Obsession of the Day – Bauble Bar.

A friend recently alerted me to a site called Bauble Bar – immediately, I became obsessed.  It. is. so. cool.  Tons of jewels at (ridiculously, in some cases) affordable prices.

Here’s how it works:  The site breaks its baubles out into two categories..  trend and classic.  Classics are available all the time.  Trend pieces are released in limited edition collections (every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm,) and available for six weeks (or until they sell out.)

The only downside – the pieces sell out incredibly fast.  I put together my initial post over the weekend, and had to revise it tonight because two of my original selections were sold out! 
Bauble Bar - necklaces

A few of my favorite statement necklaces; clockwise, from top left – 1)  Rugged Amber Necklace, $40  2) Gold Snake Link Necklace, $46  3)  Amethyst Chain Necklace, $82  4)  Cluster Fringe Necklace, $44

To note – I haven’t even told you about the earrings and classic pieces yet – all are to die for.  I’m a particularly huge fan of the “rose gold diamond by the yard” necklace, which retails for $36.  This is so going to be my new go-to source for costume jewelry!

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