Old Treasures.

I am the luckiest.  While I was home for Christmas this year, my mother let me go through my great (and great-great) grandmother’s assortment of antique lace, rhinestone clips, and jet black beading… and take some pieces home with me to either wear as they are or refashion into something special and new.  We spent hours going through box after box of old treasures.  Beautiful vintage lace dickies, jet fringe and tassels, sparkly shoe clips… even an old pair of glasses and a very old Coach dust bag.
{These black jet tassels are just waiting for me to refashion them into earrings, ala Oscar de la Renta.}
More, after the break.

{I remember playing with this lace collar as a girl.  I think with a little bit of steaming and maybe a new ribbon, it will be the perfect collar to pair with white tees and little black dresses.}
{Pictured above are some exquisite lace cuffs.  I need to find the right blouse, but I plan on replacing the cuffs of a silk top of my own.}
{Slightly in awe of the shoe clips pictured above.  I plan to create a statement necklace by hanging one from a fine antiqued chain.  The other, I’m not sure about.}

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