November Favorites.

The Stripe November Favorites

This month’s list of favorites is a very good one. It’s a mix of old favorites and new additions, and if you ask me – everything on the list is not to be missed!

November Favorites

I was personally so excited about the Via Carota cookbook – it’s one of my favorite restaurants in New York, I even pre-ordered it. I cannot WAIT to get cooking once I am settled in. It looks promising so far.

On the beauty front:

I tried out Saie + Reformation’s collaboration: a gorgeous pinky highlighter – I really love it. It’s just pink enough to give you a rosy glow… but not so pink that it should be used as blush. It’s just really, really pretty! I also rediscovered my love of the Brazilian Bum Bum cream… I’ve been using this for years but am not very monogamous with my body creams. I had brought a tub of it with me to LA and my boyfriend was like “WHAT PERFUME IS THAT!?” He has never reacted that way to a fragrance I’ve worn so I left that jar at his place and ordered some more. It really does just smell so good.. like salted caramel and pistachio.

Also, the Bader lash serum! I am going to write a longer review of this product but I like it a lot. I have been using it for 8 weeks now and don’t see a difference vs. Grande Lash (but this is non-irritating and doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff).

Last but not least, I am not into shapewear – I generally find it uncomfortable and constricting BUT I was wearing a clingier dress and bought this high-waisted underwear and it’s pretty amazing. Not too constricting but just smooths away any lumps and bumps. Along those lines, the best black tights. I wear the M/L. So opaque!

PS – Last month’s favorites!

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  1. mary:

    Hi Grace,
    Great list! The tights link isn’t working–and I need new tights. Thanks for the recs.

    11.3.22 Reply
  2. Lynn Caplen:

    I love that shoe so much you designed but I have to stop somewhere . Don’t I ? I have a small jar of Bum Bum cream and spray in my cart and I couldn’t sleep and so I was reading reviews on several cremes at Sephora for my sensitive face to get last night after 2:00AM. I’m giggling because you did say your boyfriend loved that cream . And , I don’t take reviews that seriously because who knows who these people are right? But seriously , a woman said that her cat would not sleep in her room for weeks even after she washed her sheets after using that. I am sure that just ain’t true . I’d like to meet that cat. After that I had the giggles for at least half hour !!!! The rest of the reviews were that it smelled absolutely amazing !! I’m still getting it. Lol.

    11.3.22 Reply
    • That is so funny! Cats can be really particular – for example, most cats find lavender repulsive!!!

      11.3.22 Reply
  3. Monica:

    Is there a link for the sunglasses somewhere? Love them!

    11.3.22 Reply
  4. Alexandra:

    Hi! Curious if you prefer the RMS or Jones Road foundation— is RMS more coverage?

    11.5.22 Reply
    • Hi! They are the two foundations I alternate between. Jones Road gives a dewy, sheer and buildable finish. Great for everyday. The RMS is more coverage. Perfect for shoot days and events!

      11.6.22 Reply