Otte Cashmere Giveaway. (Closed)

otte cashmere poncho giveaway - the stripe
poncho // leggings // bag // boots


And, Friday! I am pretty beat. Remember when I mentioned a “little sore throat” earlier this week? Well, it was strep throat. I’m glad I went to the doctor and caught it relatively early but wow. I forgot how bad it is. (I haven’t had it since I was a kid!) Lucky for us, it’s the weekend. I am going to a fundraiser with a bunch of friends tonight, and have plans to see one of my best friends and her two kids… and otherwise don’t have much planned. I am hoping to have some downtime to just wander around the city.

I’m very excited as today, one of you will win this (amazing) 100% cashmere poncho from Otte. It retails for $520, and it is sumptuously good. (And so warm.) You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. One winner will win their choice of camel/beige or light pink/burgundy. Good luck! Don’t forget to visit Otte and tell me your favorite Otte Signature piece.

PS – Everything is 20% off right now at Otte… just use code OTTELOVE20. (Ends Sunday)

Outfit Details: Otte Poncho (c/o – runs big, I’m wearing the XS/S) // Helmut Lang Leather Leggings // Nordstrom BP Boots (now on sale) // Saint Laurent Bag

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otte cashmere poncho giveaway 3

otte cashmere poncho giveaway 4

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Natali says 11.13.15

    Simple, casual and perfectly styled outfit!

  2. Jennifer DeRoy says 11.13.15

    Either the Ellen dress or print Ellen dress in white! I love the cut and the hemline!

  3. Anne says 11.13.15

    Love how you styled it! And I love their Sophie top too.

  4. Julia says 11.13.15

    Amazing blog.. and amazing giveaway, but is it International?
    thanks in advance

  5. Poshnessary says 11.13.15

    Love the boots. I have black bp boots as well.
    I just don’t wear them anymore.

    Check out my current boot must-haves:

  6. Marty says 11.13.15

    Love this poncho. Looks comfy & cozy, like being wrapped up in a hug. I also love the Otte silk print Silvia top … always on the lookout for cool silk blouses for work.

  7. Kellie Burke says 11.13.15

    I think my favorite piece has to be this poncho but I can decide which colors! The camel/beige is classic but the burgundy/pink is my favorite color combo right now!

  8. clare says 11.13.15

    i love that poncho; it looks like it would be great for traveling or studying at the library!

  9. Kate says 11.13.15

    My favorite piece is the double layer halter top! It’s soo pretty! And sorry to hear about you having strep – I had it like 5 times in university and it’s so awful. I feel your pain! Thank goodness you caught it early!

  10. claire says 11.13.15

    looks cozy!

  11. Lia says 11.13.15

    This poncho is amazing! I’ve always coveted Otte’s simple Sophie tops.

  12. Megan Davis says 11.13.15

    My favorite Otte signature piece is definitely poncho but it’s followed closely by the printed Sylvia top. Both are such great pieces!

  13. Rachel says 11.13.15

    Love the poncho in camel and how you styled it. Looks so cozy for these endless fall days.

  14. Terri says 11.13.15

    I love the poncho, its amazing!

  15. Pat Schwab says 11.13.15

    I am in love with the Otte New York poncho in camel and beige . It is perfect because it has pockets (yeah) and the back is longer than the front. A lot of ponchos aren’t long in the back so I really like this design. Thanks

  16. Jane says 11.13.15

    I love the poncho you are wearing! Camel/beige is such a classic combo.

  17. Allison says 11.13.15

    I am in love with that poncho! Would love one for myself! 🙂

  18. Kayley says 11.13.15

    I found your blog through Franish and have to say that I love it! Keep up the great work!

  19. Jen says 11.13.15

    I love the Silvia printed top and the poncho in red!

  20. Grace says 11.13.15

    Ellen dress!

  21. Wendy says 11.13.15

    omg that looks so cozy! love the poncho and cindy sport sweater

  22. Kristen says 11.13.15

    loving this look with the leather leggings! I never know what to wear mine with.

