dated, i love how you incorporated them in a more carefree and fresh look! beautiful!

  15. Berty Morales says 1.17.13

    such a simple look but yet so chic. Love the shoes and the bag!

  16. I always love a good t-shirt and jean combination. This one is awesome!

  17. Amy says 1.17.13

    I love your jacket! You look gorgeous, as always 🙂

  18. Sarah says 1.17.13

    This is quite literally my PERFECT outfit. Jeans and a cozy, designer-inspired graphic tee and a blazer. I’m obsessed. I just went to order that tee and they’re out of stock 🙁 (I wanted it in white)

  19. Sarah says 1.17.13

    This outfit is basically perfection. Can I ask what size shirt you ordered? I also really enjoyed reading your hair routine above. It seems like many people I talk to have the best luck with washing their hair less often. I’ll have to give it a try!

    • Grace Atwood says 1.17.13

      Hi Sarah, I got a size Small. The shirts are unisex so they are pretty loose. I love mine!

  20. Lauren says 1.17.13

    I guess I am going to have to try Rag and Bone’s jeans now!

  21. SO I have wanted that Celine me alone for 100 years, but it is always sold out so I was going to write how sad I was about that…BUT I just bought it! Yahooo!! We can be twins. haha! Yay!

  22. Alexa says 1.17.13

    Okay loving that fab t-shirt. So cute!

  23. Kristin says 1.17.13

    Gorgeous! Super heart those shoes!

  24. The Knitty Contessa says 1.17.13

    Super cute comfy chic outfit! I have now added Rag & Bone jeans and those shoes to my shopping list!

  25. B. says 1.17.13

    Such a fun tee! Love your whole look. I’ve been wishlisting a pair of Rag&Bone jeans. Good to know that they’re worth the investment;)


  26. Daisy says 1.17.13

    LOVE the tee!

    & Pretty Things

  27. Gina says 1.17.13

    Grace, just wanted to say whatever you have been doing with your nutritionist is working– you look amazing in this pictures! Healthy, fabulous and so happy!!

    • Grace Atwood says 1.17.13

      aw, thank you so much Gina, such a sweet comment!

  28. Julie Leah says 1.17.13

    Your effortless, chic thing is killing me. Seriously, you do this look so well. I may be a little jealous 😉


  29. Bettina says 1.18.13

    Your hair looks so lovely in these photos! It’s beautifully breezing it up in the wind!

  30. Great outfit! I have a “Celine” tee too that I love, but it’s Brian Lichtenberg. Happy Friday!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  31. Meghan says 1.20.13

    such a perfect daytime look. and that coat! #jealous