My Happy Place, Part One (+ Cocoon by Sealy Giveaway!)

sealy cocoon 1

Your bed should be your happy place…. after all, we spend so much time there! I like my bed to be a calming sanctuary where I can curl up and really unplug. I’ve always been a proponent of this mentality. I’ve invested in beautiful linens for my space, I have my beloved Night Pillow, and I always have a pile of books, lavender oil, an eye mask, and a nice foot/hand cream that I’ll slather on before bed. If you can’t tell, I take my relaxation very seriously.

Still, I can’t remember when I last replaced my mattress. So when Sealy offered to send me their new Cocoon by Sealy mattress, I was both intrigued and eager. Intrigued as I wasn’t familiar with the whole “bed in a box” idea – every mattress I’ve ever had has been delivered… and eager as I really wanted a new mattress. It was time to adult.

Read on for my unboxing experience (it’s truly crazy how they fit such a nice mattress into such a small box!!) and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post… two lucky readers will win their own Cocoon by Sealy! Good Luck!!!

sealy cocoon 2

I was a bit shocked by how small the box was. How on earth was a Queen sized mattress supposed to fit in that box? It weighed 72 lbs, but still…

sealy cocoon 3

The Cocoon by Sealy is available in two different types… firm or soft.  The firm is a bit more substantial and is for those who enjoy sleeping on their bed; whereas the soft is cozier and more enveloping for those who enjoy sleeping in their bed. I went with the firm as I have a notoriously bad back so I like something a bit more supportive. The Cocoon by Sealy mattress is under $1,000 at all sizes. The queen retails for $849, the twin $549, and the King is $999.

sealy cocoon 4

So I began unboxing the mattress…

sealy cocoon 5

sealy cocoon 6

sealy cocoon 7

sealy cocoon 8

What was really interesting to me is that when I began to remove the plastic, the mattress immediately “bloomed.” It self-inflated (inflated is the wrong word, but the best way to describe the process), transforming into a thick, super dense mattress.

sealy cocoon 9

sealy cocoon 10

sealy cocoon 11

And now, the next step in this adventure… getting my old mattress out, + my new mattress up the ladder. We’ll just say that I’m very thankful for Task Rabbit. I’ll be sharing my final bedroom (aka treehouse) reveal in the coming weeks.

The last thing I want to point out is that Cocoon by Sealy has a pretty amazing guarantee. If, after 100 days, you aren’t satisfied, you can get a full refund. On top of that, they have a ten year warranty. Not bad. I’m only on about 14 nights, but I’m pretty happy with mine so far. It’s the right amount of firm and I’ve been sleeping much better.

sealy cocoon 12

sealy cocoon 13

(I should note that Tyrion is a fan of the new mattress as well.)

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Created in partnership with Cocoon by Sealy.

Photography by Tonhya Kae.

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  1. J says 4.8.16

    Shutting off electronics

  2. Erin says 4.8.16

    Eye masks! and a sufficiently dull book

  3. Ana M says 4.8.16

    I love reading before bed. It has been something I have done since I was very young. Something about entering another world for 15-20 minutes makes for a great night sleep.

  4. Ashley says 4.8.16

    My favorite fall asleep trick is cuddling with either my husband or my dog.

  5. Claire says 4.8.16

    Opening the window so that cool air comes in. It must be cold!

  6. Katie says 4.8.16


  7. Lindy says 4.8.16

    Warm tea helps me fall asleep

  8. Laura says 4.8.16

    Sleepy time tea!

  9. Marty says 4.8.16

    Favorite tricks: Warm bath or shower, followed by fresh PJs and softest, clean sheets = SNOOZE!

  10. Claire says 4.8.16

    My favorite fall asleep trick begins with making my bed in the morning! Ending the day by opening the duvet cover to sink into slightly cold sheets is HEAVEN! I then add a few drops each of lavender oil and a peace & calming essential oil blend into my diffuser and its lights out within minutes!

  11. Terri says 4.8.16

    reading before bed

  12. Susan says 4.8.16

    I say my prayers and count backwards from 500 and I’m asleep before I get to 450! I don’t know why but it works like a charm every night!

