On Boys and Nail Polish…

The Setting:

A large group of us (mostly couples) are gathered together for an impromptu Cinco de Mayo celebration. The girls are sitting around the coffee table with wine and cheese, and the boys are out on the patio.  The conversation turns to nail polish. I’m wearing Sally Hansen’s Commander in Chic (the perfect shade of mushroom gray and one of my all time favorite nail polishes*) and my friend is wearing Essie Lilacism.

Everyone oohs and ahhs…. (because everyone – girls at least – knows that gray and lavender are the two must-have shades of nail polish for Spring!)

The boyfriend walks by and wrinkles his nose.  He does not care for the gray nail polish.  My friend laughs as her husband has made fun of her lavender nails all week.

Boys.. they just don’t get nail polish!…

*Disclaimer: I work for Sally Hansen, so naturally I’m a bit biased toward the brand. That said, Sally’s Complete Salon Manicure polish line is the BEST I’ve ever used.

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