Operation Beach Bod

Today’s post differs a bit from my usual subject material, but is something I thought I would share regardless.

I’ve decided to embark upon a little bit of a personal makeover.  It started with the new jeans.  And now, (gasp,) I’ve been working out.  I’m hell-bent on getting buff for summer and referring to this mission as Operation Beach Bod.  I want to be able to wear something tight* and short* come summer.

Oh is it hard.  I’ve enlisted the help of a personal trainer as I literally had not lifted weights in over two years.   I’ve got balance issues, back problems, and super-tight hamstrings.  He’s got me on a strict plan of lifting weights 3 times a week, lots of stretching, and surprisingly – no cardio.  Meaning, I am one sore chica.

The thing is… after a week and a half, I already notice a difference.  Also, my junk food cravings have totally subsided.  I actually craved cottage cheese for breakfast today.  True story.

Besides, working out in the AM isn’t all that bad.  I’ve had a ton more energy and Equinox is stocked with Kiehl’s – meaning I can slather on copious amounts of Creme de Corps after my shower and not feel guilty.

*Everything is relative. 

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