  23. Taylor says 11.13.15

    Otte’s Ellen Dress is one of my most-loved pieces!

  24. Courtney says 11.13.15

    I think this poncho is my fave piece!

  25. Lauren says 11.13.15

    My favorite is the poncho! Looks so comfortable 🙂

  26. Jessica says 11.13.15

    Love the Otte Ellen dress! A wardrobe staple for any season!

  27. Melania says 11.13.15

    I love your style 🙂


  28. Mili says 11.13.15

    I love the Otte signature poncho – so beautiful!

  29. Jackie says 11.13.15


  30. Hillary Macias says 11.13.15

    absolutely adore that poncho and the sophie tops!

  31. Thuy says 11.13.15

    Love ponchos, love your poncho, and my favourite signature piece is…THE CINDY PONCHO haha.

  32. Emily says 11.13.15

    Love it!! Looks like it could cover my twin baby bump 🙂

  33. Tara says 11.13.15

    Love the Ellen Dress!!

  34. Heidi says 11.13.15

    I love the solid tulip dress – it’s a classic, but I love the exposed zipper in the back.

  35. Laura says 11.13.15

    Love this poncho, and how you styled it! The Ellen dress and Cindy sport sweater would be great pieces to have!

  36. Kate H says 11.13.15

    Beautiful! Would never buy this for myself

  37. Emily R. says 11.13.15

    I love the sophie top!

  38. Catalina says 11.13.15

    Love the poncho in camel!

  39. Lauren says 11.13.15

    I love the poncho, but loving the sweetheart dress!

  40. Erin says 11.13.15

    Perfect for fall!

  41. Sam says 11.13.15

    Love this camel color!

  42. Erin says 11.13.15

    I love the signature lauren dress.

  43. Ceilidh G says 11.13.15

    Love the printed Ellen dress!

  44. Jess says 11.13.15

    Gorgeous poncho! Love it in camel.

  45. Mackenzie says 11.13.15

    Love this cozy fall look!

  46. Sarah W says 11.13.15

    I love the lace bottom halter top!

  47. Meg says 11.13.15

    You have the best giveaways – hopefully I’ll win one sometime! I love the Otte poncho but also really like the Ellen dress and Muse top. Feel better!

  48. Andi says 11.13.15

    I love the poncho you’re wearing!! I just had a baby and I know he would love to snuggle up to me wearing that.

  49. Libbi says 11.13.15

    So pretty and cozy looking! Ponchos have been my favorite thing to buy this fall!

  50. Angie Clark says 11.13.15

    I love this outfit! That poncho looks so comfortable! So chic!!!

  51. Elizabeth says 11.13.15


  52. Jess Zimlich says 11.13.15

    The sophie tops look really comfortable!

  53. Rachel says 11.13.15

    Oooo, looks so cozy!

  54. Marty C. says 11.13.15

    Love the hemline on the ‘Ellen’ dress.

  55. Jacqueline Cates says 11.13.15

    Love the poncho! So stylish and looks so cozy! I also love the Print Tulip dresses- feminine and classy!

  56. Jessica says 11.13.15

    Looks comfy!!

  57. amanda says 11.13.15

    love the cindy pocho!!!

  58. AMy says 11.13.15

    Great look! Such a pretty sweater!

  59. erica says 11.13.15

    that is THE most beautiful cashmere cape/cozy sweater I have ever seen! I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect camel cashmere cozy piece for two years now, and that Otte piece is seriously it. Fingers crossed!!

  60. kate says 11.13.15

    i’m a fan of otte’s tank dresses!

  61. shannon says 11.13.15

    love the tulip dress in black – so classic!

  62. kristy says 11.13.15

    This poncho is perfect for this unpredictable fall weather, where you can layer a light jacket or sweater underweather!

  63. Amanda Robbins says 11.13.15

    That silk tank dress from Otte is fab! Love how you styled the poncho – looks like such a great staple for fall.


  64. Laura says 11.13.15

    I love this poncho so much!!!

  65. sarah says 11.13.15

    I absolutely love that poncho in camel! Such a perfect fall/winter staple!

