Olay Collagen Peptide24 Review.

Olay Collagen Peptide24 Review

Created in partnership with Olay.

Today we are going to talk about COLLAGEN. Collagen, as you probably already know, exists naturally in our skin and is what gives it that coveted “plump factor.” However, collagen production starts to decrease as early as AGE TWENTY. How is that for a stat? And as that happens, our existing collagen starts to break down thanks to UV rays and the natural ageing process.

Lucky for us, Olay’s new Collagen Peptide24 Hydrating Moisturizer has been shown to boost natural collagen production. It’s packed with our favorite ingredients like Vitamin B3 (aka Niacinamide, one of my most favorite ingredients as it strengthens the skin to help with firmness), and of course, Collagen Peptide. The end result is smoother, firmer skin and a noticeable difference in wrinkles and fine lines.

Olay Collagen Peptide24 Hydrating Moisturizer Review

I am such a fan of Olay’s products. They put so much research into every product they launch, and their products WORK. I know that I review a lot of products here, including some very expensive creams and potions, but when it comes to affordable skincare, nothing is better than Olay. (I am also a massive fan of their Retinol24 MAX collection – you can read my review of it here). I’d personally recommend alternating this with the Retinol24 cream every other night.

Olay Collagen Peptide24 Review

Olay sent me this moisturizer back in early November so I have had a LOT of time to play with it. You definitely notice an immediate plumped up effect. It’s temporary but noticeable. And over time, the topical peptides support your skin’s natural renewal process, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

I really like using this on my skin after retinol or acids, but it’s great on “off nights,” too. It’s also great as a day cream over Vitamin C (just don’t forget your SPF). And, it’s fragrance-free. The perfect every day (and every night!) moisturizer, PACKED with good-for-your-skin anti-ageing ingredients.

Olay Collagen Peptide24 Review

A nerdy science note!

(I thought this was so cool, one of the many reasons I love working with Olay!)

Collagen as a molecule is actually too big to penetrate the skin, which means it will just sit on the skin’s surface as opposed to penetrating deeply, meaning you’ll get limited benefits.

This cream is optimized with Olay’s powerhouse peptide formula, featuring small molecules that penetrate the skin’s surface and provide visible results starting day one… giving you that plumped up, firmer look and visibly smoothing lines and wrinkles.

how Collagen Peptide24 works hydrating moisturizer anti-ageing benefits anti-ageing moisturizer

Created in partnership with Olay // photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. I need to try this! I’m reaching my late 20s so now’s a good time to start taking my skincare seriously! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    2.2.21 Reply
  2. Lauren:

    Sooooo I said I wasn’t buying skin care (or clothes!) in February, but this is nicely marked down right now on the Olay site and I’ve been wanting a good neck night cream…do you know what the difference is between it and the Regenerist red jar? Just more peptides?

    2.2.21 Reply
    • Hi! I haven’t tried the red jar but I’m sure it’s good. I *think* that one is more for sculpting whereas this one is for plumping, strengthening, and building that collagen back up!

      2.2.21 Reply
  3. Kassie:

    I know you aren’t a Drunk Elephant fan, but I love their Polypeptide Cream. This sounds like it might be a more affordable equivalent. Definitely will give it a try!

    2.2.21 Reply
  4. Lisa Autumn:

    I have been looking to get more collagen into my skincare routine.. thanks for the review lovely!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    2.2.21 Reply
  5. Katie:

    Just ordered per your review! Do you have an acid you recommend that’s around the same price point? Thank you Grace!

    2.3.21 Reply
  6. Kim Cerrone:

    I had been a long time Olay user in my teens- the OG pink beauty fluid! Continued using their products in my 20s & 30s but stopped due to formulation changes my skin didn’t care for. Now in my 50s and in desperate need of hydration and skin cell turnover I am looking forward to trying both the Retinol24 & Collagen creams. They actually have a bundle of the 2 items you reviewed that I just ordered. I appreciate your thoughtful insight- Thank you for reminding me of Olay!

    2.3.21 Reply
    • Oh that’s amazing – the bundle sounds perfect as I def recommend alternating the two!

      2.3.21 Reply
  7. Sandra Asfar:

    What is the main difference between the Retinol 24 line and the collagen peptide?

    2.4.21 Reply
    • Hi! I’d suggest reading my reviews of both products. Retinol is a key active and one of the best things you can do for your skin if you’re starting to see the signs of aging. This one helps to stimulate collagen production. I personally think they’d be great on alternating nights. Hope that helps!

      2.4.21 Reply
  8. Aubrey:

    One of my intentions for 2021 is to use all my product before buying something new but I can’t wait to try this once I’m through my current cream! I use the Olay retinol eye cream at your rec and I love it. Thanks Grace!

    2.5.21 Reply
  9. Debbiy:

    63,noticing lines and dark spots. Saw the ad for your product.
    My mom when alive used your pink bottle. So its now my turn to start using your products. Thank you

    10.3.21 Reply