Our Trip to DC + Philly!

Our Trip to DC +Philly
saloni dress (on sale!)

Last week, Becca and I were in DC and Philly for podcast live shows. We had so much fun, so I wanted to pull together a little travel diary with everything we did! We had the best time. Two live shows back to back was a little intense. I think about comedians or other podcast pals who do a lot more live shows and I just don’t know how they do it!!!! In addition, I feel like I need wine and a gravity blanket/pregnancy pillow cocoon after our shows.

I love doing them so so much but they definitely draw from a different energy pool than I’m used to. But anyway. The trip was fun. It was a true work trip meaning we didn’t do a whole lot but there are parts worth sharing for sure, hence the travel diary!

PS – last night I posted my live show makeup routine – check it out!

Our Trip to DC

Our Trip to DC + Philly

The restaurant at our hotel was so good. We arrived (in the pouring rain) and couldn’t check in right away. Becca had conference calls so I wandered off to the restaurant and treated myself to a little prix fix lunch. Butternut squash soup, fresh bread, and branzino were the perfect rainy day meal.

The Hamilton hotel-  Our Trip to DC

We stayed at The Hamilton. I loved this hotel. Loved it. (Disclosure: they comped us each a night’s stay in exchange for social media coverage). It was amazing. It’s really centrally located (right by The White House, National Mall, etc.!) It’s really really pretty, the rooms are great, and the beds are so comfy. Take it from me who desperately needed to cocoon into a cozy bed with a glass of wine after the show! We loved this hotel!!!! (And as I mentioned above the restaurant is really nice).

Glamsquad did our hair + makeup that night and our show was back at City Winery! We LOVE City Winery for our shows… it’s the perfect girls night location + they have great wine and food… it’s just fun. It was fun getting to go back after our summer show there!

I joked on Instagram that I couldn’t decide which train station ceiling is prettier. Is it DC (left) or Philly (right)? They’re both gorgeous!

Our Trip to DC

We booked an Air BnB for a night in Philly.

It was VERRRY cute but what I did not realize is that a trinity apartment (this is a big thing in Philly) is when it’s a very tall, skinny apartment with one room on every level. Ours was four stories tall with a very narrow, windy staircase. I was on the top floor and to be totally honest it felt like a death trap. Getting my bags (just a little roller + tote) down took two separate trips. But it was very cute and in a great location? Just needed to caveat that!

Our live show was at the Philadelphia Punch Line! We had an absolute blast. You guys were a great crowd and it was just a really fun show!

Our Trip to DC

My dress is Saloni.

It’s the exact same cut as the green sequin one that I wore in DC (and New York!) but a different style – I snagged this one over the summer from The RealReal (my favorite!!!)

Honestly though, my favorite part of the night was dinner (I use that word loosely as we mostly ate potato products and drank) with Hitha at Butcher and Singer!

Hitha is the best. She made us a reservation and my introverty self did not want to go out after the show. But when a friend makes a reservation, I appreciate that… and I rally. Because making a plan is my love language. Anyone else? It means so much when a friend (or boyfriend) takes charge and just makes a plan. So anyway she made a plan, I rallied, and then we walked in and I was just like OH. It was just perfection. Like Polo Bar but maybe even more chic? The best. We had some great drinks, a stuffed hashbrown (below!), oysters… all the things. It was perfect. And aesthetics wise I just wanted to move in.

food on Our Trip to DC

We didn’t have enough time in either city! It was good doing things back to back but I’m dying to plan “just for fun” trips to both DC and Philly sometime in the near future!

Our Trip to DC

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  1. Look at you, living the life! Hope you had fun! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.22.19 Reply
  2. Alex Pappas:

    My friend and I had an absolute blast at the Philly show- so fun!

    10.22.19 Reply
  3. Sounds like you guys had a great time! 😀 As a previous college student at an American university (now back in Norway, Europe!), I definitely want to attend one of your live pods next time I’m visiting the states! Is there any other places you advertise the live pods (excluding your blog)? 🙂

    10.22.19 Reply
  4. Loved going to the DC show! I went alone and although I was scared at first, I got more comfortable!! I even brought my book (Game of Thrones!!). 🙂

    10.22.19 Reply