My Genius Jewelry Storage Discovery!

Remember just under a year ago, when I moved into my new apartment, and created this lovely necklace nook?  Oh, the necklace nook… it’s probably the only thing I’ll miss about that apartment.  When you live alone in a dumpy apartment, it’s fine to stick 3-Comm hooks all over the walls and hang up your baubles.  When you live with a boy, things change a little bit.  No more 3-Comm hooks.
I already have two of these amazing hanging bags from the container store, but I needed a more accessible way to store the pieces I wear most often.  Enter this genius hanger from Bed & Bath.  It’s made to store pants, but it’s even better for baubles!

It’s a buable nook…  but all grown up!  And it goes without saying that I’m feeling very pleased with myself!

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