Obsession of the Day: Navy & Red Striped Dress

And here’s the post where I sound like a snob.  I don’t shop at Express.  Except for black tights, which I buy in bulk and (swear to god,) are better than Wolford.  They’re super opaque and they last forever.  I run in once a year, grab 4 pairs of tights, and run out.

It’s not a pricepoint thing, or even a quality thing… it’s a brand thing.  I associate the brand with my bloated college days – stuffing myself into a too small bra-tank, or (eek!) those god-awful ponte pants.   Tacky, tight, and totally cringe-worthy.  I just can’t go there.

Anyway, today’s obsession is actually from Express.  I saw a girl wearing this navy & red striped dress when I was in LA and was immediately smitten.  I love the way the stripes continue across the shoulder.  I spent forever trying to track it down, and here it is.  For under $50.  What!?  If I were allowing myself to shop right now, I’d break my ban on Express and purchase it immediately.

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