One of my Favorite Organic Beauty Brands.

One of my Favorite Organic Beauty Brands.

I first fell in love with Susanne Kaufmann’s products when I tried her hand cream. It’s the nicest hand cream I’ve ever tried and I’ve never really been a hand cream person. I loved it so much that I wrote a whole post about it. From there, it was a slippery, hand cream fueled slope. The next obsession (and probably my favorite product in her entire line) is the Herbal Whey Bath. It’s insane. It makes your bath so creamy that you’ll want to drink it (okay not really but you get the point), and it leaves your skin so soft. The whey is actually a natural exfoliant so it leaves your skin noticeably smoother – without you doing any extra work. It’s the best. It’s a bit expensive but the jar is really big – you will get several baths out of it.

I’ve now tried almost all of her products and love each and every one of them.

I had her signature facial at NYDG Wellness and glowed for days after. I’m smitten. My latest obsession is her body serum which I like to apply under my (tight) yoga leggings to let it work it’s magic while I’m at yoga.

I tend to become especially enamored with brands that have cool stories. Like Tata Harper or Francesco Clark from Clark’s Botanicals. I had the privilege of meeting Susanne a few months ago and loved learning her story.

Her family has a beautiful hotel (Hotel Post Bezau) in the Bergen Forest of Austria (visiting it is on my bucket list!) which Susanne runs today (she’s the fifth generation of her family to run it). Since taking it over, she’s turned it into a wellness destination… with an incredible spa, naturally. She launched her collection of products back in 2003 – all made in Austria, all 100% organic. Initially, the products were intended only for use at the hotel. Soon, guests were clamoring to buy the products, and soon after that boutiques asked to carry it, and suddenly the brand had become a bit of a (cult) global beauty phenomenon.

Every time I try a new product from her line I’m blown away. I’m particularly partial to the body products (that BATH oh and also the Detox Oil which I haven’t mentioned yet but I swear has helped to minimize my cellulite in a big way).

Product Details:

Ingweröl Detox Oil, Herbal Whey Bath (also here), Leg and Vein Spray, Hyaluron Serum, Nutrient Concentrate, Eye Cream.

One of my Favorite Organic Beauty Brands. susanne kaufmann skincare featured

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. I’ve never heard of Susanne Kaufmann’s products before. Seems like a great brand to try out! I love their packaging as well. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ellen Maguire says 8.22.18

    It makes me so happy that you love this extra special brand as much as I do. ❤️

  3. Madeline says 8.22.18

    The products sound amazing! How do you buy? The website says it’s not available for US customers!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.22.18

      I linked to other places – you may have just clinked on the link to her site! My favs are Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter. Space NK also has!

  4. Cy says 8.22.18

    I just texted my sister, this is right up her ally! We are doing a sister trip this October to Venice and northern Italy and looking at places to travel to next year. This is on our bucket list too, thanks to you! The products look amazing and what a gorgeous setting.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.22.18

      OH GOOD! Everything about it looks incredible. I really hope to get there at some point! x

  5. Karen W says 8.22.18

    I’m a sucker for simple packaging and this hits the mark. This caught my eye that I might start the same way you did … try the hand lotion.
    xo, Karen

  6. Mollye says 8.22.18

    Grace, This looks awesome. I ordered the bath stuff thanks for the recommendation! I think I’m going to try the body cream also, have you tried it yet? Mollye

  7. Andrea says 8.22.18

    That hand cream sounds incredible! I have to try! Thanks for sharing 🙂