Obsession: Evil Eye Jewels


Ever since visiting Greece a few years ago, I’ve had a little thing for evil eye jewelry.  Lately, it seems that there is some extra-amazing evil eye jewelry out there… (especially this necklace – dying… it will make its way into my closet once I can shop again!)  Hope you are enjoying the long weekend…  🙂

Delicate Pendant Necklace // Light Blue Beaded Bracelet (great price) // Silver Bracelet // Earrings (my other fave) // Necklace // Blue Macrame Bracelet // Delicate Bracelet // Cluster Ring // Ring (like a signet – love!) // Circle Earrings // Triangle Earrings (serious deal) // Chunky Bracelet // Sapphire Earrings

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  1. Rachel says 2.18.13

    I have an evil eye bracelet that I love (it’s just slightly too big, so I need to get it resized). Love that BaubleBar ring!

  2. Liz Schneider says 2.18.13

    I am kind of obsessed with everything on this list – and I think the ASOS earrings are actually my fave!

  3. Jess says 2.18.13

    I’m planning on stopping by #bbunwrapped when I’m in NYC later this week to pick up either the necklace or the bracelet! Obsessed ever since I saw that they were released. I’ve also had a thing for evil eye jewelry after living in Egypt (and having a superstitious Sicilian grandmother), and it’ll be nice to add something to my collection.

  4. Chelsea says 2.18.13

    I love the delicate evil eye bracelet from Bauble Bar! Evil eyes are so cute and great for layering in your arm party.

    Chelsea & The City

  5. alyson says 2.18.13

    Been a big fan since I went to Israel years ago, too. That Dannijo bracelet is gorgeous.

  6. Daisy says 2.18.13

    LOVE that Dannijo bracelet! x

    & Pretty Things

  7. Lauren says 2.18.13

    Also obsessed with the evil eye and have been for years! My mom studied abroad in turkey when she was younger and I have some evil eye bracelets from her travels! Anna & I made some evil eye jewelry that we are selling in our store if you want check it out: http://annacroswell.storenvy.com. This one is my favorite: http://annacroswell.storenvy.com/products/1036321-evil-eye-glass.


  8. Elizabeth // The Now says 2.18.13

    When I first saw some of the Dannijo pieces with eyes, I wasn’t sure, but it’s totally grown on me. I’m loving the Lulu Frost and Bauble Bar {obvi} pieces! xo

  9. Jenn says 2.18.13

    It’s actually an Italian tradition as well. Wearing the evil eye jewelry will protect you from someone looking “ill” upon you, called malocchio (mal = bad, occhio = eye). It’s pretty cool folklore, and of course, my grandmother swore by it. I’ve been decked out in something similar for years, per her direction. I just wish I had her old jewelry!

  10. jillian says 2.18.13

    love this trend! i saw a TON of evil eyes in turkey but i couldnt find a delicate ring or bracelet– i love the bauble bar bracelet you included! xo

  11. melissa says 2.18.13

    I am liking some of that. The ring and the very first necklace are my favorites. So cool you got to go to Greece. Must have been amazing!

  12. Ashley says 2.18.13

    I have been obsessed with this trend lately too! I especially love that lulu frost necklace! I just wish I could justify buying it 🙂

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  13. Marygrace twhispers says 2.18.13

    I wrote about evil eyes the other week. I LOVE THEM!


  14. Ashley says 2.18.13

    I want all of these! ALL OF THEM!

    xo Ashley

  15. Emma Finlayson says 2.18.13

    These are interesting, but I think they are a bit creepy!

  16. Evil Eye Jewelry says 10.22.13

    These fashion trend pieces have been in fashion in the Eastern Med for hundreds of years and great for daily wear.