  13. LaTanya says 4.8.16

    drink some chamomile tea while reading a book

  14. Amy Works says 4.8.16

    Curling up next to my cat and snuggling deep into the covers!

  15. Jennifer Hayden says 4.8.16

    To fall asleep, I think about my favorite vacations.

  16. Alex B says 4.8.16

    This looks great! I am moving into my first apartment (!!) in September and have been researching mattress options. Added to the list!

    My favorite fall asleep trick is to turn on Noisl. It’s an online app (you can also download the iPhone app) where you can play different outdoor sounds and add them together! I love that it’s not just rain or just woods, etc. The mix helps drown out city sounds enough to keep me asleep!

  17. Cindy A. says 4.8.16

    My favorite fall asleep trick is a relaxing bath and hot cup of cinnamon tea.

  18. Helen says 4.8.16

    The only way I sleep well is with exercise – once I’ve gotten some physical energy out, I sleep like a rock!

  19. Paulina says 4.8.16

    My nebulizer with lavender oil gets me every time.

  20. Katherine B says 4.8.16

    I like to put a few drops of Serenity essential oil on the bottoms of my feet, rub it in some lotion and curl up with a good book!

  21. Emily B. says 4.8.16

    It’s crazy how a mattress that big can fit into such a small box! I typically fall asleep when my head hits the pillow, but writing just a few sentences about the day in a journal seems to put the perfect cap on the evening.

  22. Kate says 4.8.16

    I also love using lavender oil to help calm me down and fall asleep! Plus, cuddling up in my bed under all the blankets and pillows!

  23. Rebecca says 4.8.16

    Some of my tried and true falling asleep techniques are disconnecting from technology or reading.. if those don’t work, meditation has been a lifesaver!!

    Thank you so much for having such a great blog 🙂

  24. Stephanie Starkey says 4.8.16

    My husband and I were on the hunt for a new mattress when I was pregnant, but passed mainly do to aggressive sales tactics. We were set to pull the trigger on a 5k mattress until my husband saw reason and we high tailed it out of there! This looks like its worth trying!

  25. Kerri says 4.8.16

    Reading an actual book or magazine– no electronics!

  26. Emily Sullivan says 4.8.16

    My favorite falling asleep trick is lavender hand lotion and ear plugs to block out the NYC noise!

  27. marissa n says 4.8.16

    I snuggle with my stuffed pig!

  28. Mai Le says 4.8.16

    not being on my phone right before and deep breathing!

  29. Haley says 4.8.16

    My new favorite sleeping trick is the Nite Hood – It’s like a sleep mask but SO much better. I know it looks silly but you have to try it if you like sleep masks!

  30. Annie Reeves says 4.8.16

    Reading is my go-to! I don’t do it enough at night because I’m always distracted by my phone. Must stop sleeping with it beside me!

  31. Andi says 4.8.16

    Warm tea definitely helps!

  32. grace says 4.8.16

    the 4-7-8 trick has been working all right for me at night but i’d like to also try aromatherapy!

  33. Chiara says 4.8.16

    My fall asleep trick is to listen to classical music!

  34. Meredith says 4.8.16

    I’ve finally admitted to myself that I need to turn off electronics, and that helps so much!

  35. Molly says 4.8.16

    Hot tea and a good book. A few chapters and I’m ready to call it a night!

  36. Emily says 4.8.16

    My favorite falling asleep trick? I put on a rain noise maker that puts me right to sleep! The app is called Noisli and you can customize what sounds you hear – like rain, fire crackling, wind blowing, etc. It’s super simple, but effective 🙂

  37. Christina T says 4.8.16

    I like to call it an “aggressive” sleep routine. My UP goes off at 9:30 to remind me it’s time to start winding down- TV off, phone plugged in, everything ready for the morning. Then I follow my nightly skin care routine, and reading in bed with a candle!

  38. Emily says 4.8.16

    I like to meditate before bed to fall asleep!

  39. kim kihega says 4.8.16

    I have been using the 4-7-8 trick lately!

