My Ten Favorite Products from 2018.

My Ten Favorite Products from 2018.

Today, I thought it would be fun to think back on the year and my personal favorite products. Later this week I’ll be sharing YOUR favorites from the year (always a favorite to pull together) but today I’m sharing MY personal favorites! This isn’t based on analytics or in any particular category or order, it’s just a list of ten things that I am really glad I added to my life this year! Again, they aren’t ranked – that would be impossible. Also, I just posted a new Youtube video – the six beauty products I used to the last drop this month. What were your favorite purchases this year!? Spread the wealth if you have a great recommendation to share!

My Ten Favorite Products from 2018

My Acupressure Mat

I wrote about my acupressure mat more in this post but I just love it so much. I’ve gotten busy and don’t use it as much as I had been last winter but want that to change. It’s so good for back pain, it’s great when you’re stressed out, it’s really just a magical little mat. My favorite is to come home after yoga or the gym, take a hot shower and lay down on it for 10-15 minutes while I do emails, DMs, etc. It’s quite possibly the best $25 I spent all year and an amazing way to wind down after a tough workout.

Command Shelves for my Bathroom

(See what they look like in this post and also my latest instagram.) My bathroom is tiny and leaves a LOT to be desired in the storage department. It’s hard because I review so many beauty products (and am just v v passionate about skincare), and don’t have a medicine cabinet. Enter these ledges. They rule. I have both sizes and actually just bought a few more as I was running out of space. You can’t use them over wallpaper (lesson learned) or anywhere that is going to get directly wet, but the walls in my bathroom are mostly tile and these have been perfect. I got asked a lot if they fall down and they have not… those bottom two shelves have been up for almost two years!

Everything Eileen Fisher.

I had never really worn Eileen Fisher until I helped them with their fashion show while I was home on Cape Cod. I was first blown away by how cute the outfit they gifted me for the show was (it was a slip dress and leather jacket; both sold out now) but as I moderated the show I was like, “ooh I want this, oh I need that” to at least half of the pieces that went down the runway. I went home and ordered a bunch of stuff (the pieces in this outfit being my favorite) and continue to be impressed by the brand. The softest, coziest sweaters, easy unfussy basics… love. this brand. Also they are fully employee owned and give back considerably to charity, which I love.

Dr. Bader Face Cream

On the skincare front, the best discovery of the year was definitely my Dr. Bader Cream (I use The Rich Cream, fyi but have such dry skin). This is the best moisturizer I’ve used. I have to test a lot of products for my blog and whenever I stop using this to try something else, I notice a difference- for the worst. You are not supposed to use anything before this (after cleansing + toner). Sometimes I will use P50 before, and I often layer on Vintner’s Daughter if my skin is really dry. I can’t tell you how much I love it. (I talk more about it in today’s video, FYI!)

Maison Louis Marie Candle in No. 4: Bois de Balincourt

I had developed a BAD Santal 26 candle habit. I love that candle so much. It’s so chic and inviting and I can’t think of how to even describe how it smells. A bit like a cozy fireplace, but with sexy musky notes. I love the fragrance so much that I could drink it? My friend Taylor introduced me to this much more affordable option and I find that I actually like them more. The unpretentious simple packaging, the heavenly scent… my favorite candle and at a much better price than most “designer” candles.

BaubleBar Gold Hoops

These are the best gold hoops. They won’t tarnish, they’re hollow so they won’t hurt your ears… and they’re only $36. There is currently a (very long, I’m told) wait list for them but I recommend signing up. They aren’t particularly exciting, but they are a great basic and the perfect hoop which if you ask me is hard to find!

Blonde Shampoo

This year was the year I started using purple shampoo to help maintain my highlights. I talked about this in the beauty empties video but I’ve really noticed a big difference in my hair color (it gets so much less brassy) since I started using it. My hair is a lot less brassy and I swear my highlights last longer. I love Oribe Bright Blonde.

NYDJ Leggings

I worked on a series of sponsored instagram posts with NYDJ this holiday season and got to test drive three different pairs of pants. And these black leggings are the absolute BEST. They’re so flattering and comfortable and immediately make you look five lbs. thinner. I can’t say enough good things about them. Just be sure to size down. I took one size below my usual pants size.

Sarah Flint Heels

Where has Sarah Flint been all my life!? It’s so hard to find a chic, well made (but still sensible) heel. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that my sweet spot for heels is that 2.5-3″ heel. But it’s hard to find nice ones – they all always feel so… orthopedic? The love affair really started with these ultra chic slingbacks. I want to get them (and the pumps) in every color. Pretty sure these zip booties are next on my list!

Bathtub Tray

Again, if I had one gripe about my apartment it would be the bathroom. I am so happy to even have a bathtub but this $35 bathtub tray makes such a difference and really elevates the whole bath time experience. With space for a book, a glass of water, a glass of wine, and whatever else you want to include (maybe a cold towel?), it makes taking a bath feel like something straight out of the spa. My tub is pretty narrow and doesn’t have big ledges around it so this is perfect as it’s adjustable. Fellow small space dwellers… this is going to make you the happiest!

PS – my gravity blanket would also totally make this list, but I left it off as I did a full review of it on Friday!


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  1. The acupressure mat is such an interesting thing! I’ve read about it once or twice. I’m happy to hear it’s worked well for you! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.7.19 Reply
  2. I need those Baublebar hoops! Also would love to have a bathtub in my apartment, a bathtub tray sounds like a dream!


    1.7.19 Reply
  3. Emily B.:

    On the wait list for the hoops! I’ve decided to try and be a little more fearless with my style (I’m typically pretty plain Jane and can get self-conscious if I try to be too fashion-y). I figure that I’m 31 and should be wearing what I want, right? I recently bought a Lele Sadoughi headband (albeit in plain black and not glitzy like yours ha), but baby steps!

    Also, this sounds so dumb, but can you do like a Baths 101 post? I have a bathtub in my house (it’s actually pink…1950s house ha), but it’s been so long since I’ve actually taken a bath I don’t even know what to do.

    1.7.19 Reply
    • That’s awesome! The hoops are great because they’re SO classic but a little larger so they make a statement.

      Baths 101 might not make sense (just fill up the tub, plop in your favorite soak, and relax!!!) BUT I did do a post with my five favs?

      A pink tub sounds amazing; you gotta use it!!!

      1.7.19 Reply
      • Emily B.:

        Ha in hindsight that does sound like dumb question. Clearly I’m overthinking things! Probably just need to get in there like you said and experiment with wine, music, candle, book, etc. to get my routine down. Will definitely check out your favorite baths!

        1.7.19 Reply
        • haha no dumb questions, it just wouldn’t make for a very exciting blog post! let me know how it goes! XO

          1.7.19 Reply
  4. Jessica Camerata:

    I think a bathtub tray is so CHIC but I never take baths! Maybe one day in a bigger home I’ll have one!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    1.7.19 Reply
  5. You should listen to the Eileen Fisher episode of the How I Built This Podcast, it’s a really great listen and very interesting how she moved from interior design into the fashion space. Also I need this bath tray and those NYDJ leggings! Look 5 lbs lighter without actually doing any work? Sign me up!
    xoxo Logan

    1.7.19 Reply
  6. “bad candle habit” = story of my life haha! Loved reading your favorites! Been working on my own list recently, too!

    1.9.19 Reply
  7. mary:

    I asked for an accupressure mat from Santa because of your review and I’m enjoying it. I love how the matching pillow makes your neck and head feel weightless. Great for tension headaches. Bring on the wellness and self-care in 2019!

    1.9.19 Reply