My DIY Version of Anthropologie’s Curls & Coils Necklace…

I’ve always been fairly crafty and creative.  As a kid I loved doing arts & crafts, and I’ve always said, that “if I only had more free time,” I’d start making my own jewelry again.  But between my job, my friends, my family, my boyfriend, blogging, and yoga, there never just seems to be enough time.
A month or so ago, while perusing the jewelry selection at Anthropologie, my sister and I saw this gorgeous “Curls & Coils” rope necklace.  She pointed out how easy it would be to make it at home.
Tonight, I was feeling creative and decided to recreate it.  I bought the rope at MJ Trim, and the findings at Beadworld.  I probably spent $5-$10 max on the whole thing.  (Anthro’s version sells for $42.)  It took me about an hour to create, and it wasn’t all that hard!  I made mine a little bit preppier, using seersucker and gold buttons… so it’s a little bit different, but actually more to my liking.
Ahh… Arts and Crafts are just so gratifying!  Creating my own pieces just gives me such a sense of satisfaction.  I’m really excited to wear it to work tomorrow.  Next up (also with rope) are these fabulous Sailor Knot bracelets that I saw on

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