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Something interesting has happened.  I’ve started cooking.  Very slowly.  It started with the juicer, and then the slow cooker.  I currently have three different fresh pressed juices in the fridge and there will be chicken thighs + mushroom risotto waiting for me when I get home tonight.  Thanks, slow cooker!  As I get more focused on my health it’s been important to me to cook more as I can control what goes into each dish.  It’s also a lot less expensive.

I have been on the hunt for a few pots + pans and cooking essentials and was inspired really inspired by the lookbook from Williams-Sonoma’s new Open Kitchen line.  The imagery is gorgeous as is the collection, which is inspired by the modern, utilitarian style of the kitchens at our favorite restaurants.  I’ll probably never have a kitchen like that {unless I leave New York} but its fun to dream.  The line is high-quality and still really affordable.  Some things I need right now are frying pans (love these) and sharp knives.  I also really love these simple mugs and wine glasses.


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  1. Kat:

    You can’t go wrong with a few smart choices from Le Creuset either. Honest to god, I love mine. Many of them can be used for more than one thing, so you can start with one or two, and work your way up 🙂 Plus, they look GREAT as a serving piece or when waiting to be used on the shelf!

    2.3.14 Reply
  2. Jessica:

    I’m so happy you’re discovering cooking! Cooking is really like making edible crafts, and chopping is super relaxing (or maybe I’m just crazy! haha).

    2.3.14 Reply
  3. Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

    I really need to start cooking more and I’m hoping once we move into our house I’ll pick up some great skills in that area.

    2.3.14 Reply
  4. jillian:

    love these classic pieces! my husband does the cooking during the week but i like to pitch in on the weekends 🙂 xo

    2.3.14 Reply
  5. darlingsoffortune:

    It’s so funny reading this. I guess in Europe it is rather uncommon to not cook and not have a kitchen. Eating out is a rather special affair, something you share with friends and do for the company and a little less about the food (except when going to fancy restaurants of course). I am still a student, but my kitchen is super well equipped and I cannot stress enough how it is better to buy pricey pans!! I haven’t until now and I’ve had to rebuy so many that I could easily have bought one good one! Happy cooking! (Maybe you could present some of your favourite cook books should you get into it?!)

    2.3.14 Reply
  6. bclaire:

    Ah, dream kitchen! Just like cute workout clothes help motivate me to exercise, a beautiful kitchen motivates me to cook. I need to be better about cooking more than eating out!

    2.3.14 Reply
  7. sasa:

    Cool Pictures! Love it<3

    2.3.14 Reply
  8. Rach W.:

    I agree that Le Creuset is one of the best things that you could ever buy – and they last forever. I live just a mile or so from a Le Creuset outlet, so I am lucky. It will get you through roast chickens, spaghetti sauce, and everything in between. Also, a really good set of chef’s knives is a necessity.

    2.3.14 Reply
  9. fashionsbit:

    with these gorgeous photo shoots, all of us want to cook now 🙂 the colour of Wall at the 1st pic is amazing!

    2.4.14 Reply
  10. Liz Schneider:

    Love reading about your new healthy habits! I constantly struggle with being consistent but I am a huge proponent in cooking at home and pretty kitchen essentials definitely helps get me in the kitchen!

    2.4.14 Reply
  11. lexi (@glitterinclexi):

    I definitely fell into cooking too (and then fell in love!) And now I’m in love with that open kitchen design … dreaming of a bigger place where I could hang pots and pans like that!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

    2.4.14 Reply
  12. Jackie {York Avenue}:

    I love this! I need sharp knives really badly (my three year old Ikea ones are no longer cutting it…hah bad pun, couldn’t help myself). Thanks for pointing this out! I love the simplicity of all of the items.

    2.4.14 Reply
  13. victoria | vmac+cheese:

    I’ll have to take you shopping at WS and SLT…my years of working in cookware stores have to pay off somehow!

    2.4.14 Reply