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I’ve been blessed (or so I’m told) with a head full of wild, wavy hair.  It still cracks me up when friends/readers exclaim “But you have such great hair.”  I want to be like, “really?  Have you seen it on the weekends?  Or on a hot summer day?  Do you even know how long it takes to get this beast straight / cooperating?”  I’ve always wished for a mane full of fine, shiny hair… the sort that stays straight no matter what the humidity, and blows dry without more than 10-15 minutes with the round brush.  In the Fall + Winter I generally get it blown out and then take steps to make it last a week.  But lately I’ve been wearing it wavy more (just less work) and a few of you have asked about my routine, so I thought I would share it here.

More photos + my favorite products after the break.

Beachy Hair 1


As for my own routine, two or three times a week, I wash it with a gentle shampoo (right now I love this one from Klorane – it smells amazing and is formulated specially for blondes.)  Because I only wash it a few days a week, I use this hair mask as a conditioner (it won’t weigh hair down.)  I don’t know what the secret ingredient is, but it’s a lifesaver… literally seals off my split ends.  I also love this Phyto Mask and this paraben/sulfate-free conditioner.

To style it, I usually apply a styling cream first to cut out frizz (a little more than a quarter) and mousse (a little bigger than a golf ball sized amount) to define my waves (I swear by this one from ARROJO, and have found that this drugstore version works just as well.)  Lately I’ve been using this “souffle” from Ouidad, which smells like coconut + pineapple and leaves my hair super hydrated.  It is a newer product and I really like it.  If you use this, I find I don’t need any other products.

In between washes I put it in a bun in the shower and don’t get it wet.  If I work out, I will rinse it out and put a little bit more mousse, but generally I try to just leave it be.  Occasionally if I want a messy look, I’ll spray on a thickening spray (after my usual routine if its wet or on dry hair to give it a piece-y texture.

If it gets frizzy, I’ll work through a dab (like less than a dime sized amount) of my styling cream and put it in a braid before bed or in the morning, or I’ll add a few mists of glossing spray (love this Mango one and this drugstore version)

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  1. I use Ouidad too! I don’t have super wavy hair but it has enough wave that this product works wonders for it! xo

    8.20.13 Reply
  2. LOVE your hair! Don’t ever cut it, great waves!

    8.20.13 Reply
  3. Thank you SO much for these tips, Grace! Question ~ Does your hair get tangled? Mine gets super tangled, so I end up brushing it, and then it ‘fro’s out. Any tips? Thanks!
    xo ~ Lia

    8.20.13 Reply
  4. Kay:

    I found this blog post REALLY hard to read. Having to click offsite to know what each product you were referring to really deterred me from reading it all & understanding it.

    8.20.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      I’m sorry about that Kay! Next time I’ll figure out a better way to do it!

      8.22.13 Reply
  5. i have the same hair! everyone always compliments it but i wish i could have straight hair. i got the keratin treatment one summer and it lasted a few months. my hair dried really fast and without frizz! i didn’t have to do anything to it except brush it! it was wonderful!

    8.21.13 Reply
  6. You’re so lucky you have wild thick hair! I have straight hair that blow dries in 5 mins and hates holding a curl or waves… lets trade!

    8.21.13 Reply
  7. I have part wavy hair, but enough that I can’t just leave it. What other hair mask you would suggest?

    8.28.18 Reply