New Year, New Gadgets!

beautygadgetsNow that we’re into the New Year (lucky #13) why not make the resolution to invest in a gadget or two that will make looking good just a little bit easier?  I’ve rounded up six of my favorites.  Each of these high-tech wonders either simplifies, speeds up, makes my beauty routine infinitely better.  I’ve rounded up six of my favorites, but I’m curious… what’s your favorite high-tech beauty secret?

For more on my favorites, read on…

Tanda Pearl Whitening System  I’m so obsessed with this little system.  5 days, for five minutes in the AM and five minutes in the PM… done.  As someone who loves both her coffee + red wine, this is a game changer.

Amika Interchangeable Curling Iron  This is just flat out brilliant (especially for those of us… hands raised) that have too many different beauty products.  Get this one and you won’t need any other curling irons.

SensatioNail Gel Manicure Kit  I love a good gel manicure – this kit lets me get the same effect/wear for much less money – and from the comfort of my own home.  If I’m going to invest the time in doing my nails, I’d rather do it while watching a movie!

Clarisonic  Every girl needs a Clarisonic.  In the winter, my face starts to get rough and dry.  It gets red + chapped and no matter how much moisturizer I use, it is still dry.  Using this a few times a week prevents this and makes my skin feel a whole lot glowier and less problematic.  Last winter was my first “Clarisonic Winter” and my skin is still thanking me for investing in this little gadget.

Clarisonic Opal  This little gadget is magical.  I got to test it out an event and was blown away at how well it plumps up fine lines, diminishes puffiness + undereye baggage, and infuses product into the skin.  You have to try it to believe how awesome it is, but once you do, you’ll be hooked.  I’ve even gotten my boyfriend hooked on its magical powers (but only after a late night out.)

GHD Flat Iron If you haven’t invested in a good flat iron yet, I can’t say enough good things about this one.  I don’t straighten my hair very often but when I do, this is my weapon of choice.

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  1. I’m glad you featured the Sensationail gel kit! I’ve been using it exclusively for the past year, and I haven’t gotten a manicure since!

    I do have a few issues with it though–some of the nail colors seem to have differing formulas. I primarily use the bright red (which is gorgeous), but on a whim, I also got a dark berry color and a light coral shade.

    The dark berry goes on incredibly thick, and I’ve noticed it tends to peel all the way off super easily. While the red stays in place like advertised, I normally end up having to redo my nails after a few days (or even hours sometimes!) when I use berry.

    As opposed to the berry, the coral goes on so sheer, you feel like you need more than the standard two coats to actually get the real color to display. But, when the color gets too thick, it peels off and you feel like you just wasted your time!

    I’m curious to start trying this system with other gel nail colors. I feel like the basic concept is awesome, and my favorite red shade has never let me down. I just wish I could try more colors without feeling disappointed (and short $12). My other gripe is that you can’t just buy more of the clear base/top coat–I’ve only seen it come in the “refill” kits that are $20+.

    Geez. That’s a lot of rambling about gel color. Haha.

    1.4.13 Reply
  2. I have the Amika curling wand (bought it for myself for Chrismtas!) and I love it! the curls last all day and they are so spiral-y before you brush through them. It’s expensive but totally worth it for girls who want variations in their curls!

    1.4.13 Reply
  3. i swear by GHD flat irons and the clarisonic.. really want to try out the opal!

    1.4.13 Reply
  4. I love my curling wand! I don’t have the Amika brand (I have Jose Eber) but I’ve still noticed a huge difference in how well my hair holds the curl, and how damaging the heat styling is to my hair (which is normally SUPER curly). I can’t imagine going back ever! Also, I’ve been looking for a good teeth whitening system, so thanks for the suggestion!

    1.4.13 Reply
  5. so intrigued by the at home whitening. my husband wants to do it but he’s so grossed out by some of the drugstore products that take forever. 5 minutes, twice a day is totally reasonable!

    1.4.13 Reply
  6. Just received a Clarisonic for Christmas and I’m in love already! I’ve been wanting the 4-Play Amika irons for a long time…glad to know you like them and that their worth it the investment!


    1.4.13 Reply
  7. I have a royale flat iron and prefer it to ghd and chi! And I want a clarisonic so bad..

    xo Ashley

    1.4.13 Reply
  8. Lisa:

    A Clarisonic Plus is definitely on my list this year!

    1.4.13 Reply
  9. The Clarisonic sounds amazing! I’ve always stuck with the basics – lotion and water – but this sounds like it’s right up my alley because my skin gets SO dry.
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1.4.13 Reply
  10. My mom gave me a Clarisonic for my birthday a few weeks ago and I am in love! Great choices!

    1.4.13 Reply
  11. I’ve been so tempted by the clarisonic. Maybe this will be the year!

    1.5.13 Reply
  12. That curling wand is genius! I have the T3 wand, and love it, but I like the idea of having the four different wands to choose from to change things up a bit. I might have to sell that baby on eBay and get this one!

    1.5.13 Reply
  13. I just got a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas and I absolutely love it, in only 2 weeks I can already see a vast improvement! I am really intrigued by the teeth whitening you mentioned- I am going to have to check that out!

    1.6.13 Reply
  14. Love this post!! I was just reading about the Clarisonic Opal and wanted to get it!! LOVE that interchangeable curling iron!

    1.7.13 Reply
  15. Rach xo:

    so happy you featured sensationail! I have that kit and three colors which and i love each and every one. The hot pink, the berry, and the taupe. so worth the money and i finally stopped going to the salon. i was going every ten days and spending so much every month. the kit works great with other gel brands too.

    great review i love it!

    1.7.13 Reply
  16. I love your product picks! So useful and such a great lineup to start a new year with!

    1.8.13 Reply