old things: A New Yorker’s Idea of the United States of America

My parents are in the process of moving and my mother is going through boxes and boxes of old treasures… This was in a box of things that had belonged to my grandparents… who lived in Manhattan before my mother was born (in the forties/early fifties.)  She scanned it and sent to my sister and I.  I’ve seen modern renditions of this map, but had never seen the original.  I’m not positive as to exactly when it was published, but it’s pretty neat.  If you click the image, it will get bigger…  a worthwhile read.

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  1. Jeanine:

    I have this same map!! Can’t find a lot on it – may be from the world’s fare in NY – my address is different on the bottom – I have a Boston address! Please post if you learn anything more 🙂

    11.22.12 Reply