My Favorite Diamond Stacking Rings + Giveaway!

The diamond rings I never take off... + a giveaway and special reader promotion for 20% off (just in time for holiday wish list making!)

We all have those pieces of jewelry we wear every single day and feel naked without, and that’s how I feel about my A. JAFFE Diamond Stacking Rings. I have three of them, which I wear on my middle finger, almost always. If I don’t have them on, something feels off. Sometimes I will just wear one or break them up and wear on different fingers but I almost always have them on.

Today I am SO EXCITED to team up with A. JAFFE because we are giving one lucky reader her own diamond stacking band (to start a collection?) AND giving everyone else a special promotion. (Highly recommend passing this post along to your boyfriend/significant other OR just, as I do, treating yourself for the holidays because we all deserve a little something special.

Promotion Details: I’m so excited to offer you all 20% off at A. JAFFE. Using code LoveTheStripe (not case sensitive!), take 20% off of stacking rings and 20% Maps by A. JAFFE (any/all styles!)

Scroll to the bottom of the post to enter the giveaway and then leave a comment telling me what piece of jewelry you wear everyday! Don’t forget, you will earn extra entries by sharing with your friends, so spread the word using your referral link!

A. JAFFE Diamond Stacking Rings  - The Stripe

The three rings that I have are the classic diamond halfway band, the art deco band, and the geometric band.

The winner will receive one of the rings I have in my stack – winner’s choice! Sorry, US only!

A. JAFFE Diamond Stacking Rings  - The Stripe A. JAFFE Diamond Stacking Rings  - The Stripe

A. Jaffe  + The Strip

Created in partnership with A. Jaffe // Photography by Carter Fish.

you're going to love these!

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  1. Kellie Shoten says 10.23.18

    Obsessed with the Art Deco stackable rings. So pretty!

  2. Alex says 10.23.18

    I have a family ring that I wear everyday and I love it – I’m like you, I feel like something is wrong if it isn’t on my finger. But hello I’d love to work these stackables into my daily ring wardrobe – I love these because they are so delicate they’re easy to wear with other pieces (like my ring).
    Hint hint, hope I win 😉

  3. Oh gosh, the rings look so cute! I love how dainty and detailed they are! 🙂
    I wear a little necklace (almost) every day! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Marisa says 10.23.18

    So beautiful…so delicate and chic. I def need some stackable everyday rings in my life. And yes diamonds too 🙂

  5. Lauren says 10.23.18

    I wear my Dad’s watch, it was his wedding present from my mom and its older than me!

  6. Tricia says 10.23.18

    a tiny diamond necklace that my mom gave me on my wedding day – my dad gave it to her early in their marriage and she’d loaned it to other family members for their weddings before giving it to me.

  7. Lacy says 10.23.18

    They are all beautiful, but I especially love the art deco and geometric bands. So different and unique!!!

  8. Chelsea B says 10.23.18

    I have a really thin rose gold chain I wear all the time. It wasn’t pricey, but it’s so dainty, I just love it. I’ve also been thinking about a signet ring as an everyday piece!

  9. Lauren says 10.23.18

    I wear an Irish claddagh ring on my right middle finger. It matches the rings all my female cousins got on a trip to Ireland with my extended family, so it’s very special to me!

  10. Carey says 10.23.18

    So dainty and gorgeous! Perfect for all occasions 🙂

  11. Courtney Gsell says 10.23.18

    My watch!

  12. Caitlin says 10.23.18

    I love a good stack! I have three cable rings I wear on my left middle finger. On my right hand I wear my great-grandfather’s claddagh ring – it’s slightly larger since it’s for a male and it’s almost 100 years old.

  13. Abbie says 10.23.18

    I have a green malachite ring that I’ve worn every day for the past 8 years. But I’m still looking for another everyday ring.

  14. Zara says 10.23.18

    Oh Grace. I hope you do realize how many of your readers are actually from outside US. Sigh.

  15. Melissa says 10.23.18

    I almost always wear my great grandmother’s ring, a David Yurman cuff, and an Ariel Gordon pig pendant necklace. But, I’d love to add a diamond stack ring to the mix.

  16. Allie says 10.23.18

    So cute!! I always have my engagement ring on my left hand and my David Yurman on my right!

  17. Anna says 10.23.18

    I wear a ring my boyfriend got me in Turkey and my late aunt’s favorite necklace everyday

  18. Jackie says 10.23.18

    Love these so much!!! Would go so well with my watch that I never take off 😉

  19. Eileen Rupprecht says 10.23.18

    I Love the stacking rings!! I have to wear my watch every day. I feel lost without it!!

  20. Liz says 10.23.18

    I wear a few earrings everyday (mostly because I can’t take them out!), but that’s about it as far as jewelry goes! These rings are gorgeous and right up my alley with how delicate and classic they are – I’d love to win one and start my own stacking band collection 🙂

  21. Sara says 10.23.18

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I wear my wedding present every day – a pair of diamond stud earrings 🙂

  22. Andrea says 10.23.18

    I wear a few necklaces with my kids initials every day. I love these rings!

  23. Denise Vizcarra says 10.23.18

    Love these! Want one just like this for my wedding band!

  24. Liora says 10.23.18

    I wear a small diamond necklace I was gifted for my college graduation!

  25. Ash says 10.23.18

    I wear 3 delicate gold rings that I barely ever take off. Love love the Art Deco ring

  26. Tracy schwartz says 10.23.18

    I wear a gold necklace with small diamond that was my mother’s. It’s the only piece of jewlery wear everyday and I fell her presence when I do. Miss her everyday.

  27. Janice Stern says 10.23.18

    Grace this is amazing thank you! For years I’ve worn my Return to Tiffany heart toggle bracelet. Some people may think that look is dates or juvenile but it always felt “me” and goes with everything. When I was working I wore pearl studs daily but my kids tend to grab near my face and hair so I don’t wear earrings much now. I would LOVE to try out the stacking rings they look gorgeous.

