Operation Beach Bod: Update #3

So, we are on vacation, and still going to the gym.  How’s that for dedication?

{Today’s gymspiration comes from Vilebrequin’s women’s ad campaign.  Currently the women’s suits are only available in France and Italy.  Want one.  The boyfriend is obsessed with this brand and I desperately want the girl-version.}
I finished up last week strong, hitting the gym Mon/Weds/Fri AM.  Gibson continued to pump up the workouts, and my whole body would be mush by the end of each session.

Last Friday marked our last workout together.  To sum up my key learnings from Gibson:

1.  Everything is connected.  A lot of my back pain has been caused by tight calves and hamstrings.  Stretching (daily) is key.

2.  If you want to lose weight, you should strength-train your lower body.  Those larger muscles burn more calories.  By exercising them, you not only burn more calories during your workout, but throughout the day; as your resting metabolic rate increases.  Squats, lunges, hamstring press, the works.

3.  Going to the gym 3 days a week isn’t enough.  You have to eat right, cut back on the cocktails, etc.  The gym is just a step in the right direction, not the whole thing.

4.  Foam Rollers are heaven.  You can stretch / roll out knots using these – for one piece of equipment, there are infinite uses.  I am definitely going to invest in one for home.

And now we’re on vacation.  The boyfriend and I hit the gym together on Monday, and we’re going tomorrow and Thursday as well.  As I write this, I’m painfully sore… but it’s worth it.  We’ve also both noticed that being healthy is so much easier in LA than NYC.  So many more healthful eating options.  It doesn’t hurt that everyone here seems to be in amazing shape…. great motivation.

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