  66. Lauren Sanders says 11.13.15

    I love this Otte Cindy poncho! While I’d love to have so many of their items in my wardrobe, I have been looking for a camel poncho like this forever! If I don’t win, I may have to ask Santa for one this year.

  67. Lauren says 11.13.15

    those sweetheart camis are so chic!

  68. Siobhan says 11.13.15

    The poncho is amazing, but the Ellen dress is always a winner, and I love the prints!

  69. Katie says 11.13.15

    So many great pieces! I really love this poncho in the camel color though! Looks so comfy and versatile!

  70. Rachel @ Smiles and Gold Miles says 11.13.15

    I love the Print Ellen Dress. Amazing silhouette and love the funky prints.

  71. debra says 11.13.15

    Really, the piece you’re wearing is the best!

  72. Elyse G. says 11.13.15

    Love this look! All of the sweaters look amazing, but I am partial to the Cindy snap sweater. *fingers crossed*

  73. rebecca Thomas says 11.13.15

    I love the Otte New York Sweetheart dress !!

  74. Elizabeth says 11.13.15

    What a cute poncho! It looks so warm!

  75. Rebecca says 11.13.15

    I love the Otte Snap Sweater!

  76. Lauren Schumann says 11.13.15

    I am pregnant and would LIVE IN this poncho (or any others on the website!) this winter!

  77. Lara says 11.13.15

    I just love the ponchos! fun and flattering yet cozy!

  78. Dana says 11.13.15

    I’ve been in LOVE with the Ellen dress!

  79. ruby says 11.13.15

    Sorry you’re ill. Hope you feel better soon.

  80. Keli says 11.13.15

    Love this cape!

  81. Jennifer says 11.13.15

    I love me some cashmere!! I would rock the hell outta this poncho 🙂

  82. Alina Ermilova says 11.13.15

    I love Ellen dress! <3

  83. Tami C. says 11.13.15

    I love the one you are wearing. That would be my choice.

  84. Lillian says 11.13.15

    This poncho looks so cozy!

  85. maureen says 11.13.15

    Ooh! I love camel cashmere!

  86. Lauren Mandel says 11.13.15

    That looks so cozy! I’d love to win!

  87. Danielle m. says 11.13.15

    Love the ponchos! I’ve been looking for one and this is perfect!

  88. Kayley says 11.13.15

    I like the Cindy Poncho in Burgundy! 🙂

  89. Bree says 11.13.15

    such a cute poncho! and I love how you paired it with leather leggings!

  90. Lindsay says 11.13.15

    I love the light pink/burgundy poncho!

  91. Julia H says 11.13.15

    Otte has some beautiful tops, but I gotta say I really love this poncho. It looks awesome how you styled it. I might even do leggings and otk boots 🙂

  92. ali celestino says 11.13.15

    Crop open jacket Tara Jarmon

  93. Annick says 11.13.15

    The Sylvia print top is glorious! Such a lovely print!

  94. Annie Reeves says 11.13.15

    All of the cashmere, please. Also, in need of a leather jacket and they have some really beautiful ones!! <3

  95. Em C says 11.13.15

    The poncho is great! I also live the jumpsuit 🙂

  96. Kimmie says 11.13.15

    Ahh, I love this look! That poncho looks awesome!

  97. melissa says 11.13.15

    I want to spend the entire winter in this poncho!

  98. Beth Friedman says 11.13.15

    Love this cashmere!!!

  99. Kristina says 11.13.15

    My fav is defs the poncho, but I also love the Ellen dress. I hope you’re feeling better! I had strep as an adult and it knocked me off my feet, I think I had to take a whole week off of work.

    Kristina does the Internets

  100. Lauren says 11.13.15

    I love the light pink/burgundy poncho!

  101. Katie says 11.13.15

    Perfect combination of comfortable and chic.

  102. Allison says 11.13.15

    The poncho looks incredibly soft and the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe! Love how you styled it! 🙂

  103. Erin says 11.13.15

    Those pom pom shorts are extremely cute, but I’d probably have to go with the classic, lovely jumpsuit on page 2!