  40. Kristin says 4.8.16

    I always keep an lavender oil pillow spray next to my bed and spritz it on the underside of my pillow a few minutes before I lay down, and it just totally helps relax me and I fall right to sleep!

  41. Francine says 4.8.16

    Yoga breathing and sleepytime vanilla tea 🙂

  42. Rachel says 4.8.16

    I am seriously in the market for a new mattress myself! I’ve been dragging my feet, but this is motivating me to get on it!

  43. Tierney says 4.8.16

    My best falling asleep trick is that I take a quick hot bath every night! It’s my time to light a candle, read a few chapters of my current book, and unwind from the day.

  44. Nicole says 4.8.16

    Taking lot’s of deep breaths!

  45. Annie says 4.8.16

    Headspace App!

  46. Cory says 4.8.16

    reading before bed always makes me drowsy

  47. Chelsea says 4.8.16

    Take deep breaths four times in a row until you can keep up with a rhythm, then do it three times in a row, then two, then one. By the time you get to one, I find that the level of concentration and the rhythm has put me to sleep. Maybe I didn’t do the best job of explaining it, but I read it once and it has always worked for me. Google it!

  48. Christine says 4.8.16

    Such a great post. I have been skeptical or buying a mattress in a box, but I will definitely try it now!

    My favorite trick to fall asleep is a nice cup of sleepy tea.

  49. Thuy says 4.8.16

    You look so comfortable lying on that mattress! It makes me happy 🙂

  50. Aly Marie says 4.8.16

    I’ve recently started the 4-7-8 breathing trick and it’s AMAZINGLY effective! I have a hard time shutting down at night and this helps pull me away from all of the day’s stresses. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 and back out for 8. 🙂

  51. Jess says 4.8.16

    Reading the NYT on my phone until I get snoozy!

  52. AMY says 4.8.16

    My favorite fall asleep trick is to get wrapped up in my blankets and then kick one foot out!

  53. Kelly says 4.8.16

    I focus on my breathing to relax and clear my head.

  54. Krystal says 4.8.16

    I like to listen to a nice meditation and it puts me right to sleep

  55. Hilary says 4.8.16

    Cozy blankets and a good book!

  56. May says 4.8.16

    Drinking tea and burning candles before bed – definitely helps!

  57. Rana Durham says 4.8.16

    placing lavender essental oils under my pillow helps me sleep better.

  58. lara says 4.8.16

    lately focusing on my breathing has helped me fall asleep. also for when I am very restless or my mind won’t shut off I take a GABA supplement. it’s not a sleeping pill, you can use during the day even just to calm your nerves. its the best!

  59. Lauren says 4.8.16

    I just started using an eye mask. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Erica Forrence says 4.8.16

    Lighting a nice candle & reading for 20 minutes……….

  61. tori says 4.8.16

    I would love a new mattress- it is one of those big purchases I keep putting off, but I keep rolling to the middle of mine. It is time!

    • tori says 4.8.16

      I should add- I don’t really have a trick to falling asleep! I find that if I make a to do list before bed, I feel more organized for the next day and don’t find myself thinking of all the things I may “forget” to do.

  62. Lindsey says 4.8.16

    Cool air flowing in from outside coupled with a heavy down comforter!

  63. Robin says 4.8.16

    A completely dark room and an active sound machine. Works like a charm!

  64. Courtney says 4.8.16

    Relaxing each part of my body in turn.

  65. Lindsay says 4.8.16

    Trying not to use or look at my phone at least 30min. before bedtime and making sure it is out of reach once I’m in bed. Then falling asleep thinking of anything I have coming up that I’m looking forward to usually helps!

  66. Kim Henrichs says 4.8.16

    My favorite fall asleep trick is to use a good temple balm. I use elemis!!

  67. Erin M. says 4.8.16

    This is amazing! I’ve been in need of a new mattress for a while now, and there are so many new options out there.

  68. Jennifer says 4.8.16

    I just recently read about the 4-7-8 breathing method, which I find to be super helpful!

