My New Beauty Secret… from Estee Lauder!

I’ve long thought of Estee Lauder as grandma-beauty.  I know, I know, they’ve got some great stuff (and right now their nail polish collab with Tom Pecheux is totally amaze – NEED the cobalt blue one but I digress.)   Even though Lauder owns many of the best and brightest beauty brands, (MAC, Donna Karan, Clinique, etc,) I’ve never really shopped the mother-brand.

At this year’s CEW demonstration, I received a sample of their Advanced Night Repair Eye treatment.  It comes in a little brown jar that isn’t exactly glam, along with a cool little spoon to apply the product. 
OK.  I’ve been using the stuff consistently for about a week, and I’m in love.  In love.  I hate to admit that I’m old enough (and overworked/exhausted enough,) to be at the point in my life where eye cream is a necessity, not a nice to have, but it is.
When I use this before bed, I wake up with no bags under my eyes.  My dark circles are still there, but lesser versions of their usual selves.  ?Even if I don’t manage to get a full eight hours, you’d never know it.  I’m totally hooked.  Maybe I’m just getting older, but this is the best eye product I’ve used in quite some time.  This at night, plus Face it Smooth Eye-perator in the AM = my dream team.

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