  28. Hanna says 10.23.18

    I wear my engagement ring and wedding bands every day…this stacking ring is in a similar style!

  29. Melanie says 10.23.18

    My mom had my grandmother’s wedding band (with a row of 5 teeny diamonds) resized into a pinky ring when she was in her 20s, and now she’s passed it down to me. I feel naked if I’m not wearing it!

  30. Christina Rosica says 10.23.18

    Hi Grace! Love this stack & would love starting one of my own! I wear my mom’s initial signet ring I would feel naked without it.

  31. Meredith says 10.23.18

    I have a gold signet ring my parents gave me for my high school graduation (I didn’t like the traditional class rings) that I never take off! It reminds me of them and the rest of my family, which I love.

  32. Mary says 10.23.18

    My cross necklace! On the few days I don’t wear it, I’ll forget that I don’t have it on and reach for it. Then I frantically start grabbing my neck and chest because I mistakenly think it fell off!

  33. Alison Shanahan says 10.23.18

    I wear my Heather Moore charm necklace
    and feel naked without it!

  34. Stuart Fisher says 10.23.18

    I haven’t taken off my stackable rings in forever! Trying to create a fancier stack to celebrate my 30th birthday and these would go PERFECT!

  35. Meaghan says 10.23.18

    I wear a blue topaz ring from my dad’s mom and a gold monogrammed locket from my mom’s mom that belonged to her grandmother! I feel naked without them on every day!

  36. Debra says 10.23.18

    I almost always wear my diamond stud earrings.

  37. Sarah says 10.23.18

    I love this post. I wear my grandmothers gold bracelet everyday. Such a sentimental value!

  38. Katie says 10.23.18

    I wear my wedding & engagement rings everyday 🙂

  39. Dana says 10.23.18

    SO gorgeous, Grace! Cannot go wrong with dainty pieces!

    The Champagne Edit

  40. Ashley says 10.23.18

    My wedding band ☺️

  41. Katherine Campagna says 10.23.18

    A pair of diamond studs that I got for my 16th birthday! My ears have little tan lines from them since I never take them off!

  42. erica says 10.23.18

    i LOVE the geometric & art deco style rings you’re wearing. i’ve had my eye on a. jaffe for awhile now – trying to start a wedding band stack with different shapes/stones!

  43. Jade Verrecchia says 10.23.18

    The only jewelry I wear everyday is my e-ring and wedding band haha.. I switch my jewelry up a lot! But almost everyday I wear my David Yurman pearl cable bracelet.

  44. Kelly says 10.23.18

    I wear my gold ring stack everyday too! I feel lost without it

  45. Rachel says 10.23.18

    I always wear earrings

  46. Diana Pearl says 10.23.18

    I also wear two rings every day—one on each middle finger! I have a rose gold one that has my initials on it on my right hand. The one on the left hand has changed a bit. For a while it was a very thin gold ring with a knot at the center that I bought at Camden Market in London, but that one broke. I then substituted it with a gold signet-style ring from BaubleBar, but it was getting a little dingy. Now I’m wearing a ruby and diamond ring I bought at an antique market in Sydney, Australia. I am completely obsessed with it, it’s such a unique piece and feels so special that I bought it on the biggest trip I had ever planned myself!

    However, I still have eight other ring-wearing fingers available :)))) Haha! Love your stacking rings, they are so beautiful and classic!

  47. Liddy says 10.23.18

    Many years ago my mom bought me a square gold bangle, and I would wear it occasionally. About 5 years ago, I put it on one evening before going out, and it never came back off. I’m not sure if my hand grew (is that even possible), but needless to say it’s been on my wrist for the last 5 years. My mom also passed away 4 years ago, and now the bangle is a daily reminder of her.

  48. Heather says 10.23.18

    My wedding band. I had my engagement ring stolen so it’s new but my wedding band was miraculously not taken ❤️ And I never take it off!

    These would pair perfectly with my rings!

  49. Jill says 10.23.18

    What an amazing giveaway! I alternate my jewelry so much that I do not have one or two pieces (besides my engagement ring and wedding band haha) that I wear every single day. I love jewelry and I love variety! 🙂 I think one of these diamond stacking bands would be a great start. 😉

  50. Adrianna Taeschler says 10.23.18

    The rings are beautiful! All the heart eyes for yellow gold and diamonds. There’s nothing better (OK maybe the red Chanel) but they compliment each other beautifully. I’m a jewelry hoarder and literally could own millions of pieces and they’re all for the most part yellow gold which is my all time favorite. So I have a more is more type of philosophy when it comes to jewelry so every day I wear my engagement ring, twist ring from Mejuri and a yellow gold/CZ dainty ring I got from TjMaxx that I LOVE even though it’s missing some fake diamonds. Your girl could use some real diamonds and save money on my wedding band by wearing the diamond band you’re wearing above! It matches my engagement ring perfectly and I need to save all the dollars I can #Weddingplanning.

  51. Katherine says 10.23.18

    I always wear a silver olive leaf ring (from Pandora) on my right middle finger. Without it I don’t know who I am, lol.

  52. Joanna says 10.23.18

    Every day I wear diamond studs that were my grandmother’s!

  53. Katie says 10.23.18

    Love the rings! So dainty and gorgeous!

  54. Taylor Juricic says 10.23.18

    I wear my cartier love ring every day and never take it off! Would love to have a stacking band 🙂

  55. Taylor Mullon says 10.23.18

    My wedding rings!

  56. raq says 10.23.18

    I always wear gold knot earrings! Love the rings!

  57. Leah Fite says 10.23.18

    I wear my engagement ring, wedding band and anniversary band on my left hand daily and my Aggie ring on my right!

  58. Margaret says 10.23.18

    I wear a small tiffanys necklace everyday my girlfriends gave me for my 30th. I typically don’t like things on my fingers, but these looks so delicate and beautiful, could totally see it as an everyday piece.

