New (Must-Try) Hair Line: Leonor Greyl

This post is long overdue, but it’s been such a busy summer!  A few months ago, the Leonor Greyl approached me, asking if I’d try out a few of their products.  After reading up on the line, I gladly obliged.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand (I wasn’t,) here’s a bit of info.  It’s a French brand, founded over forty years ago.  All of the products are silicone and SLS free, making them safe (read non-drying) for daily use.  The brand is bigger overseas but remains smaller in the US, although several niche beauty boutiques have started to carry it.

They sent me two products, pictured above.

Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bambou is an uber-nourishing/hydrating shampoo for dry, long hair.  It’s the first shampoo I’ve ever seen that is specifically made for long hair, which I loved.  (I have long, wavy hair that errs on the dry side, so this one is perfect for me.)  It’s super creamy but gets your hair clean.  Afterward, I used conditioner anyway, but I probably didn’t need to (which says a lot as I am addicted to conditioner.

Huile de Palme was a new concept to me.  It’s a hair oil, but meant to be used either at the beach/pool as a protectant, or as a pre-shampoo treatment.  I used it after shampooing, similar to a hair serum.  This is not how it’s intended to be used, but I loved the results.  Just a tiny amount yields super soft waves – better than Moroccan Oil or anything else that I’ve tried.

All in all, the line is a bit pricey, but super high quality and extremely luxurious.  In my opinion, both products are worth the money – especially the Huile de Palm as a little goes a long way – the bottle will last forever!

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