My Favorite CBD Gummies.

Oh my goodness. These are certainly one of my favorite things. A big shout out to TIBAL for turning me onto Earlybird. I liked the idea of trying a gummy with a little bit of THC but not too much: just 2.5mg.

Now through 4/20/24, Earlybird gave us a code. Use GRACE20 for 20% off!

My Favorite CBD Gummies

I took one on a night where I didn’t have a lot going on the next morning (you can’t be too careful!) not really knowing what to expect. I loved them. It was as if I’d had 2, maybe 3 glasses of wine. I felt really happy and a little bit tingly. I went to bed and slept like an angel. Felt perfect in the morning. Not tired, groggy, or hungover-ish… just like a happy little angel who got a great night of sleep. I love them. Maybe too much. All three flavors are great but the strawberry is far and away my favorite.

Each gummy contains 12.5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC. Based on my DMs it seems like the happy number is one gummy. I personally wouldn’t have two. 2.5mg is considered to be low-dose but it’s good to be careful: if you are nervous, start with a half! I am new to the world of THC. I’ve never been a pot smoker; and traditional THC gummies are too much for me. I’d have like, a quarter and feel crazy. These are just a happy little buzz. But enough of a buzz that my dad likes them too. (Let’s just say he’s less new to this world than I!).

I get asked about the taste and yes, there is definitely a slight herbal (they taste like pot) flavor. This doesn’t bother me but if you are expecting it to taste like candy you may be disappointed.

Can you travel (fly) with them?

The technical answer is yes, domestically (since they contain less than .3% THC) but of course do your own research and do what you are comfortable with. I personally would not take these abroad. More on that here!

PS – for those who might ask how these compare to Equilibria, they’re just different! I’d just say that these are more… recreational! I would not mix the two but I think of Equilibria more for calming and/or pain relief and these for a little bit of a buzz. I would not take these during the workday (I’d probably become giggly) whereas on a stressful day, Equilibria is perfect.

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  1. Cat:

    Just ordered, appreciate the recommendation! I’ve been drinking less and less, as sometimes even one or two drinks can leave me feeling badly the next day.

    8.6.23 Reply
  2. Yes! Love these for all of the reasons you mention! I hated smoking pot, but these are such a great way to unwind or take the edge off without the calories or negative side effects of wine.

    8.6.23 Reply
  3. Amy:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! I ordered these after your other post and these are the best. I can’t do regular gummies (makes me feel too weird) and I don’t smoke. I am trying to quit drinking (again) and I feel like it is finally possible. Takes the edge off and I sleep great. So much less anxiety. What more could you want?

    8.7.23 Reply
  4. Hanna Hope:

    How long does it take for a gummy to kick in?

    8.16.23 Reply
  5. Lynn Caplen:

    I’m a little overly cautious about drinking from a bad experience , but admit to having 2 or 3 drinks on nights out In my younger days. I admit to having hangovers too. This sounds like a much better option because I have such bad insomnia and happy is just what I need right now .

    10.15.23 Reply
  6. Liz:

    Wow, I’m surprised I was able to order these. I thought my state’s laws prohibited it, but I’m glad to be wrong. To those who’ve tried them, do they make you too tired to go out? I quit drinking this year and would love a good substitute to occasionally take the edge off when I’m out with friends, but regular pot just makes me act stupid.

    2.9.24 Reply
    • They don’t make me too tired to go out, but I do get tired after a couple hours. The key is the 2-3 hours between taking and sleeping where you just feel giddy and happy.

      2.9.24 Reply
  7. debby:

    ordered these per your recommendation the first time you espoused them and was so excited but honestly found the taste foul

    2.9.24 Reply
    • I am so sorry! There is definitely a hemp taste but it’s just one small gummy so I don’t mind. It’s pretty much the norm for all gummies.

      2.10.24 Reply