Operation Beach Bod: Update #2

Gymspiration from Matthew Williamson

Last week was a tough one.  Gibson (my trainer,) decided that I was ready to pump up the workouts.  So we’re doing more sets and repetitions, and resting less and less in between.  Ouch.  I’m actually a lot less sore now though, as my body is getting more and more used to the challenge.

On top of the escalated workouts, last week was a busy one at work – making for a few very late nights at the office.  Getting up early the next day was rough, and I was in a rotten mood.

This week, the escalated workouts continue.  Basically, we’ll do a lower body exercise, and then an upper body exercise, and then have a small rest in between.  We keep things fun too, to mix things up.  This morning, he had me kneeling on a pad, keeping my body perfectly straight, and throwing a medicine ball as hard as I possibly could.  He would then grab the ball and toss it back to me, and I repeat.  The result was an exercise that challenged my entire core and upper body, but also managed to be a lot of fun.

I’m a little bit sad – this is my last week at Coty, which also means it’s my last week going to Equinox 33rd Street.  Once I start my new job, I’m switching gyms… we get a great corporate rate and I will no longer be able to afford my passport membership, so I will be going only to the 19th street location as it’s closest to home and my new offiice.

In terms of nutrition, I could be better.  I really need to lay off the candy, which is proving to be tough.  I’m not much of a snacker, but when things get stressful, I dig into the candy jar at work.

Separately, the boyfriend has been inspired by all of my working out… he has his first training session tomorrow!  We’re going to be buff for the beach this year.

P.S.  A few of you have asked who my trainer is.  If you live in the New York area, I highly recommend my trainer – Gibson Kim – he is amazing!  Very knowledgable  He works for Equinox but will also take clients at other gyms.

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