My DIY’d Cargo Vest

As I mentioned here, I’ve been obsessing over finding the perfect cargo vest.  Alas, I’m on a shopping ban… so I”m not even allowed to fork over a measly $35 to purchase the oh-so-cute Old Navy version.  Feeling adventurous, I took a pair of scissors to an old cargo jacket from Forever 21… here is the result!

I didn’t bother hemming the edges.  It’s Forever 21, so it’s bound to fall apart at some point… and besides, I like the frayed edges.  To me, they toughen the whole thing up a bit.  I’ll be wearing this for the rest of summer, and well into fall… it will compliment my slouchier outfits, and add an edge to my frillier pieces.  It just goes to show you… even when you can’t shop, if you’re resourceful, you can still get what you want!

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