Orange is the New Black.

romper // wedges // clutch // cuff


Outfit posts don’t always turn out exactly how you’d like. Case in point: this romper. It’s more of a red-orange, so red that I wore it for the fourth of July! Alas, when we shot it… it looked orange… and I look like maybe… I could be in prison? It’s also incredibly wrinkled. I’m sorry. I’d been wearing it all day and unfortunately my day included a few sweaty subway rides. Lydia and I had a good laugh about the orange color but I still wanted to post the outfit as the romper is really, really cute IRL. So cute that I bought it rather impulsively on my way home from the gym one day. I was too sweaty to try it on so I just took a chance, figuring I could always return it. (Rompers can be tricky like that). Alas, it fit perfectly and I loved it so much that I wore it to a BBQ at my sister’s place for the 4th.  I swear… it’s really not thisssss orange!

Hope you guys are having a great week. On the book front I am deeeep into The Widow – I started reading it on Tuesday night and was up late last night with it. If you need a new book to read, check it out – it’s supposed to be the new Gone Girl!

Also: Something I would reaaaallly love your input on… this week’s big feud – Instagram vs. Snapchat! As you probably are aware, Instagram launched their new stories feature this week. I’ve been playing with it, but it feels like a lot to post stories to both – I’m going to have to pick one or the other or I will go completely crazy! Which do you guys prefer? One? Both? I’m seeing some bloggers drop Snapchat completely but I know some of you like to follow me over there. Let me know what you think!! 😉

Outfit Details: J.Crew Romper // Aquazzura Wedges // BaubleBar Pisa Cuff // Vintage Chanel Earrings (bought at this amazing vintage shop)  // Clare V Leopard Clutch








photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Xena:

    Stick with instagram, drop snapchat.

    8.4.16 Reply
  2. Sarah:

    Omg need your earrings. Please share where you got them :):):)

    8.4.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Sarah,
      I bought them from a vintage store on Etsy! I was really happy with them. I linked to the store above… sadly because they are vintage I couldn’t find the exact ones but I linked to a similar pair. Highly recommend doing a vintage Chanel search on Etsy – so many great things!

      8.4.16 Reply
  3. Natali:

    You’re looking gorgeous in this orange playsuit, it suits you perfectly!
    I must check out the book that you’re reading, sounds like a “must read” and I’m a big book worm. 🙂

    I’ve always been an Instagram girl, so it’ll stay that way for me.

    8.4.16 Reply
  4. I follow over 400 people on Instagram (mostly bloggers/brands/small businesses), but only a small, small number of people on Snapchat (friends, family and a handful of bloggers like you!) The video feed on my Instagram right now is too crazy, so I haven’t watched many of them. I’d be on there for hours! If you keep posting to Snapchat…I’ll watch. I’m also curious how the stories on Insta will effect engagement on photos. Will people be distracted by the feed of video footage and forget there are photos to look at? It will be interesting to see how it all pans out! Happy Thursday 🙂

    8.4.16 Reply
  5. Snapchat forever!!!!!!!!! <3

    8.4.16 Reply
  6. Such a cute romer! I’m sure it’s amazing in red as well! 😉 The Spap vs. Stories struggle is real! A Snapchatter that I follow made a good point that people choose to follow and engage with each other’s videos on Snapchat whereas Insta just plopped Stories into our laps. Not sure what to do either – time will tell!

    8.4.16 Reply
  7. I think you look radiant in that romper!

    As for Instagram vs. Snap, I do think it would be convenient to have everything on Instagram but I’ve noticed Instagram stories load way slower than Snapchat (which is inconvenient). As a viewer, I still check both but I wouldn’t fault the bloggers I follow for moving completely over to Instagram. As a viewer, I personally would find it more convenient for the people who have many snaps in their snapstories to do it on Snapchat (because it’s easier to go through) and the people who don’t do the Snap barrage do it on Instagram.

    8.4.16 Reply
  8. I prefer the “story” content on Snapchat for sure. I like having separate platforms for different types of content- Instagram for the pictures and Snapchat for the stories. This is as a blog reader and follower as well as a blogger and content creator. I think generally, people follow way more people on Instagram than Snapchat and won’t bother to actually watch Insta stories from who they follow. XO, Nicole //

    8.4.16 Reply
  9. Wow, really cute romper; but it does look really orange 🙂

    On Snapchat vs. Instagram stories, I have to vote Instagram stories if only because they seem to take less time to load. I’m sure they’ll eventually have the filters on their stories, too!

    8.4.16 Reply
  10. Cy:

    Instagram! I love orange, my favorite color, so I’m enjoying how cute you ate in your new romper.

    8.4.16 Reply
  11. That clutch is so cute!

    8.4.16 Reply
  12. The insta vs snap is the topic of conversation are right! I agree with a lot of people that I like snap because I can choose who I follow and only see their videos. I do like that I can look at peoples videos on insta if I want but it’s so overwhelming! I’ll be interested to watch what happens!

    In other news, this romper is so cute! It looks very orange in these pic’s and great on you!

    xo, Sarah

    8.4.16 Reply
  13. Instagram! I love orange, my favorite color, so I’m enjoying how cute you ate in your new romper.

    8.4.16 Reply
  14. You know, I can’t (yet?) get on board with Instagram stories because it is such a blatant knockoff of Snapchat. So I’ll be sticking with Snapchat for now.


    8.4.16 Reply
  15. Really love your earrings too!

    8.4.16 Reply
  16. Snapchat and Insta seem to serve different purposes. I think I’ll stick with using them separately. Insta is a fun place to follow lots of people for a quick look at what they’re wearing or new products. Snaps are more fun to see from friends.

    8.5.16 Reply
  17. Lauren:

    Snap Chat!

    8.5.16 Reply
  18. Jenn J.:

    Snapchat all the way!

    8.7.16 Reply
  19. I love the little tie front! So unbelievably cute.

    8.8.16 Reply