    The pink/burgundy cape is breathtaking!

  104. Marissa says 11.13.15

    The Ulla Johnson Leti dress channels an elegant bohemian vibe! Of course the poncho in camel is classic. Thank you!

  105. Andrea Darst says 11.13.15

    I love so many pieces, including the Ellen Dress!

  106. Khaliah Coleman says 11.13.15

    My favorite Otte piece was the Ellen Dress in Ivory or Dark Green!!! Flawless!!! Elegant!!! Chic!!!

  107. Kate Gray says 11.13.15

    Love the Print Tulip Dress!

  108. Renee says 11.13.15

    Beautiful sweater (Camel is my go-to color). Love your style!! Also check out Otte’s lace halter-alone or peaking out of cozy sweater.

  109. clare says 11.13.15

    Ummmmm…a lot of blog giveaways don’t appeal to me, tbh, but I desperately want this poncho. I would wear it minimum three times every week from now to April.

  110. Kim Pincombe Cole says 11.13.15

    In addition to the Cindy Poncho, I love the Cindy Sport Sweater (in Oatmeal) from the Otte Signature Collection!

  111. Theodora says 11.13.15

    Love the poncho! It’s so cozy looking.

  112. Elisse says 11.13.15

    I want to win this!!

  113. Kim S says 11.13.15

    I want what you are wearing – the cindy poncho in camel

  114. Amanda says 11.13.15

    Love this!!

  115. Rust says 11.13.15

    Love the Print Sylvia Top.

  116. Hilliary says 11.13.15

    strep is the worst! but at least you look so chic

  117. Kelly says 11.13.15

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Love that you paired it with leather 🙂

  118. Alana says 11.13.15

    Love the tulip dress!!

  119. Beth K says 11.13.15

    My favorite Otte Signature piece is the Cindy poncho in Camel/Beige. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Lynda says 11.13.15

    i truly adore the piece you are wearing right now. if it only weren’t so expensive!!

  121. Alex says 11.13.15

    Love the camel poncho!

  122. Leah says 11.13.15

    I love the New Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan!

  123. Lindy says 11.13.15

    I love the camel color!

  124. Laura Kathleen says 11.13.15

    Loving the sweethart camis! And also the poncho you have but in the blush/burgundy color! So pretty!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  125. Julia says 11.13.15

    Gorgeous! So cozy!

  126. Car says 11.13.15

    Love this!

  127. Lauren Davis says 11.13.15

    Love the signature jumpsuit! I would wear jumpsuits everyday if I could!

  128. elizabeth ashley says 11.13.15

    Ah! Hard decision. The peasant tops are adorable, love the sweetheart camis, and the sophie top.

  129. Margaret says 11.13.15

    Love the poncho…..I like the burgundy pink combo .

  130. julie says 11.13.15

    the tulip dress is cute

  131. Lisa says 11.13.15

    Camel cashmere is classic!

  132. Erin says 11.14.15

    I love the sophie top!!!

  133. Dianne Hall says 11.14.15

    The Cindy poncho!

  134. Kenny H. says 11.14.15

    The cindy sport is my fav 🙂

  135. Amy Works says 11.14.15

    Love the Print Ellen dress!

  136. Kim says 11.14.15

    This poncho is my favorite. It is gorgeous!

  137. Courtney says 11.14.15

    Love the beige!!

  138. Ser says 11.14.15

    Loving the crochet raglan top

  139. Erin Ellis says 11.14.15

    My favorite signature piece is the Cindy Sport Sweater. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  140. Eshee Iqbal says 11.14.15

    My favorite is definitely the poncho. The one in Light pink/burgundy looks so rad!

  141. Beth Bates says 11.14.15

    I love the cindy sport sweater!

  142. Maggie says 11.14.15

    That poncho is gorgeous! I love the colors 🙂

  143. madeleine says 11.14.15

    Just gorgeous! Looks so polished and still so cozy.

  144. Vicki says 11.14.15

    I would seriously live in that poncho! I love the Otte Sophie Hulme small tote too and the Merrick Clutch for the Holidays!!!!