  69. jennifer says 4.8.16

    lavender spray, cool bedroom and sometimes melatonin help me fall asleep.

  70. Breanna says 4.8.16

    The most important thing for me is to not browse through any cell phone feeds or look at a computer screen! Then I like to curl up with a book, I’m currently rereading the Harry Potter series for the first time and am so thrilled!
    When I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, I don my sleep mask and curl up with my kitty (also a himilayan, but brown and white! We call her “Muffin”.)

  71. Christine // LIFE IN A DRESS says 4.8.16

    So neat! This would be perfect for us since we now have a dog and a baby, we’re outgrowing our queen!

  72. Kristin says 4.8.16

    a nice cool room!

  73. Erin says 4.8.16

    I am a total reading addict so the concept of “reading myself to sleep” doesn’t really work. I avoid electronics and close the shades – I can sleep through anything 🙂

  74. Maria v says 4.8.16

    No phone in bed!

  75. erica says 4.8.16

    i’m in desperate need of a new mattress and have been considering bed in a box ones; love the look of this and your detailed review!

  76. Aileen says 4.8.16

    I feel like a boxed mattress being delivered to your door is such a godsend when it comes to living in NYC. That & Task Rabbit.

    P.s. Tyrion is the cutest feline ever.

  77. Rebecca says 4.8.16

    Lavender oil

  78. Kimmie says 4.8.16

    A quick scroll through instagram then letting my mind wander over the days events. Usually puts me right to sleep!

  79. Cindy says 4.8.16

    My “favorite” fall asleep trick is unfortunately not a great one: reading does it. Good for sleep, bad for my Kindle stash since I can’t seem to make it longer than ten minutes without hitting myself in the face with it as I pass out!

  80. Jillian says 4.8.16

    I really enjoy essence of vali to help me sleep!!

  81. marissa says 4.8.16

    get the room to a sauna-level temperature, cut the heat & crawl btwn the sheets.

  82. Aurelia says 4.8.16

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I haven’t changed my mattress in prob over 15 years… Gross right?! I have such a hard one falling asleep… But sleeping with a fan on to give me some white noise does the trick every time!

  83. Emily says 4.8.16

    Yay! Desperately needing a new mattress!!

  84. Christine says 4.8.16

    Gotta love Lavender oil! So soothing.

  85. Melinda says 4.8.16

    I have had horrific insomnia for pretty much my entire life. I implemented a routine of going to bed at a consistent time (generally around 9pm) and ALWAYS set an alarm in the morning so I do not oversleep. It has turned me into a morning person. I also ensure to stop consuming caffeine after lunch. It lets me relax more as the day continues.

  86. Sonja says 4.8.16

    I’ve been enjoying the 4-7-8 breathing trick that’s been gaining popularity!

  87. Nina says 4.8.16

    That’s so neat! I’ve never heard of unboxing a mattress either! But seems so convenient!

    My favorite trick to falling asleep is to shut of all electronics early! I like to give myself at least an hour of no screen time before hitting the sheets

  88. Elyse G. says 4.8.16

    I listen to podcasts as I fall asleep. *fingers crossed*

  89. kristin says 4.8.16


  90. Kelly says 4.8.16

    Dear god do I need a new mattress- I’ve been meaning to replace mine for like a year now but it’s such a hassle!

    I try and use some lavender oil to help me fall asleep. If not, melatonin normally helps!

  91. Alex Breslin says 4.8.16

    Reading before bed, no electronic devices!

  92. Cy says 4.8.16

    I do the yoga move, flat on your back legs up against the wall and breath deeply. I work on my feet most of the day,so it’s good for everything ! I really need a new firm mattress!

  93. CL says 4.8.16

    Reading a physical book.

  94. Megan says 4.8.16

    After numerous back surgeries, I have yet to find my dream mattress. The one I have now is over ten years old with one of those pokey mattress toppers on top. One day….

    My tricks for falling asleep are, sleepy time tea with some lemon and honey. Trying to go to bed at the same time, saying my prayers and always focusing on something positive right before I close my eyes. Comfy pajamas and 800 thread sheets help too!

