Obsession of the Day: Jouer

If you read this blog regularly, then you already know about my little Jouer obsession.   I also wrote about the brand here.  It was a Birchbox discovery.  (My life – well, mostly my skin, hasn’t been the same ever since I received a sample of their luminizing tint in one of my boxes.)  I then tried their moisturizing lip tint and tinted lip enhancers.  Swoon… absolute swoon!

1.  Tinted Lip Enhancers 2.  Moisturizing Lip Gloss  (note:  Tender & Riviera are my favorites!)  3.  Luminizing Moisture Tint

P.S. Best thing ever?  My mom was visiting a few weekends ago and pulled out a shimmery wand of the Moisturizing Lip Gloss.  I was all like, “Wow, mom, where’d you get that!?”  The answer?  “Birchbox, duh.”  My mom is so cool.

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  1. Josephine A Groff:

    I’m looking for something to help enhance my thin lips.
    What do you recommend ??

    5.25.19 Reply