  59. Sarah says 10.23.18

    Hi Grace!

    I wear my 14k gold sweet nothing bracelet from catbird NYC everyday! Simple and beautiful.

  60. Laura says 10.23.18

    My wedding and engagement ring!

  61. Gabi Menezes says 10.23.18

    I wear either a ring that belonged to my grandmother or some of her really think stacking bangles. It always seems kind of comforting to have something of hers around.

  62. Taylor B says 10.23.18

    We are the same! I have a set of 3 stacking rings as well. Mine are eternity bands in silver and gold. But I love how you play with different rings designs

  63. Meghan W says 10.23.18

    I have a pair of little light colored sapphire studs I bought in Tel Aviv- they go with everything! I love simple pieces that can be every day and transition to fancier looks. A stack would totally fit that!

  64. Jill Serra Wilde says 10.23.18

    Oooh I love this!! Thank u for introducing me to this designer! Xo
    The piece I wear everyday is my nameplate necklace from high school. It was the first piece of jewelry I ever bought for myself 😉

  65. Erin Villani says 10.23.18

    I wear my gold stacking rings from catbird every day!

  66. Michelle says 10.23.18

    My bday is October 30th! I could use these gorgeous blings!! Wow!

  67. Jacquelyn G says 10.23.18

    These are exactly what I have been looking for! I wear two small bands everyday, one that is not real diamonds but half cubic zirconia and half black stone and another that is a 14 karat gold twisted band. Love these!

  68. Ivy Pittman-Outen says 10.23.18

    Just what my naked right hand needs! AI have been wanting a diamond stacking ring for so long!

  69. Stevie says 10.23.18

    I wear the same sterling silver rolling ring I made in middle school (20 years ago!) every day!

  70. Melanie Wood says 10.23.18

    I wear my gorgeous new engagement ring, two diamond studs in each ear, and a delicate diamond circle necklace every day!

  71. Shara says 10.23.18

    I wear a simple gold necklace with a small diamond – and my wedding rings of course!

  72. Kate says 10.23.18

    What beautiful pavé pieces! Everyday jewelry is so special and can have such meaning. My mother gave me a pair of earrings for my 30th birthday and I treasure wearing them.

  73. Allison Rapp says 10.23.18

    I love these stackables! My go-to daily jewelry piece is a simple necklace from Jennifer Meyer, but I don’t have any rings that I wear religious. These would be the perfect addition!

  74. Aly says 10.23.18

    Talk about simple elegance! Would LOVE to wear the staking band on the daily!

  75. Lindsay says 10.23.18

    So excited about this giveaway! I have a couple of things I wear every day- some silver bracelets including one with the coordinates from where I went to college and my class ring.

  76. Dahlia B Berencia says 10.23.18

    I love stack rings!

  77. Stephanie says 10.23.18

    I have a great mid-finger handmade silver ring that I can’t take off! It’s a little bit different and I feel so weird without it. I’m into mixing metals right now so I love to pair it with a little rose gold ring as well!

  78. Shakti Hawkins says 10.23.18

    Tiny diamond studs in the third ear lobe piercing. Classic with and edges!

  79. Nancy Boutelle Page says 10.23.18

    Left hand wedding band/engagement ring which I never take off. I wear a stack of random rings on my right hand from a vintage sapphire/diamond band, to my grandmothers wedding band, to a couple cheaper add ons. I used to only wear sterling or white gold and over the past 5 or 6 years have embraced gold, so my stack has both.

  80. Olivia says 10.23.18

    I wear a necklace every day and sometimes a simple ring!!

  81. Debra says 10.23.18

    Hey. I’m thinking of getting a Chanel 2.55 and can’t decide if I should get a small or medium. What size do you have and what do you recommend?

  82. Heidi H says 10.23.18

    These rings are so beautiful and I love the way they class-up even the simplest outfits. I have a couple jewelry pieces I wear daily, but the most simple is a classic gold band I wear as a thumb ring that my grandparents gave to me (and inscribed on the inside) for my 14th birthday. All the feels Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  83. Jen K says 10.23.18

    I have 2 pieces of jewelry that are pretty much always on. I have an antique emerald ring that my parents gave me for Christmas one year and it is always on my finger. If I forget it for any reason I immediately panic because I’m afraid I’ve lost it. And the other is a Hawaiian bracelet from Na Hoku jewelers. I lived in Hawaii for a number of years as a teenager/early 20’s and have always wanted one of the gorgeous gold bangles. When our family went back to spend Christmas last year, I decided to gift myself with one. I’ve gotten my money’s worth in less than a year since I absolutely wear it all the time.

    Love these stacking rings!

  84. Leela says 10.23.18

    So excited about this! I recently got engaged at Niagra Falls and going to order the map cufflinks for my fiance! Not to mention love their wedding bands… gonna have to send him the link 🙂 Thanks for the find Grace!

  85. Lina says 10.23.18

    I don’t have a specific jewelry piece I wear everyday, but I do love wearing my dainty heart ring from Catbird frequently.

  86. Ouida Stokes says 10.23.18

    I wear my wedding band everyday

  87. Barb Carlson says 10.23.18

    I always wear my Grandmothers engagement ring

  88. Colleen Lyons says 10.23.18

    I wear a simple diamond necklace everyday.

  89. Jess says 10.23.18

    You had me at free diamond ring… I never used to be much of a jewelry person, but am slowly converting with time. Every day I wear my engagement and wedding rings (vintage, from the 1940s) and some kind of stud earring (I get too distracted by statement earrings, and they tend to get caught in my hair). I love the Art Deco ring. Delicate jewelry is where it’s at!

  90. Jill H says 10.23.18

    Love your ring choices!. Rings are my favorite, like to wear in multiples too!

  91. alice morris says 10.23.18

    I love diamonds and had a ring made from my Mother’s wedding set and mine

  92. Linda Helms says 10.23.18

    I wear my blue sapphire stackers every day!!!