  95. wendy says 4.8.16

    one of my fall asleep tricks is a warm shower before bed with lavender shower gel, and a small mug of chamomile tea

  96. Pat Schwab says 4.8.16

    I count backwards from 100 by 3’s. I read that in a sleep article and it helps sometimes. I need this so I can get better sleep because my mattress is really old. Thanks

  97. Emily Rose says 4.8.16

    reading before bed always relaxes me… and limiting after work screen time.

  98. Pat Schwab says 4.8.16

    I forgot to say I always wear a sleep mask to block out the light and that helps too.

  99. Amanda says 4.8.16

    Just rolling over and shutting my eyes! I am so sleep deprived with my son being so little so falling asleep is easy for me right now!

  100. Jess Zimlich says 4.8.16

    Picking up one of my favorite (and often neglected) magazines from the growing stack next to my ned!

  101. Alexa says 4.8.16

    I used to have a memory foam bed and I really miss it! I always find that reading for 20 minutes before bed knocks me out.

  102. Kim Pincombe Cole says 4.8.16

    I need a little ‘white noise’ in the background in order to fall asleep (the hazard if growing up in a full house with tons of brothers who were loud). I also like to use Lavendar spray on my linens for relaxation!

  103. Krista says 4.8.16

    I diffuse lavender essential oil. It works wonders!

  104. Jody says 4.8.16

    Fresh air coming in the window, lavender linen spray, my husband next to me and my cat at the bottom of the bed. Keeping all screens out of the bedroom is a must!

  105. Maritza says 4.8.16

    Some chamomile tea always helps me fall asleep.

  106. Sarah says 4.8.16

    I’m so intrigued by the whole “mattress in a box” phenomenon. I’ve looked into other companies, but didn’t realize Sealy had one too!

    My trick to falling asleep is a sound machine. I actually use an app that is meant for babies!

  107. Kara says 4.8.16

    Reading…I don’t read just to be able to fall asleep, but sometimes I’m able to fall asleep with a book in my hands even if it’s a page turner:)

  108. Tara says 4.8.16

    A routine! Sleepy time tea, skincare routine, and putting shea butter on my hands and feet 🙂

  109. Anne says 4.8.16

    Being totally wiped out because of getting up super early… I fall asleep pretty fast that way 🙂

  110. Ashley says 4.8.16

    What are those jeans? 🙂

  111. maureen says 4.8.16

    A bit of reading before I shut my eyes is my favorite way to end my day.

  112. Denise M says 4.8.16

    I use the Dr. Weil breathing technique and if all else fails – a tylenol pm

  113. Meghan B says 4.8.16

    Drink warm tea and take a warm bath!

  114. Annie says 4.8.16

    I use a noise machine with the falling rain sound and I love it. I think it gives me more pleasant dreams.

    Fingers crossed big time on mattress! Thank you for sharing and contest.

  115. Kristen says 4.8.16

    cuddling with my guy.

  116. Michelle says 4.8.16

    The best way to fall asleep is to close my blackout curtains and cocoon myself in all of my blankets.

  117. Carrie says 4.8.16

    I love writing in my Q&A a day journal- it’s nice to write down one thought a day!

  118. Suzanne G says 4.8.16

    My best tip is I always read for 30-60 minutes in bed which always relaxes me and I fall asleep no problem.

  119. Martha Susan says 4.8.16

    Making the bed perfectly.

  120. Jessica says 4.8.16

    I count to 100…basically, counting sheep!

  121. Linda says 4.8.16

    i like to spray a little lavender essential oil over my pillow and put on a podcast 🙂

  122. Lauren says 4.8.16

    I don’t really need one! Luckily I fall asleep very easily. If I need to do something, I just focus on my breath or listen to a quick Calm meditation.

  123. Natalie | Natalie Was Here says 4.8.16

    I have to have the room pitch-black, and NO electronics (though I don’t always follow this rule)!

  124. Linda says 4.8.16

    chamomile tea before bed is great.

  125. rust says 4.8.16

    A good book in a comfortable bed never fails to put me to sleep.

