My kind of classics…


gifted QMack Trench + Skirt // Zoe Karssen Tee

gifted B Makowsky Tote // J.Crew Pumps // Lulu Frost Necklace // BaubleBar Necklace

Am I weird to say that a sequin skirt (especially in a great neutral like this one) is a classic piece that every girl should own?  Probably a little bit.  But that’s personal style for you… I consider sequins a classic and my best friend thinks that is positively insane.  I got this skirt a couple weeks ago and have already worn it four times.  I wore it for a day of shows with a leather jacket (more to come on that later in the week), I’ve worn it to work with a sweatshirt and ballet flats, and I tucked a silky camisole in the other night for an evening on the town… it’s just so easy.  I think that’s the key to style – finding special, signature pieces you love and mixing + matching them with the rest of your wardrobe.






This post is brought to you by QMack.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. Rachel:

    I agree that every girl should have one sequined, sparkly piece in their closet. This skirt is fab!

    9.17.13 Reply
  2. PennyPincherFashion (@PPFGirl):

    OMG that skirt is amazing! Love that you paired it with a graphic tee here…so perfect!

    9.17.13 Reply
  3. Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

    Totally don’t think you’re weird. I feel that way about my tulle skirt 🙂

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

    9.17.13 Reply
  4. Leslie:

    Fabulous outfit and your hair looks great! I have a hair appointment today and I may take one of your pix from today to give to my stylist for inspiration.

    9.17.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Oh thank you! Mine is just a glaze, it is slowly washing out. Can’t decide if I want to do it permanently. 😉

      9.17.13 Reply
  5. Belen Baquerizo:

    ANDDD I love this skirt! and this outfit. Love the combination of a “fancy” piece with an “everyday” tee.

    Ps. follow me on bloglovin 🙂

    9.17.13 Reply
  6. pinksole:

    oh I totally agree I have the cutest sequined mini skirt.

    9.17.13 Reply
  7. Alyssa:

    One sequined item (or, OK–more!) is a must for any girls closet. I have one similar to this, and you’ve inspired me to pair it with a cute casual tee!

    9.17.13 Reply
  8. Lauren:

    LOVE this outfit…. especially the skirt. Your hair looks great too btw! xo

    9.17.13 Reply
  9. Stefanie // Life on the Squares:

    ahhh! love this look. want both of those necklaces and that skirt!!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

    9.17.13 Reply
  10. Katie {Pearls and Twirls}:

    I love, love, love this skirt on you! And is it weird to say the color of the sequins perfectly compliment your hair color!? I see why you’ve already worn it 4 times, it looks killer on you! 😉


    9.17.13 Reply
  11. honestly, b.:

    I definitely agree that sequins are a closet staple. I actually prefer dressing my sequins down—so unexpected and fun 🙂

    xo honestly, b.

    9.17.13 Reply
  12. topknotsandpolkadots:

    LOVE the combo of the fancy skirt & casual tee! So cute!

    9.17.13 Reply
  13. Saša:

    Love your skirt 😀

    9.17.13 Reply
  14. Rebecca A:

    Is there a link for the skirt?

    9.17.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      It sold out after I had taken the photos. I’m sorry! I will keep an eye out for something similar… I know Topshop has some good sequined skirts right now.

      9.17.13 Reply
  15. Liz Schneider:

    I’m so impressed by this line! You look gorgeous Grace, so fresh faced + glowy!

    9.17.13 Reply
  16. Robin:

    Grace I have one or two in my closet that I keep bypassing for work…could you put together a few ideas for a slightly casual office envirnment featuring a sequin skirt?

    9.17.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi lady! What color is your skirt? My best advice would be to keep the rest of your look super simple. I’d wear a tailored black blazer, white tank, and sequined skirt… or I’d pair it with a cozy cashmere sweater (in cream, black, or navy depending on the color of your skirt) and a statement necklace. For shoes I’d just wear black or nude pumps (depending on the color of your skirt.) Another good look (this may be too casual) is a chambray skirt + sequin skirt. Hope this is somewhat helpful!

      9.17.13 Reply
  17. The Avg Girl Guide (@AvgGirlsGuide):

    TOTALLY AGREE! Sequins with the tee are so perfect together.

    9.17.13 Reply
  18. viv - FT:

    Hi there pretty! I love the day time sequins and totally agree with you that this piece is an absolute wardrobe essential. xo

    9.17.13 Reply
  19. Cathleen:

    I love that outfit. I need a sequin skirt!

    9.17.13 Reply
  20. chelsiedarling:

    love this mix!

    9.17.13 Reply
  21. Krystin:

    LOVE the skirt!!! i have a similar one, but never thought it was wearable for daytime! thanks for your advice!
    xo krystin

    9.17.13 Reply
  22. kittenhood:

    I stitched a few sequins on a sweater and thought it it wasn’t too much… I definitely couldn’t pull off a sequin skirt, but I love how you styled it here (and the outfits you mentioned, too).

    9.17.13 Reply
  23. michelle:

    i have a sequin skirt. i love it! add a stripe shirt and i am good to go!

    9.17.13 Reply
  24. chacha garcia:

    Love the outfit and yes I agree every girl should own a sequin skirt.

    9.17.13 Reply
  25. thenowstylebook:

    I cannot breathe! That skirt is so cute. I need something like this in my closet..I just can’t get enough sparkle! I love that you mixed it with a tee! And that trench is super cool! I have one from the Gap that I have had forever but I think I need one that is a little more fitted.

    9.17.13 Reply
  26. Andrea:

    Lovely outfit! You just can’t go wrong with a cute sequined skirt! 🙂
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    9.17.13 Reply
  27. kelsey elizabeth:

    Daytime sequins for the win! You are such a mix master Grace!
    applewood road

    9.17.13 Reply
  28. Kristina Anderson:

    Loooove the way you dressed down the sequined skirt, super cute.

    Kristina does the Internets

    9.17.13 Reply
  29. sarahmshaker:

    That sequined skirt looks so lovely on you! I’m also into mixing something sparkly with something casual, like a t-shirt or sweatshirt. I have a gold sparkly skirt that is similar, but fits a bit tighter. I’ve only done it for evenings, but maybe with your confidence I can rock it in the afternoon too! xx

    9.17.13 Reply
  30. Melissa Rosenkilde:

    I think this is seriously one of my favorite outfits. So amazing!

    9.17.13 Reply
  31. wockyjabber:

    I adore everything about this.

    9.17.13 Reply
  32. Steffany:

    Ok don’t get me wrong, I like all your outfit posts.
    But THIS, it almost makes everything else look blah in comparison. This look was made for you, it truly does go to show that personal style and favourite looks are everything. Seems like just the right skirt length for you as well as the shoe height. Mm love it.

    9.17.13 Reply
  33. Emma Finlayson:

    So cute and I am looking for a similar skirt to add to the wardrobe. I agree it is a great “basic”!
    xo Emma
    **Skinny Sweats Giveaway on the Blog!!!

    9.17.13 Reply
  34. Kate:

    I could not agree more! I totally think a sequin skirt is a classic piece! I have had one from J.Crew for 3 or 4 years now and I still love it! (Granted, it’s a wee bit small these days so it hasn’t made an appearance, but I’ll make it my goal to rock it at holiday time!) LOVE that you paired it with a casual tee – I generally opt for an easy silk blouse with mine, but this gives it such an edge! I love it!

    9.19.13 Reply
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    Ohmy! I love your total look! very chic.

    Republik Hijab,
    Inspirasi Hijab Fashion Indonesia

    3.16.14 Reply