Outfit: Caped

GRACE_047Zara Coat (old but I’m obsessed with this) // Theory Dress  // gifted Rebecca Minkoff Pouch

Express Tights (the very best) // Sam Edleman Boots // Lulu Frost Necklace

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was spent (literally) hibernating inside with the boyfriend.  I only left the apartment a couple times (really just to get craft supplies and necessary provisions.)  We were both feeling a little run down, so a weekend in was just the thing.  I tackled a bunch of DIYs, napped, cleaned, and watched a whole lot of old West Wing (anyone else addicted?)

Anyway… I was freezing when we took these photos, outside my favorite coffee shop.  My love of iced coffee runs deep and I refuse to go for the hot stuff, which is just plain silly with the frigid weather we’ve been having.






photos by Lydia Hudgens

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Leave a Comment


  1. Liz Schneider:

    I’ve been searching for a big cozy tweed coat for winter, makes the whole outfit!

    1.7.13 Reply
  2. Nikki Rappaport:

    I spent the weekend watching West Wing, cleaning, and hibernating too. Love how effortless and cozy this outfit is!

    1.7.13 Reply
  3. Lauren:

    That is too funny because my boyfriend is the exact same way… he won’t ever drink hot coffee {oh, and iced coffee from dunkin donuts is the best in his opinion}. He is from the Cape so I guess that is only fitting 🙂


    1.7.13 Reply
  4. Alyssa:

    I wish I had a cape like this! I swear, every one I find makes me look like an oversized mess, but this one totally works. I love it!

    1.7.13 Reply
  5. Julie & Lauren:

    Adorable!!! Love the cape and that cute blue clutch. XO

    1.7.13 Reply
  6. viv:

    You’re a natural for outfits shots! Totally love the cobalt blue clutch with the blacks and grays.

    1.7.13 Reply
  7. alyson:

    This looks so comfortable yet cute. FUnny about the ice coffee: ironically I can’t give up hot coffee, even in the summer. in Florida.

    1.7.13 Reply
  8. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar:

    So cute! That clutch pops & that coat is gorgeous!

    1.7.13 Reply
  9. Kristina:

    I had a similar hibernation-type weekend with my boyfriend, he was feeling under the weather too. Sometimes the lazy weekends are the best ones 😉


    Kristina does the Internets

    1.7.13 Reply
  10. christin:

    express tights are the best.

    1.7.13 Reply
  11. Clara:

    You look stunning, Grace! Something about these photos feels so dreamy…. hope you have a good week!

    1.7.13 Reply
  12. Miro - Dose of Dash:

    so pretty, Grace! I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours!

    1.7.13 Reply
  13. Julie Leah:

    I’m with Nikki – this outfit looks so easy and snuggly 🙂

    1.7.13 Reply
  14. Carla:

    Haha. I used to do the same, but slowly starting going for the hot coffee during the cold months. Loving that cute dress. – Carla

    1.7.13 Reply
  15. Kristin:

    You crack me up lady. I drink my beloved hot cappuccinos in 100 degree weather! Love the necklace!

    1.7.13 Reply
  16. Wore Out:

    This is such a great look and it’s perfect for the weekend you described. I love the texture and shape of your coat, it’s oversized without looking bulky or big.

    1.7.13 Reply
  17. M. (Faded M Style):

    Your cape coat is stunning! I admire that you’re outside in the cold with your iced coffee! In the pictures you look nice and warm and cozy though! xo
    Best, M.

    1.7.13 Reply
  18. ALISON:

    I love that jacket, it looks super warm and cozy!

    1.7.13 Reply
  19. Rachel:

    First off, your hair is gorgeous (I’m assuming this is your hair naturally). Love the cape on you- I don’t think I could pull it off!

    1.7.13 Reply
  20. Cassie:

    Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one! I don’t ever get hot, even if there is snow on the ground. Excited to see your upcoming DIYs! You look lovely in these.

    1.7.13 Reply
  21. bestofbklyn:

    I love that coat, and the pop of cobalt is so fun, too!

    1.7.13 Reply
  22. Adiel:

    Sometimes a weekend in is just what the doctor ordered! Love the clutch and cape!

    1.8.13 Reply
  23. Ashley:

    Love the one from UO that you linked!

    xo Ashley

    1.8.13 Reply
  24. Heidi {Dooley Noted Style}:

    The Theory dress doesn’t look the same, does your dress your wearing have pockets? I love the cinched detail on the one your wearing but the link shows a different style – thanks!

    1.8.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi Heidi,
      I’m sorry – the dress is actually slightly different. Mine is a couple years old. I’ll let you know if I spy my exact dress anywhere! xo

      1.8.13 Reply
      • Heidi:

        Thanks! Love the one you had, the cinching is do flattering under a bulky sweater.

        1.8.13 Reply
  25. zo:

    Love the coat, looks like one othose expensive Isabel Marant jacket.

    1.10.13 Reply