  126. Jennifer Aceves says 4.8.16

    Netflix always helps me fall asleep.

  127. Rachel says 4.8.16

    Wine 😉

  128. kallai abbo says 4.8.16

    My husband and I have been very curious as we have started our shopping process for a new bed for about a month. I can’t quite get on board but I am getting there.

  129. kallai says 4.8.16

    now this is an interesting concept

  130. Anna says 4.8.16

    Counting things I’m grateful for

  131. Lindsay Henderson says 4.8.16

    I like to turn off all electronics at least one hour before bed. Reading in bed also helps me to relax.

    I’m very curious about the bed in a box thing and I could definitely use a new mattress!

  132. Elizabeth Witt says 4.8.16

    I always have to read before bed. It definitely helps me get out of my head and wind down!

  133. Viki says 4.8.16

    Thinking about special highlights of tomorrow’s day!

  134. molli says 4.8.16

    no tv

  135. Carrie says 4.8.16

    Grace, I want your life!

  136. Kellie says 4.8.16

    This mattress looks so plush and roomy.

  137. Kellie says 4.8.16

    I meditate.

  138. Sari says 4.8.16

    ahh awesome giveaway!

  139. Susan Christy says 4.8.16

    I had a lot of trouble falling asleep until I tried this trick – counting backwards from 300 by 3’s. It requires enough concentration to prevent my mind from wandering but is simple enough to do without thinking about it too hard. I’m usually asleep before 240.

  140. Sara says 4.8.16

    I swear by my YoungLiving oil diffuser at night, but you should try peppermint oil for a night or two instead of lavender. Lavender is wonderful, but the peppermint breaks things up and leaves the room with such a clean feel!

  141. Holly says 4.8.16

    I’ve tried breathing exercises and counting sheep, but really the only thing that works when I can’t fall asleep (which fortunately isn’t very often) is melatonin 🙂

  142. Meredith says 4.8.16


  143. Eric says 4.8.16

    The room needs to be completely dark.

  144. Doris says 4.8.16

    I try to turn off all electronics 1 hour before I go to bed.

  145. Mariam says 4.8.16

    I read a few pages of a book, and it always works.

  146. Anita Carol Gambrell says 4.8.16

    I am terrible at falling asleep! I wake my hubs up giggling and talking because I’m so bored when I try to sleep! I’m now taking Orc sleeping pills, not working too good….but I try!

  147. Ali celestino says 4.9.16

    Turning off all the lights and thinking about how cozy warm and tired I am.

  148. Julia says 4.9.16

    Spraying lavender mist on my pillow — though as a new mama, I’ve learned to fall asleep anywhere and anytime to catch some zzz’s 🙂

  149. Claire says 4.9.16

    A cup of hot tea and a good book!

  150. Cindy Reese says 4.9.16

    I would love to win this. All the mattresses in the house is at least 15 years old and completely lumpy and worn out

  151. Christianne says 4.9.16

    Reading! At least, I tell myself that helps. In truth, it probably keeps me up an extra hour or so.

  152. Beth Friedman says 4.9.16

    Reading with a cup of cinnamon tea

  153. Lori says 4.9.16

    We are in the process of buying our first home and would love one of these as a housewarmingg gift!

    • Lori says 4.9.16

      Also I fall asleep by turning on my favorite shows that I WANT to watch…when that second or third commercial hits, its all snooze from there!

  154. Alex says 4.9.16

    I have been rubbing lavender oil on the soles of my feet right before I go to sleep – really helps me drift off!

  155. Sandy P says 4.9.16

    I diffuse lavender and make sure my phone is turned off. I also like to read so put my Kindle on “nighttime” settings and then read for about 30 minutes. I remember years ago all I had to do was get into bed and I would fall asleep!

  156. Bobbi-Sue says 4.9.16

    Yay! I was just thinking I should buy a new mattress!

  157. Emma says 4.9.16

    I like to put in lavender lotion!

