My Favorite Face Masks.

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Would it be weird to list “face masks” as one of my top interests + hobbies? There’s really nothing better if you ask me. They feel good, they help you look good, and they’re utterly relaxing + indulgent… even if you’re masking while editing photos late at night. I’m all for any pampering treatment that can be done while multi-tasking, and a great face mask can make the most awful day a little better. I love a great sheet mask (more on those another time!), a clay mask when my skin is breaking out, a hydrating mask in the winter, a firming mask before a big night out… and so on and so forth. Today I’ve rounded up my eight favorites… a mask for every skincare concern… or every day of the week plus one!

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We will start with Tula’s Exfoliating Mask. This stuff is magic this time of year. It exfoliates two ways.. first, chemically with lactic acid to gently peel away dirt, debris, and dead skin. It also exfoliates physically with Bentonite Clay + microencapsulated beads… they’ll slough off dead skin cells. I love this because it sort of does everything. I’ll wash my face and apply the mask for glowing, smooth skin.. no need to incorporate a face scrub into the mix, which is nice this time of year – my skin can get so dull and rough. I’ve gotten really into Tula’s product line ever since one of my good girlfriends took a position as their CEO. All of the products contain healthy bacteria (Probiotics) which are incredible for sensitive skin – they really help to reduce redness and inflammation. Their face wash is one of my absolute favorites, too!

Two things about Tula: 1) Take 15% off your purchase with code TULA15, and 2) Enter to win one here! We’ve joined forces to give away ten mask sets… good luck!

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The next is Sisley’s Black Rose Mask. This one is a favorite as I can be a little lazy from time to time and you don’t have to rinse it off!  This one is great at combating the signs of aging and pepping up tired skin. You simply apply a generous layer, leave on for ten-fifteen minutes, and then wipe away any excess. It’s pricy but worth the money… Sisley uses only the highest quality ingredients and most luxurious formulas. I save mine for special occasions. As an aside, my grandmother has been pretty sick so I’ve been bringing her this… we’ll catch up and do a little mask, and then I can just tissue it off both of us… no water needed.

I rarely break out (my skin is more on the dry side) but when I do, Kiehl’s Rare Earth Cleansing Mask is my everything. It sucks the oil right out of your skin and fixes breakouts. If you have oily skin, you will love this… and if you have dry skin, it makes for an incredible spot treatment (I use it on the pores on my nose, and apply it to breakouts). The ingredients are sourced from the Marajo Island (in the Amazon) and are rich in minerals, which help to eliminate surface toxins. This mask will purify skin, minimize pores, and get skin deep-deep clean.

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June Jacobs is another fave in the mask space. She makes two enzyme masks that I’m completely addicted to. First is her Papaya Purifying Enzyme Mask, and second is the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is nice and spicy (and comforting this time of year) whereas the Papaya Mask has a fresher, fruitier scent. Both leave the skin super soft and supple. I’d say that the Pumpkin one is a bit stronger… it’s super detoxifying and leaves my skin a little red afterward (but looking great the next day) whereas the Papaya is a bit creamier and can be done before a night out.

Fresh is another good one. Their Instant Perfecting Black Tea Mask is one of my tried and true favorites. I love it because of the fluffy velvety, almost frothy consistency – it feels like applying frosting to your face. It’s perfect during the winter as it’s very hydrating. Black tea helps defend against free radicals that can cause aging, but in the short term it gives you hydrated, lustrous, plumped up skin. This is probably one of my absolute favorite masks for winter.

I also love Fresh’s Rose Mask. The consistency is a cooling gel so it’s super refreshing. This one is a good one for the summer, but it’s also really nice if you’ve been out in the cold for too long and want to calm down your skin with cucumber extract + aloe vera.

Last but not least is Tata Harper’s amazing Resurfacing Mask. If you’re a regular reader, you already know that I swear by this up and down. I use it at least once a week, but I especially love it before a big night out because of the instant glow it delivers. It has short term tightening properties too, so skin looks extra firm + glowy. If you need to look pretty in a pinch, apply this for half an hour while you’re getting ready (I like to do it while I’m straightening or curling my hair).

What’s your favorite face mask?

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  1. Christina says 2.5.16

    I agree that the Black Rose mask is a must have! It’s worth trying.

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Sasha says 2.5.16

    I really should use face masks more offten!

  3. Thuy says 2.5.16

    The closest thing to a face mask that I’ve tried is the little under eye patches lmao. But I think I have some face masks I could give a go…

  4. Meghan says 2.5.16

    I too am obsessed with face masks and love that Tata Harper one! Been recently using the Glossier Moon Mask non stop though for this time of year!

  5. francesca says 2.5.16

    interesting products!


  6. Alice says 2.5.16

    I love face masks and think it’s perfectly acceptable to call them a hobby! Will definitely be checking out some of the ones you’ve mentioned 🙂 love your blog by the way!

    Alice x

  7. Alex says 2.5.16

    I love Tata Harper’s and have also recently gotten into Belif’s overnight brightening mask. You look so good the next day!

    • graceatwood says 2.5.16

      Ooh I haven’t heard of Belif – will have to check ’em out! x

  8. I’m obsessed with Mario Badescu’s masks. And I still need to try Tata Harper…like, yesterday.

    Natalie | Natalie Was Here

  9. Erica says 2.6.16

    I love the Tata Harper mask. It truly does everything you mentioned!

    Have you ever tried the May Lindstrom Honey Mask? I’ve heard great things about it and can’t recall if you’ve already reviewed it.

    • graceatwood says 2.7.16

      Do you mean her Honey Mud, or is there a mask as well? I JUST got my paws on the honey mud and have been using it to wash my face. I’m completely in love… I will be posting a review but it smells incredible and really deep cleans. 😉

  10. Deanna says 2.6.16

    I am currently in love with the Guerlain Orchidee mask!