  93. Kristina says 10.23.18

    Soooo obsessed with your rings! My everyday jewelry includes black diamond studs or gold hoop earrings.

  94. Kelly says 10.23.18

    Oooh I like the Seasons of Love ring!! I’m not married and feel weird not having a ring on my finger in meetings — is this totally lame of me? I normally wear stackers from Vrai and Oro and Steven Alan on my middle finger but sometimes move them to my ring finger at work if I’m feeling self conscious.

    I wasn’t familiar with A Jaffe, their diamonds are so pretty and are actually relatively affordable (for diamonds haha!) and perfect size — I will keep them in mind for my next time I’m going to splurge on myself!

  95. Charlotte Nielsen says 10.23.18

    Hi! The one piece of jewelry that I wear everyday… my wedding band. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 34 years now. My wedding band was made with a custom design for me and has three little diamonds placed into a center cutout. I have always received many compliments on it. Truly, this is my special piece of jewelry.

  96. megan says 10.23.18

    My wedding band and diamond post earrings are my everyday jewelry.

  97. Michelle says 10.23.18

    I love these! I wear a simple pair of pearl earrings every day so the diamond halfway band would be the perfect classic piece to go with them.

  98. Linsay Ozier says 10.23.18

    Wedding rings, diamond stack rings (need another!), dainty necklace every day!

  99. Kate says 10.23.18

    I wear my gold watch, Crystal Mason Ring and diamond studs every day!

  100. Jessica says 10.23.18

    I always wear my late grandmother’s wedding band. (I’m also terrified of losing it.)

  101. Kimberly Sneathen says 10.23.18

    I have ALWAYS loved dainty, simple jewelry and these stackable bands are PERFECTION!!! Fingers crossed- I’d LOVE to win one!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  102. Eudora says 10.23.18

    I always wear this Tiffany heart bangle I got back in 8th grade. I honestly rarely take it off (might be a little gross), but it’s the first piece of jewelry I bought for myself with my money, and just helps me keep my head on straight 🙂

  103. Veronica says 10.23.18

    I wear my university signet ring every day.

  104. Rebecca says 10.23.18

    There are two pieces of jewelry that I wear every day: simple, silver ball studs and a turquoise ring that I bought while living in London. It’s like they are a part of me now!

  105. Wendy says 10.23.18

    I wear a necklace with a single diamond that I had made from antique stick pin that was my great grandfather’s. It’s close to my heart and I never take it off.

  106. rachel says 10.23.18

    I wear my rose gold Burberry watch every day. I don’t even know how long I’ve had it at this point, but feel naked without it. I also always wear huggie hoops in my second hole and a gold ball stud in my third.

  107. Tilly says 10.23.18

    I wear my great great grandmother’s victorian mourning ring every day – it’s over 150 years old! It’s a beautiful diamond shaped onyx with a diamond in the middle – looks like an evil eye. The style was made popular by Queen Victoria to memorialize a loved one. I inherited it last year when my grandmother passed away. She wore it every day and now I do too. I feel her with me whenever I wear it and if I ever forget to put it on I feel so naked now! Funny how it feels so right on me when I’ve only been wearing it a few months.

  108. Shay says 10.23.18

    I usually wear at least earrings every day, but rarely anything else! I don’t have much in the way of true, “good” gold jewelry so i only wear things on special occasions when i know they won’t get wrecked/helps with tarnishing.

  109. Rita A says 10.23.18

    I wear a silver and amethyst necklace featuring a goddess!

  110. Karen Geahlen says 10.23.18

    I wear the diamond ring I bought years ago for myself

  111. Jessica Staszak says 10.23.18

    Pearl earrings. I work in a hospital and am limited to studs and no other jewelry for scrubbing into operations so I definitely get into a rut just out of laziness/habit.

  112. Julie says 10.23.18

    All of the rings are sweet and simple. I think I’d choose the Art Deco ring!

  113. KS says 10.23.18

    I wear a simple silver pendant necklace with an infinity symbol on it – it was a graduation present from a good friend in college and I love it!

  114. Jen B. says 10.23.18

    I have a necklace with a sterling silver pendant urn which holds my mom’s ashes. A bit morbid, but it makes me feel like she is still with me.

  115. Mackenzie says 10.23.18

    I have a rose gold thin chain that my mom gave me when I received my Master’s. It’s dainty and goes with pretty much everything I own!

  116. Zhanna Roytman says 10.23.18

    My younger brother gave me a small pave pendant for my 30th birthday that I wore every day. My brother passed away 3 years ago, and a few months after he died, I did something I haven’t done since he gave me that necklace. I took it off while taking a shower and left it on the lip of the sink. I think it might have accidentally fallen down the sink drain, but by the time I noticed, it was gone. I couldn’t bring myself to replace it and couldn’t wear anything around my neck for a long time. Last year, I decided to finally get an “everyday” necklace to replace the one I lost and treated myself to a small solitaire pendant that I wear every day. It’s been healing and somewhat symbolic about moving forward.

  117. Samantha says 10.23.18

    I always wear my engagement ring and wedding band, but have been looking for some rings for my other hand

  118. Liz Myers says 10.23.18

    I wear my grandmother’s gold choker chain with my grandfather’s baby ring on it. Love those stacked rings!

  119. Shannon P says 10.23.18

    I buy myself a silver band from Tiffany at important moments in my life, so I wear those stacked, and I also have to wear my wedding and Claddagh rings. I definitely can’t leave my house without any of them!

  120. Tayler says 10.23.18

    I always wear my wedding stack and recently got a new ring to represent my daughter that’s coming in April! Rings are always my jewelry of choice 🙂

  121. Becca Moss says 10.23.18

    I have 5 rings that NEVER leave my hands. Wedding band and engagement ring, a birthstone ring for my 2 older boys, a birthstone ring for my youngest, and a diamond band I received from my husband for Mother’s Day right after having my middle child. I think he rell in love sll over with seeing me be a mom again to a newborn baby while facing post partum depression. I would love to win, and ass to my everyday rings ❤️

  122. Marty says 10.23.18

    Hi Grace! I had been admiring your rings in a previous post so I’m excited about this giveaway. My everyday jewelry includes a 14K gold rosary, given to me by one of my fave aunts, and a gold & emerald ring, given to me by another lovely aunt. A more recent everyday piece is a tiny gold cross with an emerald I inherited after my mom died two years ago. Wearing these pieces make me feel closer to these 3 women I love & admire.