  158. Lindsey Jednak says 4.9.16

    To fall asleep, I love to have a cup of tea with my favorite book x.x

  159. Brittany Dawson says 4.9.16

    Relaxing with a book!

  160. judith says 4.9.16

    warm milk and honey

  161. Caitlin McGhee says 4.9.16

    I fall asleep to Friends the TV show… I have seen them so many times that I can tune out the details and fall asleep. Would love to win a mattress, as my fiancé and I are sleeping on a 10 year old full size mattress and are saving up for an upgrade (while also saving for a wedding!).

  162. Erin says 4.9.16

    I love to put on my tata Harper serums, an eye mask, and indulge in a cup of tea.

  163. Vanessa says 4.9.16


  164. Em C says 4.9.16

    I turn the airplane white noise app on my phone

  165. Lauren says 4.9.16

    warm ginger tea and/or natural calm usually help me go right to sleep.

  166. Alix says 4.9.16

    My best falling asleep trick – eye mask on and snuggling with my pup!

  167. Steff says 4.9.16

    I do some yoga-inspired deep breathing–usually does the trick!

  168. David says 4.9.16

    My favorite trick to fall asleep is to read a book.

  169. Sarah says 4.9.16

    I typically fall asleep watching Netflix, but recently I discovered I fall asleep faster if I shut down all my electronics.

  170. Christina says 4.9.16

    putting away my phone helps!

  171. Brenda Haines says 4.9.16

    Chasing after my 3 year old all day, usually does the trick. 🙂 But I enjoy some herbal tea before bed also. Thank you so much for this chance!

  172. Erin says 4.9.16

    I also love the 4-7-8 breathing trick. I never thought it would work, but it does 90% of the time!

  173. Nicole Michelle says 4.9.16

    I imagine myself on a swing and that back and forth motion makes me fall asleep!

  174. jillian says 4.9.16

    sometimes when i cant sleep i close my eyes and count backwards!

  175. Courtney S. says 4.9.16

    If I can’t go to sleep right away I always get up and drink a glass of milk! Just being away from the bed for a few minutes helps me fall asleep when I get back.

  176. shaunie says 4.9.16

    I would have to say drinking warm milk

  177. Samath says 4.9.16

    My favorite trick is listening to meditation music.

  178. Pat Schwab says 4.9.16

    Hi Grace, I left a comment but it says I have zero entries.

  179. Stefanie Gladden says 4.9.16

    I love to read before I go to sleep, it helps me fall asleep much faster!

  180. Jennifer S says 4.10.16

    Deep, relaxing breaths and positive thoughts!

  181. Kaci says 4.10.16

    The best way for me to fall asleep is to,read a couple chapters of a not too exciting book before bed.

  182. Liz says 4.10.16

    Essential oils and an eye mask are my sleep helpers!

  183. Amy Orvin says 4.10.16

    My favorite fall asleep trick is listening to relaxation music.

  184. Kristen Balchan says 4.10.16

    I love to use headspace to meditate before bed!

  185. Melissa S says 4.10.16

    I don’t know if you could call it a trick but the only thing that works for me is sticking to a bedtime routine every single night.

  186. Elisabeth says 4.10.16

    The 4-7-8 breathing trick for sure!! xox

  187. jen says 4.10.16

    this is so good to know about! in nyc, i’m a big fan of an eye mask + earplugs!

  188. Julie says 4.10.16

    a warm cup of milk always does the trick for me

  189. Emily R. says 4.10.16

    Traditional old counting to 100 helps me!

  190. marie says 4.10.16

    i play the sound of rain

  191. jennifer falco says 4.10.16

    lavender oil and cuddles with my snuggly cat do the trick!

  192. Annie says 4.10.16

    Head to the bedroom early, lights off, listen to spa music on a timer for 30 minutes.

  193. Jen says 4.10.16

    Working outside always lets me fall asleep faster.

  194. Lauren Davis says 4.10.16

    Reading always does the trick for me! And no e-books, only hard copy books. I love the feel and smell of books!

  195. Lauren says 4.10.16

    Melatonin does the trick for me. And putting down my phone, which is sadly very hard.

