Naadam’s Fanciest Cashmere Yet.

ultra fine cashmere | Naadams Fanciest Cashmere

I am so excited about today’s post (in partnership with my friends at NAADAM) as they are one of my absolute favorite brands and just launched something really, really good.

If you aren’t familiar with NAADAM, they make some of my absolute favorite cashmere, sourced straight from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Sourced by two college friends, they saw how traditional cashmere traders and brokers drive up prices and take the profits. In launching NAADAM they cut out the middlemen AND were able to pay their newfound herder friends more (while charging customers less). Today NAADAM remains sustainable and ethical, while delivering some of the best, high quality cashmere to its customers.

Most recently, the brand launched their brand new Ultra Fine Cashmere, which they’re also calling fancy AF. This is their most luxurious cashmere yet. It’s made from 16 gauge 100% cashmere. Making this ultra delicate (very lightweight!) cashmere is hard to do and is typically only seen in the fanciest designer brands. It’s so fancy that it takes NAADAM’s craftspeople over 8 hours to knit together just two to three pieces. The resulting cashmere is incredibly lightweight and well-knit to prevent pilling. You will not want to take it off!

And I have a code for you! Use GRACEA15 to take 15% off sitewide. (Normal exclusions apply including the $75 sweater, studio styles, care accessories, and gift cards. Valid for 1 month!)

Naadam’s Fanciest Cashmere Yet

Naadams Fanciest Cashmere

I really love this new collection. The drape is insane, and the pieces are just. so. soft. My favorite pieces are probably the long sleeve scoop top and the cardigan (styled here in these photos) but there’s also a men’s line and a great women’s short sleeve tee, amongst other beautiful styles (they have dresses too!). The pieces definitely run loose (which I like – again, that DRAPE!), so size down if you’d like a more fitted look.

I also really love that these pieces are more inclusively sized, available in an XXS through a 3X.

Naadam Cashmere fanciest cashmere top naadam sweater

Thank you to NAADAM for sponsoring this post! Photography by Clay Austin.

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