Obsession of the Day – Beautiful Morse Code Necklaces from COATT

My sister sent me the link to these necklaces and I immediately became obsessed.  Rebecca Coogan Scharlatt (the genius behind COATT’s jewelry) has developed these gorgeous “Morse Code” necklaces.  They range between $36-$56 (more for gold-filled,) and you can get choose from mantras such as “lover,” “friend,” “peace,” or for the dog lovers, “dog my dog…” or, choose to customize your necklace with your name.
The necklaces are available in silver or gold, and you can choose from three lengths and six colors of silk cord. (Talk about customizable!)

What I probably love most about these pieces, is that unless you happen to run into a Morse Code expert, no one else will know what your necklace means. (Making it easy for you to wear your significant other’s name, or a sappy message – without anyone else being the wiser.)

Learn more (or shop) here.  They would make the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift.

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