  145. Jen says 11.14.15

    This looks amazing!

  146. Neet says 11.14.15

    It’s hard just to pick one favorite piece from Otte! *dramatically sighs* But in the end only the fairest sweater will win and it has got to be the Cindy snap sweater. Also I love that bag.

  147. Erin J, says 11.14.15

    Love the Cindy Poncho!

  148. Pris says 11.14.15

    I’m sorry to hear you have strep – you forget how much that can knock you out when you’re and adult! Get well soon! That poncho is beautiful and definitely something I’d be delighted to add to my closet!

  149. Aurelia says 11.14.15

    hi! I love the Otte Crochet Raglan Top and the cindy poncho!!

  150. AG says 11.14.15

    Really lovely goods…nice to learn about them.

  151. Cynthia Richardson says 11.14.15

    My favorite piece is the Otte New York Ellen dress

  152. Erin says 11.15.15

    The Print Tulip dress is my favorite.

  153. Andi says 11.15.15

    Looks like the perfect, cozy fall outfit!

  154. hailey says 11.15.15

    LOVE that poncho!! Definitely my favourite piece of the bunch. It looks soo cozy

  155. Diana says 11.15.15

    I like the Cindy sport sweater

  156. crystal s says 11.15.15

    Mine would be the black sweetheart dress. <3

  157. Kira says 11.15.15

    So pretty! I love the print Ellen dress too!

  158. Meredith says 11.15.15

    Love the Ellen dress!

  159. Megan @ Pink O'Clock says 11.15.15

    Love the poncho in pink/burgundy! xo

  160. Christina says 11.15.15

    Obsessed with the Otte New York poncho in camel and beige!

  161. Lauren says 11.15.15

    love the classic black tulip dress

  162. Lucy says 11.15.15

    I love the New York Cindy poncho you’re wearing in this post the camel one is definitely the one I would choose. It would be perfect for my bachelorette party in NYC when I fly in from Singapore in March 🙂

  163. Mara says 11.16.15

    That poncho is gorgeous!!

  164. Nicki J says 11.16.15

    Love the Cindy poncho

  165. Elisabeth says 11.16.15

    I love the ellen dress! this poncho is so cute too, thanks for the chance!

  166. Linda says 11.16.15

    I love the Cindy Snap Sweater. It looks so comfortable.

  167. Holly says 11.16.15

    Poncho is my favorite!

  168. Christine says 11.16.15

    I love the tulip dresses – perfect for work.

  169. Rebecca says 11.16.15

    Love the Cindy Sport sweater,

  170. Rachael says 11.16.15

    The Otte poncho looks so cozy! And I love the camel color.

  171. Lauren Nakagawa says 11.16.15

    Love this, and camel is the type of shade that pumps up even the basic of neutrals. Love how easy it is to wear!

  172. Sam says 11.16.15

    Love the Brigitte Hat, and that poncho of course!

  173. Eric says 11.16.15

    My wife will def like the exact same sweater. Beige is her fave color. Thanks.

  174. Doris says 11.16.15

    OMG! I would love to win this sweater. I loved the Print Tulip Dress on their website.

  175. Mariam says 11.16.15

    Wow! This sweater.poncho is truly stunning! I fell in love with their Rachel Comey dress!

  176. Anita Carol Gambrell says 11.16.15

    Wow! Gorgeous items! I love the signature jumpsuit and would so rock the hats especially the

  177. Susan says 11.17.15

    Love the Sylvia top!

  178. Zoe Y says 11.18.15

    My favourite signiture piece would honestly be the ponchos

  179. Lori says 11.18.15

    Great outfit!!! Would love to add this to my winter wardrobe, even if it is hotter than Hades in Houston 🙂

  180. Sharon says 11.18.15

    Love the Cindy Sport Sweater in oatmeal!

  181. Salley says 11.19.15

    I really like the poncho – it just looks so warm and cozy!

  182. Sara Cehennemden says 11.19.15

    Love the Laila Top 😀