  123. Danielle says 10.23.18

    Those rings are absolutely gorgeous, Grace! Gold and diamonds are such a classic. I always wear my Bauble Bar signet ring and a pair of simple earrings.

  124. Chelle says 10.23.18

    Great giveaway! My favorite piece of everyday jewelry is a mood ring my best friend gave me for a birthday. It’s more sentimental than chic but it reminds me how loved I am every time I look at it.

  125. Siobhan says 10.23.18

    There are two pieces of jewelry I wear everyday – the first is a silver band ring, engraved with “i love you” that I got from my dad on my 18th birthday.

    The second is a necklace that says “5021” – the address of my house in college. My roommates and I all have matching ones 🙂

  126. Tessa B says 10.23.18

    I always wear my wedding bands.

  127. Anne says 10.23.18

    These are so pretty! I love a diamond band – I replaced my engagement ring with one and love it so much more. Definitely my everyday jewelry…plus stud earrings that I almost never switch out!

  128. sheila ressel says 10.23.18

    I wear a diamond cross necklace every day.

  129. Emma says 10.23.18

    How lovely! I wear a gold horseshoe necklace every day, and HAVE to be wearing earrings. I have “diamond” studs that I leave in just in case I don’t have time to match new ones to my outfit in the morning! hahaha

  130. Megan Myers-Bell says 10.23.18

    I always wear a gold necklace with a diamond “S” for Sawyer, my daughter. These rings would go perfectly with it! Such an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win, Grace!

  131. Bonnie Stolpman says 10.23.18

    Everyday I wear sapphire earrings from my Grandmother, it is the one piece I never change.

  132. Jill says 10.23.18

    I really need to up my jewelry game because so far the only things I wear every day are my engagement and wedding rings!

  133. Jamie Y says 10.23.18

    I wear my engagement ring and watch everyday! I feel lost without my watch, but the ring is quickly becoming the same!

  134. Jennifer L says 10.23.18

    My citrine ring and pearl stud earrings 🙂

  135. Kara says 10.23.18

    These are goooorg. I’ve worn a Claddagh ring on my finger every day for the past 8 or so years – I feel naked without it! But looks like it’s time to add some diamonds to the mix 🙂

  136. Becky says 10.23.18

    I wear tiny hoops and a delicate necklace everyday. Absolute musts, feel naked without them. If I’m not working then I add at least one ring and a few bracelets. Your stack is gorgeous, love all of those rings!

  137. Cate says 10.23.18

    Everyday wear is my wedding set, but most days I also wear a stamped disc necklace with my family names.

  138. Rita Sheppard says 10.23.18

    I wear my wedding band and necklace with my Taurus the Bull pendant and gold ball earrings.

  139. Linda says 10.23.18

    When he proposed, my husband gave me an earring that was made from a small gold nugget he had prospected and panned out of a local stream. I have two holes in one of my ears and the top hole has sported this earring for almost thirty years now. The only time I take it out is when I go to the hair dresser. Now, I just need some diamonds to go with my gold 🙂

  140. Amy P. says 10.23.18

    That set of 3 is gorg! I wear my wedding ring every day. Pretty basic.

  141. SHERRON L PHILLIPS-CAMPER says 10.23.18


  142. Connie McCullough says 10.23.18

    These rings are so pretty – what a great giveaway! I wear earrings every day, but I have no particular piece of jewelry I wear each day. I LOVE jewelry and like to change it up.

  143. Kerri says 10.23.18

    Diamonds–my earring I’ve worn almost daily since getting them as a teenager from my dad and my engagement ring and wedding band.

  144. Wendy says 10.23.18

    I have a cape cod bracelet I wear every day, and mix up my earrings and rings most days.

  145. Janine Williams says 10.23.18

    I wear my Tiffany infinity ring every day. It reminds me that being positive every day is an eternal choice.

  146. Lillian Cherry says 10.23.18

    These rings are gorgeous! I always wear my mom’s David Yurman ring that my dad gave her when they were dating.

  147. Docia Vagnerini says 10.23.18

    I got a silver and turquoise ring made by Navajo in Arizona that I love and wear everyday!

  148. Karene says 10.23.18

    I love the art deco band! I don’t wear any piece of jewelry because my wedding rings no longer fit me and I haven’t resized them. I’m working on losing the weight so I don’t have to resize them. This ring would be the perfect substitute until then!

  149. Heather Patton says 10.23.18

    Love the idea of stacking diamond bands you can mix and match! The one piece I wear every day (aside from my wedding band) is a thin rose gold band I wear on my thumb. It’s delicate, classic, and adds a bit of sparkle to an often-overlooked finger!

    Have a great day!

  150. Jeri says 10.23.18

    Lovely and so exciting! I wear my late grandmother’s wedding band and aquamarine ring every day. This would make a perfect addition to that stack!

  151. Elizabeth says 10.23.18

    I wear my grandma’s wedding band along with my engagement ring and wedding band everyday!

  152. Lizzie says 10.23.18

    I always wear my great-grandma’s wedding band

  153. Sandy Klocinski says 10.23.18

    For some reason it is the custom in my family to always wear a bangle that has a piece of iron in it. I got it made in a fancy design to my liking and wear it on my right wrist. I almost never take it off except for through airport security.

  154. Amy says 10.23.18

    I have a silver ring I purchased on St. Croix while on vacation- I think it’s called the wave design by IB designs. It was an impulse purchase but I’ve worn it every day since I got it! I also get tons of compliments on it.

