Office to Holiday Party: How to Transition Your Makeup!

Tis’ the season… to be extra busy with holiday parties and events. It’s a double-edged sword: you have to look your best with everything going on, but you’re also probably a bit more tired than usual… balancing work, shopping for gifts, seeing friends and family, and events galore!

When I worked in an office I frequently found myself running from my desk to multiple events after work. I didn’t have time to go home and change or touch up my makeup, so I had a perfect formula. I always kept a good pair of heels, a clutch, and sparkly jewelry in my desk drawer, along with a carefully packed bag with all of my holiday party makeup essentials to transform my fresh-faced work look into something a little more festive and party friendly. Now that I work from home, it’s a little bit easier but I still have things down to a science. Today I’ve teamed up with CVS Pharmacy to share eleven beauty essentials that make for the perfect little office kit – keep these at your desk and you will be prepared for everything!

Before and after. My daytime routine takes me about five minutes. Tinted moisturizer or my beloved Lumi Cushion, a little bronzer, brow pencil, mascara, liner, and a nude lip.

Let’s dive into the products!

The first step is fixing my face. I am usually a little haggard looking by the end of the day so I’ll use this MUA under eye brightener. It rivals a very fancy, very famous department store brand… I’ll say no more there, but it reflects light and literally erases dark circles. (I couldn’t find this on their site but they should have it in stores). On my cheeks, I love this blush (in pink) from Maybelline and this highlighting powder (which also has a pretty bronze glow) from L’Oreal. I use this double sided brush from MUA as it’s good quality and doesn’t take up much space in my makeup bag… the round side is perfect for blush and the angled side is great for highlighter.

On my eyes I will add a little more black liner (this one won’t budge) and a few more coats of mascara. I’ve raved about Covergirl’s Total Tease mascara before, but it has a tiny little ball on the end of the wand that helps you get inner corners and bottom lashes. (During the day, I don’t apply mascara to my lower lashes as it always ends up smudging… it’s great for night though!) I am obsessed with this eye palette (in “goldens”) from Covergirl. The shades are all gorgeous and golden and the consistency of the shadows themselves is actually slightly creamy meaning that the color payoff is great and it lasts all night long. That golden shade (fourth one from the right) is everything… you’ll feel like a golden goddess applying it! I keep saying golden, but I love shimmering bronzes + golds so I am totally in love with this palette.

I use a little brow pencil during the day but for night I’ll really define my brows with this brow mascara, which is one of my all-time favs. I use a shade that is a bit darker than my natural brow color (soft brown). I like that besides taming them, it also tints them!

Lipstick is tricky for holiday parties, especially if you are eating or drinking. You want it to stay put, stress-free. My lips get really chapped in the winter so I start by applying this sugar scrub from MUA. It gives lipstick a nice base so that it won’t fade or (worse!) flake off. This lipstick/balm duo from L’Oreal is one of my party go-to’s as it does. not. budge. I have a few shades of this (they also have a great true red) but I really love the cerise shade… it’s a red but a little softer and more flattering. I apply the color side first and let it sink in/dry for about a minute, and then go over it with the balm that is included.

Lastly, I’ll set everything in place with Physician’s Formula’s Setting Spray. Voila… ready for holiday events in under ten minutes.

Photography by Carter Fish; Thank you to CVS for partnering on this post.

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  1. I love the final look! The red lips complete everything, so beautiful! ❤

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.3.17 Reply
  2. I love your makeup! Thanks for all these great tips on how to transition makeup from the office to a holiday party. This is great for those very busy, long days.


    12.3.17 Reply
  3. Natali:

    Looking so sweet and beautiful! Love your natural makeup!

    12.3.17 Reply
  4. Jessica Brown:

    Love this top! Can you please link it?

    12.3.17 Reply
  5. I’m SUCH a red lippy wearer in Winter, love this look – you look gorgeous!


    12.3.17 Reply
  6. I want to try the setting spray so much!
    Miki x

    12.3.17 Reply
  7. Great idea for a post! I so need to go makeup shopping!


    12.3.17 Reply