  196. Jaclyn says 4.10.16

    Lavender hand lotion and don’t forget to say your prayers!

  197. Lindsay says 4.11.16

    i always fall asleep reading a book

  198. Heather says 4.11.16

    I never have trouble falling asleep, but I am careful to keep screens out of the bedroom! I used to have a TV in the bedroom, but had a much harder time turning off my brain at the end of the day. I think I have trained myself that bed is for sleeping, not entertainment!

  199. Gretchen says 4.11.16

    My favorite way to wall asleep is to plan out my outfits on my head for the week. It gets my brain to relax and ready for the week!

  200. Amanda Shapin says 4.11.16

    My fall sleep trick is to stop looking at my phone/other electronics about 15-20 minutes before bedtime, setting the rule that I will NOT look at my phone while in bed. This mattress looks great, def would love it try it out!!

  201. Holly says 4.11.16

    I watch Modern Family! Bad habit, but it always works!

  202. Catherine says 4.11.16

    Ooh that’s a hard one! I would say the thing that helps me fall asleep is waking up early for work! whenever I’m on a regular schedule, I’m ready to go to bed when it’s bed time.

  203. Allison says 4.11.16

    Essential Oils and a sleep mask are my favorite ways to drift into sleep.

  204. Martha says 4.11.16

    My favorite “fall asleep” tactic is to turn out all the lights and start winding down about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep. I also have adjusted the screens on both my phone and iPad to be in “might mode” and my eyes have been feeling much better!

  205. Elisabeth says 4.11.16

    focusing on my body going limp slowly from my toes up to my head.

  206. Angie Clark says 4.11.16

    I don’t really have a fall to sleep tip , I’m usually exhausted by the time I clean the kitchen, do a load or two of laundry and figure out what I’m wearing to work the next day, lol.

  207. Andrea Darst says 4.11.16

    We had a relaxation class in high school, and while most of the time we all just napped, I did learn some tricks that I still use today! One of them is slowing your breathing down to 4 breaths per minute…it really does work!

  208. Linda says 4.11.16

    I open the window and fold down my blanket so the sheets are cool when I go to sleep.

  209. Joyce says 4.12.16

    Leaving my phone in the living room, away from the bedroom!

  210. Alex Dodge says 4.12.16

    Warm shower, fresh sheets and pjs, then reading an actual book in bed! I suffer from insomnia periodically… usually it helps me to go try and sleep on the couch or in the guest room and listen to a meditation app to help calm my racing mind.

  211. Marta says 4.12.16

    Lavender oil and if needed, melatonin!

  212. Tanea Mae says 4.12.16

    I love to have a shower and then get all cozy in clean sheets. I put on clean sheets every second night because I’m a little OCD about hygiene!

  213. Jordan says 4.13.16

    Despite my deep love of Diet Coke, I gave up caffeine after 3pm so I could fall asleep earlier. Sadly – it worked!!!

  214. linda says 4.13.16

    i listen to the sounds of nature

  215. christin says 4.14.16

    oh this would be amazing. i’ve not had a great experience with Casper at all but I desperately need a new mattress!

    ps – totally bought the night pillow and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  216. donna says 4.14.16

    warm baths always do it for me

  217. Diana Cote says 4.14.16

    My favorite trick is to take a warm shower and then drink my self a cup of stress tea or sleepy time tea and then head to bed. 🙂 Works everytime, but if I am overly tired or sore a good epsom salts bath does the trick. 😀

  218. jenn says 8.24.16

    Do you still like it?

    • graceatwood says 8.24.16

      I do!!!

  219. Darlene says 9.21.16

    Will your cat get up on the mattress by himself? I love the idea of a memory foam mattress, but we got a memory foam topper about a year ago. My cat HATES it. His little paws sink in, and he no longer likes coming up on the bed. He’ll do it for treats, but I miss when he used to sleep next to me when I wasn’t feeling well.

    • graceatwood says 9.21.16

      Haha, yes he is fine on the mattress! Doesn’t seem to have any issue with the foam… he’s fine! But he’s pretty laid back and not much affects him.