My Hair Journey!

Oh my god you guys, I could not be more excited about today’s post! Herbal Essences just released a new video called CHANGES, which is all about how changing your hair can change your life. I don’t know about you but whenever I go through a big life change, all I want is to change my hair!

And as a part of that, they asked me to share my own hair journey. For me, changing your hair is in a way, a huge change, without much consequence. Well, as long as you don’t cut it, that is. I am notorious for changing up my hair color whenever I want a change (I mean hey, you can always change it back, right?) but I almost always keep it long. The two biggest hair changes I’ve gone through have been a) when I moved to New York and chopped it all off… (I’m so sad, I can not find photos of this anywhere… let’s just say, it wasn’t a good look!) and b) when I broke up with a long term boyfriend and decided it would be a good idea to go red. Luckily it was the sort of red that washed out. Then I went reaaaallly blonde, but since then, it’s been back to normal more or less. This was really fun to document, I hope you enjoy it!

But before we dive in, be sure to watch the video. I found it to be so thoughtful and poignant… really relevant and inspiring to me in my own life + a lot of women I know!

Me as a kid. So much to say about this. Budding fashionista? Future crazy cat lady? Jewelry connoisseur? Either way, I grew up with frizzy curly hair that no one in my household really knew what to do with. I get my curly hair from my dad, who as a man, never needed to worry about it very much. My mom had beautiful shiny hair that she could brush. So she brushed mine, and this is what happened. On the bright side, my hair only got better from this moment onward.

This is one of the earliest photos I can find…. from 2006 when I had been living in New York for a couple years. This is my natural texture, and my natural color… plus a few highlights.

In 2008, with my friend Kristen’s cat. She was having a party that night, and I was with the cat. Pretty standard.

In 2010. I had a boyfriend, who convinced me to try dying my hair brown. WHY. It doesn’t look awful in these photos, but it was pretty bad IRL. Just not me. I didn’t feel like myself, but I wanted to make him happy. To the ladies: never change your hair for a boy. Ever!!!!

Eventually the brown washed out and I added a few highlights. This photo was actually taken in Barcelona, and it is the first time I ever met Hitha! We had been long term blog friends, and then realized we were both in Barcelona so we met up.

When I think of my hair in its most natural state, this is what I think of.

And then, that big relationship ended. So I did what any self respecting woman would do. I moved on with my life and died my hair red.

Changing my hair color at that time gave me a sense of control when everything in my life felt completely out of control. It helped. But it wasn’t the right shade for my skin tone and I ultimately ended up hating it.

Luckily, it washed out.

After it was red, I went the other way… dying it really, really blonde!!!

With my sister… and slightly darker (but still not back to normal) hair.

These days, I experiment more with braids and curling/straightening it. I don’t foresee myself changing the color anytime soon, but hey… you never know. My sister was really funny the other night… she said that every three years she decides she wants bangs and I decide I want brown or red hair. So true.

Thank you to Herbal Essences + POPSUGAR for partnering on this post… it was a fun one!

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  1. You look beautiful with each and every hairstyle! I’d love to see the short hair too, haha. I’ve always had long hair myself, but I go between side bangs and full on straight bangs, and I’ve dyed it from light brown to bright red. Now I’m just happy and settled down with my natural dark brown colour.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.17.17 Reply
  2. You have gorgeous hair, I love it when super wavy.


    10.17.17 Reply
  3. What a fun retrospective! It’s comforting to know that we’ve all made some questionable hair color choices. I went deep brown once with ombre ends – not a good look on me.

    10.17.17 Reply
  4. Natali:

    Awww, super sweet post! So lovely to see your old photos, you’re so adorable. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I loved Herbal Essences since forever!

    10.17.17 Reply
  5. Love love love this post! The throwback photos and stories behind them are so fun!

    10.17.17 Reply
  6. sydnee:

    As we age, we seem to know what to do with our hair. But it’s definitely a learning process through life, ha!

    Design by Sydnee | A Lifestyle Blog

    10.17.17 Reply
  7. Cy:

    It’s funny about hair, it’s about embracing oneself. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, or hair in this case. I’ve come to understand, I have the hair that other women envy and the less I do to it the better. I have very thick, wavy hair. I can’t believe in my 20’s I got a perm, what was I thinking? I wanted curly hair, because, mine was very long, the weight of it pulled the curl out. My hair was so thick, the stylist would have to stuff my head full of curlers to try to get it to take. I’ve never gone really blonde( our natural hair colors are similar), I used to wear it red ( my mom was redhead) and everyone thought it was natural. I loved it, but it was expensive keep up. Now it’s usually a few blonds and red highlights. You look adorable in all the photos, actually the red looks great on you. And Grace, you have the hair that other women envy! You don’t have to do much to make it look good. When we finally get that coffee, we can tell each other crazy hair stories. Take it from and older lady, don’t fight your hair and it will love you back. Hair is powerful

    10.17.17 Reply
  8. Cy:

    Your sister has gorgeous hair too!

    10.17.17 Reply
  9. A:

    Love a hair transformation! However–we are complete opposites! I’ve never colored my hair, but have cut it a thousand different ways. My thought? It will always grow back! It’s so empowering that we all have the choice to change our hair (and our lives!) however we’d like!

    10.17.17 Reply
    • Oh wow you are brave! See I just have such a big face that I look ridiculous with short hair. Though since getting the keratin treatment I’ve been thinking more and more about cutting a few inches off!

      10.17.17 Reply
  10. I love this look back at the different hairstyles you wore and the stories behind them. Both your account and the video you posted are truly inspiring, and I think I might reflect on the subject in one of my upcoming blog posts, especially since I change my hair quite often and quite radically. And yes, from where I stand at, it’s true that changes in appearance generally have to do with other great changes in one’s life.

    Greetings from Croatia!

    10.17.17 Reply
  11. I love that your hair represents different times in your life. I associate events, milestones, and yes, those hard times with how my hair looked! Loved this collaboration, Grace!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    10.17.17 Reply
  12. What a fun post (and throwback picture!). Ooooh, to the days when I DIDN’T need to color it to cover my grays.

    Your hair, however, has always looked fabulous. The red may be my favorite!

    10.17.17 Reply
  13. Sarah:

    Whereโ€™s that silver coat from?

    10.17.17 Reply
  14. Alyssa:

    I love your hair, and I think it looks fabulous every way! So glad you’ve found a style and color that makes you feel your best!

    10.20.17 Reply
  15. You have great natural waves/texture! Love seeing bloggers show off their natural hair from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚

    10.30.17 Reply