  155. Martin Valdez says 10.23.18

    Diamonds will always make the statement one wants delivered!

  156. Rachel says 10.23.18

    I wear my favorite gold bar necklace every day with the coordinates of my & my boyfriend’s place (:

  157. Lindsay C. says 10.23.18

    I wear a Tiffany “T” necklace which was gifted to me by my husband on our wedding day, and just so happens to be his first initial 🙂 Would love to win this beautiful band!

  158. Lisa says 10.23.18

    Love wearing stackable rings but save mine for days when I know they will be especially sparkly~

  159. Valerie Schlicht says 10.23.18

    My Gold Tennis Bracelet!

  160. Natalie says 10.23.18

    Can’t live without a special ring I received for college graduation nearly 10 years ago. Every day, I look down and it reminds me how lucky I am and how far I have to go.

  161. Kesha says 10.23.18

    I wear my earrings every day! I feel undressed without them!

  162. Gal Colleen says 10.23.18

    I wear a necklace with a gold cross everyday, its very comforting to me.

  163. Tara says 10.23.18

    Never am without my wedding band and engagement ring ❤️ this would be an amazing compliment!

  164. Priscilla says 10.23.18

    Adore these rings.

  165. Hannah says 10.23.18

    I never take off the little bezel-set diamond ring my parents gave me when I turned 13.

  166. Yvonne Wade says 10.23.18

    I love the stackable. They are my go to choice of jewelry. So comfortable.

  167. maureen says 10.23.18

    My daily must wear is my watch. If I don’t have it on I look at my empty wrist over and over again to check the time!

  168. Heather Gavitt says 10.23.18

    I can’t go without earrings—I feel so drab. I wear the same pair everyday: rose gold and diamond studs.

  169. Karen Matson says 10.23.18

    I always wear the diamond ring my grandmother gave me. It was a 50th anniversary ring from my grandfather. I am so grateful.

  170. Cara says 10.23.18

    I wear a diamond ring my mom gave me when I graduated college. It was hers and has channel set diamonds and a very 90s cool vibe. I would feel naked without it! I would love to add some stackable bands, one for each of my two baby girls…hint, hint hubby!

  171. AMBER says 10.23.18

    I wear a pair of gold diamond earrings every day

  172. MJ Harker says 10.23.18

    So beautiful!

  173. Debbie Wright says 10.23.18

    I wear my engagement ring and wedding band everyday since August, 1974

  174. Cathy Cole says 10.23.18

    My favorite jewelry I wear everyday is my dogtag necklace which say if God before me who can be against me.

  175. Annie Titus says 10.23.18

    I wear a Helen Ficalora pendent A everyday. My mom got it for me when I graduated with my masters. It brings me good luck.

  176. Italia says 10.23.18

    I wear a necklace engraved with my children’s names on it everyday and my moms wedding ring.

  177. Gladys says 10.23.18

    Those rings are gorgeous. I always have to wear earrings!

  178. Emily R says 10.23.18

    I have some earrings and a couple of rings that are very special to me and I rotate wearing them throughout the week. They are my go-to pieces!

  179. Vilma Pacheco says 10.23.18

    I have been wearing a 16 inch cobra chain with a small diamond that my husband gave me when our son was born 42 years ago that I always wear and never remove.

  180. Nicole says 10.23.18

    Obsessed with how dainty and feminine these rings are! I like minimalist jewelry, so everyday I really only wear diamond earrings my mom passed down and a small bracelet with an engraved quote from my dad… but I’d love to add something that I acquired myself like these gorgeous rings!

  181. Caisha G says 10.23.18

    I wear my wedding ring and band, a watch for the sake of refusing to look at my phone, and a Celtic knot ring my husband got me for Christmas one year. Having the stackables would be a dream to add to my daily accessories.

  182. Meg says 10.23.18

    My mom and I have matching diamond bands! Have decided delicate gold and diamond pieces are my ‘signature’ jewelry style now, with the occasional pearl. ❤️

  183. Kate Hollifield says 10.23.18

    I have a band engraved with my son’s birthdate and name and birthstone. I wear it everyday on my right ring finger!

  184. Katie C says 10.23.18

    Every day I wear a gold necklace with a little round tag with an L on it for my 1 yr old son! Never take it off!

  185. Nancy Knewstep says 10.23.18

    Stacking rings are a classic statement that is individually defining! I wear a constellation necklace everyday and feel somewhat powerless without it.

  186. Vicki Hegranes says 10.23.18

    I wear my grandma’s engagement ring from the 1920’s. Such an incredible reminder of a lovely lady!

  187. dale says 10.23.18

    I wear a ring given to me by my folks, it’s a nice ring but because they gave it to me makes it very special to me.

  188. Norma Tumlin says 10.23.18

    I love stackable rings. I wear several on 4 of my fingers. The ring I always wear is my wedding ring with an engagement rings my husband designed and had a jeweler make. It is 3 rings soldered together which means I am wearing 4 rings on my finger. I love them and I get many compliments.

  189. Grace says 10.23.18

    I wear my diamond earrings every day. I feel naked without them.

  190. Chelsea says 10.23.18

    A ring given to me by my partner!

  191. Aliana Heffernan says 10.23.18

    Such pretty, delicate stacking rings! I wear a silver cuff with gold and pearl endcaps, that my boyfriend got me for my 25th, almost everyday 🙂

  192. Catherine Wranich says 10.23.18

    I wear my diamond journey pendant everyday, my sweet husband bought it for me before my sons wedding. I had bought a costume jewelry necklace but he surprised me and took me shopping and we went to the jewelry store so he could buy the necklace to match my dress, I was so surprised and happy I rarely take it off ❤️

  193. Leah Allen says 10.24.18

    I wear my diamond wedding ring diamond cross necklace every day.

  194. Stefani says 10.24.18

    I always wear my solitaire diamond necklace that my husband (boyfriend at the time) gifted me for my birthday 10 years ago!

