Obsessing Over… Monogrammed iPhone Covers from DANI NOTES

And overnight, it seemed like everyone got an iPhone.  Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention until I got my own and could experience the magic of it for myself.  I was a stupid, stupid girl and left my BlackBerry on the plane to Berlin.  An expensive mistake.  As Verizon has finally gotten the iPhone, I rewarded my bad behavior with a shiny new toy.

Now, I am totally hooked.  I don’t know how I lived without it until now.  Everything is all in one place and so orderly… I can play Words With Friends (play me…. my username is GraceChristine) whenever I want, and don’t even get me started on that camera!

After obtaining my toy, the biggest decision of course, was what it would wear!  I thought about getting a matching DANNIJO case for my phone (my iPad is already clad in DANNIJO and they could dress up like matching siblings)  But in the end, it was easy.  Monograms won out over matching (always a tough call,) and I went with a case from daninotes

Her cases are truly spectacular, and on the affordable end of the iPhone case spectrum.  I went with this one.

PS – Check out her blog, too… it’s always a great source of creative inspiration… and (don’t kill me for telling you this,) she also monograms plates… and they are amazing/would make the best ever wedding gift!  Need!

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