On Passion Projects and Real Jobs…

Well my friends, it seems that I’ve got some pretty big news to share with you all.  I am still a little bit in shock to be honest, but I’ll cut to the chase.  I got a new job.

Effective April 11th, you’re looking at the new Director of Social Media for BaubleBar. 

What’s so amazing about my new position is that I landed it because of my baby, my passion project… this blog.  I never thought that this fun project / creative release would turn into a real job.  How it happened was that I had become obsessed with BaubleBar and developed a habit of emailing the founders every time I posted.  We met up for drinks and one thing just led to another.  I put together a proposal and they liked it!  I really couldn’t be happier…  the job will combine two of my greatest loves – jewelry and social media/blogging!

 {One of my favorite things about the company:  They send out hand-written thank you notes with every purchase.}
I’ll keep you posted – and don’t worry, this blog isn’t going anywhere…  but if you aren’t already in the know, check out BaubleBar here, and follow them on twitter.  You might become just a little bit obsessed.

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