My Current Hair Care Routine.

My Current Hair Care Routine

When I did my Q&A on Instagram this past weekend I got quite a few questions about the hair products I’ve been using so thought I would do a blog post about it as the answer is a lot longer than a few instagram slides!

I have been wearing my hair natural (it’s wavy and in olden days I got regular blowouts but that just is not a thing I do anymore!) since March, BUT I want to caveat that as I do get a keratin treatment at the Fekkai salon probably every 4-6 months. I did a BIG blog post about that with everything you could ever want to know, but wanted to make sure I talked about that as it would kind of be the equivalent of a person talking about anti-aging products without disclosing that they get Botox.

The keratin treatment definitely gives my hair a leg up. My hair is naturally kind of crazy (super thick, gets very frizzy and just generally super unruly!) and the keratin treatment makes it smooth and shiny, I can air dry it without using one million products. Read that post for more info but it’s truly the best thing I do for my hair. It makes styling so much easier, but make sure you use a sulfate-free shampoo.

My Current Hair Care Routine

My Current Hair Care Routine

First up is shampoo and conditioner. I am really loving Gisou. A girlfriend had recommended it to me and I bought the shampoo and conditioner during the Sephora sale and really like them. The smell is incredible – like honey (the products are infused with honey) and they’re really gentle and hydrating.

My Current Hair Care Routine

After my shower I wrap my hair in an Aquis hair towel for 15-20 min (basically, as I moisturize, do my skincare, and put on makeup). I find that this towel helps cut down dry time amazingly well and also helps to prevent frizz.

Then, I take this Christophe Robin leave in conditioner (probably 5 pumps – but keep in mind I have a lot of hair!) and this Living Proof hair oil (probably about 3/4 of a dropper), mix the two in my hands, and rake it through my hair. After that, I just comb it through with a Wet Brush. I do not touch it and just let it dry. I find that it is the perfect combo. The leave in conditioner cuts out all frizz and leaves my hair really soft. And the oil seals the cuticle and locks out humidity.

this spray from Arrojo

Lastly, I loooove this spray from Arrojo. The only place that seems to sell it is Arrojo’s website and I am obsessed. It smells incredible and gives the perfect combination of texture AND shine. Once my hair is dry I give it a healthy blast of this for shine and to give my hair that messy, piecey texture I like.

Hope this is helpful! If you have anymore questions I’m happy to answer them in the comments section!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your routine, Grace! I love that all of your products are so photogenic as well haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lacey says 12.9.20

    I think I might get the Aquis hair towel! How often do you wash it? I’m assuming you can let it air dry and reuse a lot.

    • grace at the stripe says 12.9.20

      Honestly, not very often!!! Since my hair is clean when I use it. I have maybe washed it a couple times and prob should wash it more now that I think about it.

  3. Natasha says 12.9.20

    I’ve heard good things about Gisou, I’ll have to give it a try!

  4. CK says 12.9.20

    Do you get your hair colored/highlighted before or after your keratin treatments? Thanks!

    • grace at the stripe says 12.9.20

      I would ask your salon what to do! I personally get mine highlighted after which I thought was strange, but the Fekkai team recommended it as sometimes the keratin can lift the color; whereas the color actually doesn’t impact the keratin treatment.

      • Ck says 12.9.20

        Just asked and my stylist agrees with this. Thanks!

  5. Andrea says 12.9.20

    I have been using the gisou products as well but I’ve noticed that the shampoo doesn’t lather as much. Do you do a double cleanse? I find that doing a double cleanse is the only way I feel like my hair gets clean.

    • grace at the stripe says 12.9.20

      It doesn’t lather as much (because it’s sulfate free!) but my hair still feels clean… I haven’t been doing a double cleanse.

  6. miki says 12.10.20

    I have heard so many good reviews about Gisou products, I really need to try them!
    Miki x

  7. Lisa Autumn says 12.10.20

    Thank you for the recommendations girl x

    Lisa |

  8. Sara says 12.10.20

    I was combing through Sephora before the discount code ended knowing i needed new shampoo and conditioner but having no clue where to start. Then I remembered you had just posted about this and Voila, Ordered! Love that they are sulfate and silicone free too for our curly girls.

  9. Nicole says 3.9.21

    Just came across this post and FYI your links to the Aquis hair towel are broken. Was easily able to find it, but just a heads up!