New Year, New Hair.

On Thursday, I headed to ARROJO Studio to finally see what all the hype was about.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve lived in Manhattan for six years now but had yet to have the true cosmopolitan city salon experience… this was it!

Upon check in, I was ushered in to a changing room, where I changed into a robe.  While waiting for my stylist, I sipped a delicious iced coffee from the (adorable) cafe.  I saw Olivia for color, and Matthew for a cut.  Prior to both my color and my cut, I sat with them each for a consultation to discuss what I wanted to do.  I was struck by how professional the whole process was.

I first met with Olivia for color.  I was honest with her and explained that I hadn’t been for highlights in (gasp) six months, so we opted for ballayage – beachy, painted on highlights away from the roots.  After meeting with Olivia, I headed over to Matthew’s chair for my cut.  He was a bit appalled by my ends… (it had also been six months,) so we took quite a bit off.  At his insistence, he added some long layers… I was hesitant at first but loved how they came out.

I was intrigued by the fact that Arrojo has its own line of products.  Olivia raved about them, explaining that the reason the prices are so low ($15-$20,) is that there’s no middleman (duh,) meaning that they can pass the savings along to us.  Both Olivia and Matthew raved about the Styling Whip.  It contains Argan Oil and is super hydrating, without being heavy.  (The products are available online and at 60 salons across the US.)

 The pictures above illustrate the transformation rather well.  I went from wavy (and dead!) to sleek, straight, and blonder!

 I finished my little afternoon of pampering at the cafe with the most delicious mini-cupcake.

But seriously, how cute is the cafe?  On another note… I always love learning the story behind a place and was intrigued to hear that the 10,000 square foot space began ten years ago with only three chairs.  It’s amazing how far they’ve come in a decade!

Disclosure:  ARROJO gave me a complimentary cut + style and a discounted color treatment.  All opinions are my own…  I think the photos speak for themself!

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