  195. Aimee says 10.24.18

    For the last year, it’s been a delicate gold necklace engraved with “Be Brave” – a gift from girlfriends while my mom was going through chemo and radiation that truly brought me strength through those sad times. The necklace was made as part of disaster relief fundraising efforts for the hurricanes in the Caribbean in 2017 so it has even more meaning and benefitted a wonderful cause.

  196. Izzy says 10.24.18

    Yet to find something. Maybe this ring if I win!

  197. Nicole Eisentraut says 10.24.18

    Would love to show this off if I win!! Love it!

  198. Abigail M says 10.24.18

    I have to wear earrings everyday but my favorite way to accessorize is by wearing rings! Love the vintage and classic style of these rings! So beautiful ✨

  199. TAMARA CROWDER says 10.24.18

    I wear my half ring every day. Had it so long dont even remember where i got it.

  200. Kristen says 10.24.18

    I wear a ring my kids gave me every day.

  201. Talya Laufer says 10.24.18

    I never take off my small diamond necklace!

  202. Diane Seitz says 10.24.18

    I wear a sterling silver and sapphire ring every day. If I don’t have it on I’m constantly touching my finger looking for it.

  203. Kee says 10.24.18

    Wow, what a great website. Once I get time to do some shopping I’ll buy from your team. Thank you.

  204. Lauren Jean Kelling says 10.24.18

    i wear my baby ring on a chain – it is so tiny and doesn’t fit past the first knuckle on my pinky. it’s so tiny and cute!

  205. Kim Shraibati says 10.24.18

    I wear a set of stacking rings on my right ring finger every day – one alternates sapphires and diamonds. These are lovely.

  206. Jessica F says 10.24.18

    I wear a gold necklace every day! I get so many compliments on it!

  207. Dana Rodriguez says 10.24.18

    Those are really pretty. I have a engraved necklace with our birthstones on it I wear all the time.

  208. Stephanie says 10.24.18

    The only jewelry I wear daily is my wedding set — which is a white gold square diamond deco set that fits together. I’d love to add these beautiful stacking rings to my daily wear! I feel like they’d match perfectly 🙂

  209. Rachael says 10.24.18

    The only thing I wear everyday are simple gold studs in my ears!

  210. Tonya Anderson says 10.24.18


  211. Cathleen says 10.24.18

    Beautiful! I wear my wedding band and engagement ring everyday! Even though I’m home mostly with a little baby, I still feel special wearing these two items.

  212. Jacqueline Smith says 10.24.18

    Hi! I wear my weddings rings everyday. 🙂

  213. Antoinette M says 10.24.18

    I wear my wedding band every day.

  214. Denise Romero says 10.24.18

    I have a ring my Dad made before I was even a thought. I never take it off.

  215. Joann hamlet says 10.24.18

    They look so beautiful, can’t to get them

  216. JANICE NEAL says 10.24.18

    Would love to have one!

  217. Beth says 10.24.18

    Wow, these are just beautiful! I love the timeless elegance! I wear a gold Tiffany hook and eye bracelet my mom got me in college every day!

  218. sandra says 10.24.18

    my stud earrings

  219. Sandra Beeman says 10.24.18

    I wear my Grandmother’s Ruby Ring always.

  220. Cynthia Megill says 10.24.18

    I’ve never heard of stackable rings but this sounds great.

  221. Diane says 10.24.18

    ruby bracelet

  222. Olivia says 10.24.18

    I wear my Mom’s wedding band every day. She died thirteen years ago this November and every time I look down at it it reminds me to brush my hair or double check my work or be kind to myself. It reminds me that she’s still with me, even if I can’t see her.

  223. Peter Grotsky says 10.24.18

    Lovely and these would go with any outfit or style that someone would wear. Rings alway make a statement.

  224. Connie Tillman says 10.24.18

    I wear my wedding band and engagement ring daily. Thanks for chance.

  225. Ari says 10.24.18

    I have one simple gold band I usually wear every day. I feel naked without it.

  226. Lea says 10.24.18

    i always wear my engagement ring and wedding band – i was never a ring person before but feel naked without them!

  227. Bryon Reap says 10.24.18

    Sweet win,would love to win this.

  228. RICHARD WIELAND says 10.24.18


  229. Angela says 10.24.18

    I love these delicate rings!!! I have rose gold ones and would love to mix and match them. I started wearing them on my thumbs again which I haven’t done in years but it makes me feel feminine and edgy at the same time, especially holding my mic and playing piano!!!

  230. Patricia Gordy says 10.24.18

    The rings are all beautiful. The only jewelry I wear are my wedding band and behind that is my late husband’s wedding band.

  231. Patricia HoffmanTaladay says 10.24.18

    Thank You For The Opportunity For The Ring Sweepstakes

  232. Lisa McCloud says 10.24.18

    Well i have never owned any real jewlery before. This year for my birthday my 2 daughters bought me my first pair of real gold hoop earrings that I NEVER take off.

  233. Victoria Kirshbaum says 10.24.18

    I wear my wedding ring every day since I first put it on.

  234. christie rogers says 10.24.18

    I wear my necklace every day.

  235. Janet Ford says 10.24.18

    I wear a diamond anniversary band daily

  236. Milly Voskanyan says 10.25.18

    I have a favorite ring I wear everyday. It was given to me by my grandmother. I’ll treasure it forever.

  237. Marissa L Gross says 10.25.18

    So pretty

  238. Julie says 10.25.18

    I don’t have any jewelry that I wear every day.

  239. carolyn finney says 10.25.18

    i think they would looked pretty any place on the hand left or right.

  240. Kristie Tadlock says 10.25.18

    My wedding ring

  241. Sylvia Belle says 10.25.18

    great rings

  242. James Lee says 10.25.18

    I am obsessed with this ring

  243. Corinne Scott says 10.25.18

    These rings are gorgeous! Just perfect and understated elegance

  244. Nancy Rexroad says 10.25.18

    I wear a Native American Turquoise Bracelet my Mom gave me.

