National Velvet.

velvet collage

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If there is one texture I am most excited about adding to my wardrobe this season, it has to be velvet. And there are just so many good things! An easy way to start is with a simple pair of velvet jeans or skinny pants in black. It feels festive and fun (and is also super soft and cozy). Or, try pairing a pair of dark skinny jeans with a fun velvet shoe. I’ve shown some great shoe options above but my absolute favorites have to be this + this. I also love it in a little dress with embroidery, or a blazer.

Just stick to one velvet piece at a time… anything more feels like overkill (or makes me think of the “Samantha” American Girl doll – anyone remember her? I had Kirsten and my sister had Samantha… I was always jealous of Samantha’s wardrobe!)


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  1. Sasha:

    I loveee all the bags on this list. Velvet gives such a luxury look!

    10.29.15 Reply
  2. I love the flats! They are so cute! :-*

    10.30.15 Reply
  3. Please give me #9! It’s SO adorable 🙂

    10.31.15 Reply