obsessing over: Geode Jewels

As a child, I had one killer rock collection.  I still remember the excitement I felt when my aunt drove me up to Boston to go to the Museum of Science’s rock exhibition.  Oh, the treasures!  And when we got to the gift shop at the end, I nearly passed out from excitement.  Chunky quartz, agate slices… clumps of pyrite, smooth mounds of hematite… and GEODES.  The geodes were my favorite.  I found them enchanting – the rough, unfinished exterior; and beautiful surprise inside.

Naturally, the kid (and fashionista) in me was excited to see how geode jewels have become so popular this year.  Dara Ettinger has a beautiful assortment of geode pieces, as does Etsy.  Seriously – just type in “geode,” and watch what pops up.  BaubleBar also has some beautiful geode & druzzy pieces.

1.  Dara Ettinger Geode Halo Ring  2.  BaubleBar Ring  3.  Etsy Necklace  4.  Dara Ettinger Geode Disco Ring  5.  Dara Ettinger Sasha Geode Ring  6.  Blydesign Cuff  7.  Etsy Pendant  8.  Etsy Earrings

inspiration images from here and here.

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