  245. Nicke ann Knitter says 10.25.18

    These rings are beautiful, I love stackable rings

  246. Mary Gardner says 10.25.18

    I wear an emerald ring that my sister gave me many years ago every day.

  247. Dale Brewster says 10.25.18

    Love the geometric band! So unique!

  248. Hannah says 10.25.18

    Everyday I wear the promise ring that my Dad gave my Mom in college. They have now been married for over 33 years.

  249. lauren says 10.25.18

    I need this in my life! Stunning.

  250. Pamela says 10.25.18

    These things are so delicate…soon pretty!

  251. Andrea Engelhardt says 10.25.18

    Lovely rings for any occasion.

  252. diane baum says 10.25.18

    I love the art deco because it’s funky. I wear a lot of fun and funky jewelry.

  253. Tracy says 10.25.18

    I love stackable rings. I have a one diamond stackable but it’s lonely. It needs three friends.

  254. Catie says 10.25.18

    Everyday I wear a horse shoe necklace my father gave me before he passed away.

  255. courtney b says 10.26.18

    I wear my gold necklace everyday I never take it off

  256. Liz says 10.26.18

    so so cute! Aside from my wedding rings, I wear a ring that all of the women in my mom’s family wear – the sister ring. Originally it was fashioned from links of my great grandmother’s watch band for my mom and her five sisters. Each of the moms has duplicated it and now there are 15 or so of us (cousins, sisters, wives of cousins) who have one.

  257. Sandy Weinstein says 10.26.18

    yes, just like the song states, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Marilyn Monroe. i love the stackable rings. i have my mother’s rings and father’s rings. i wear a stackable ring to hold them on because they are too big and i dont want to have them cut down. her ring is plantinum.

  258. MELANIE DUBOS says 10.26.18

    I would love the stacking rings. I’m always looking for casual Classic every day jewelry.

  259. Natalie says 10.26.18

    I love jewelry with sentimental value. Last fall- a few months before he passed away, my dad gave me my mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. My mom died when I was a teenager, and I wanted this ring for as long as I can remember. I wear it every day and it makes me feel connected to them both. What I didn’t realized is this was ring #4 or 5….apparently my mom had a habit of losing them down the drain, or they’d fall off when her fingers got cold. But dad would get a new one, exactly the same, each time. ❤️

  260. Andrea E. says 10.26.18

    I wear my dads wedding ring every day … He went to Heaven when I was little so my mom had it sized for me… priceless!

  261. Shira Green says 10.26.18

    My wedding band.

  262. Carrie says 10.26.18

    I have a diamond/sapphire deco stack ring that I wear every day and REALLY needs a friend to stack with!

  263. Kathy Lockhart says 10.26.18

    Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

  264. MB Later says 10.27.18

    Always wear earrings–though I do not have a favorite pair. Just have to have some on (mostly hoops, though)

  265. Jean says 10.27.18

    These rings are beautiful – delicate but still make a statement! I wear diamond earrings every day that I inherited when my stepmom passed away 8 years ago, and it feels so special to have a reminder of her with me every day. ❤️

  266. Stephanie says 10.27.18

    Amazing giveaway! I currently wear a very small pair of diamond hoop earrings every day. (Diamond stacking rings would match perfectly, lol!!)

  267. kathleen maiewski says 10.27.18

    Love this stuff!

  268. Emma W says 10.27.18

    I’ve always felt naked without wearing one of my rings. Now I wear my engagement ring everyday and would probably lose my mind without it.

  269. Pamela Dickson says 10.27.18

    I have a blue and white sapphire in 14k yellow gold that I like to wear every day.

  270. Good luck to every one !!

  271. Angela says 10.28.18

    beside some gold bracelets that I never take off, my favorite piece of jewellery is a ring that belonged to a beloved family member that passed away

  272. Tracy Suzanne DeLoach says 10.28.18

    Your rings look so pretty. I have short fingers so dainty rings suit me best. Thank you for sharing one of yours with us! I’m crossing my short fingers. 🙂

  273. Mark Wilson says 10.28.18


  274. Sabra Wilson says 10.28.18


  275. donna porter says 10.29.18

    These rings are of such beauty, delicate and trendy. I would feel proud to wear these daily.

  276. Calvin says 10.29.18

    My plain old wedding band

  277. Jennifer Gulley says 10.29.18

    I wear my amethyst wedding band everyday!

  278. Mary says 10.29.18

    Absolutely gorgeous love the rings!

  279. Kathleen Lyons says 10.29.18

    I usually wear the same earrings almost every day.

  280. Kimberly Bryan says 10.29.18

    I wear my pink ice ring my daddy gave to me for my 16th birthday. The stackable rings are simply gorgeous! Thank you for the chance!

  281. sunshine bracey says 10.29.18

    Love These!! Absolutely Beautiful

  282. Karrie W. says 10.29.18

    I’m very minimalist, and do not wear jewelry often, but these are lovely. Diamonds are my birthstone too. Simply gorgeous rings.

  283. Laura Kurtz says 10.29.18

    The ring designs are beautiful!! I would love to wear them!

  284. faye tourville says 10.29.18

    love the bands

  285. carolyn Hutchings says 10.30.18

    I wear my wedding band and necklace with my guardian angel.

  286. Rachel Browning says 10.30.18

    I would love to win one of your pretty rings

  287. vivian blevins says 10.30.18

    cross necklace.

  288. kathleen longhofer says 10.30.18

    Love a new set of rings after 58 years

  289. Jerilynn Sparks says 11.15.18

    I am obsessed with & absolutely LOVE flying pigs – so much so that I even have a flying pig tattoo on My right calf. My daughter FINALLY found me the perfect necklace for Mother’s Day – a gold flying pig charm with a swarzki crystal for it’s eye. I wear it daily & feel odd without it around my neck. One day, I was in a rush & forgot to put it on; the fact drove me CRAZY all day long!