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Sobel Skin RX 30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate Review

Just a little post today, written from the plane. If you follow along on Instagram you probably know this but I LOVE a good peel. Back in New York I loved going to Glowbar and as a part of my treatment I would always ask for their chemical peel. Smoother, brighter skin in just a few minutes… it always felt like magic! But for an at home version of that, in my opinion, there is nothing better than Sobel Skin RX’s 30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate.

Sobel Skin RX 30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate Review

My skin gets really dull and dry and a little rough (after a weekend on the beach + a lot of wine + flying, it’s ROUGH right now) if I’m not careful or sticking to my usual night routine (I do the Biossance lactic acid a few times a week and that’s usually enough) OR when I’ve been doing an extra good job dehydrating myself (flying, drinking alcohol and caffeine, spending time in the sun), I need a little extra TLC. And that’s when I will reach for this peel! There are a lot of other peels that I like but when I want the big guns, it’s always this peel. (I did it when I got home last night).

It’s 30% Glycolic Acid which is one of the highest concentrations of acid I’ve seen. This is a professional grade product. You’ll see the same results you’d see from a professional peel. But you don’t want to mess around. Because of the strength of these ingredients, I don’t recommend this for more sensitive skin types. If you have sensitive skin I always recommend this mask from Biossance.

To be totally honest it is not as effective as the Sobel but if you have sensitive skin the Sobel is going to be too harsh. But if you can handle it, it’s the GOAT. Smoother skin, fewer fine lines (this is temporary of course but so noticeable), and smaller pores, too. I cannot get over how good it is. It’s one of those products I look forward to using because it just WORKS so well, with crazy noticeable results in just one night!

Here’s how you use it:  

Wash your face and pat dry. Using a cotton round, apply this all over your face, neck, and decolletage. Leave on for two minutes and then afterward, use a warm washcloth. This is important (and felt weird to me as a dry skinned person who loves her creams and serums). After that, don’t do anything. Literally. No creams, serums, etc. Go to bed. When you wake up you will have your smoothest, glowiest skin ever. Make sure to slather on the SPF the next day as you just sloughed off all your dead skin cells and need extra protection! I use this a few times a month!

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  1. Lynn:

    I wish. I have Rosacea only the last few years and if I could find gentle skin care after visiting the best skin Doctor, I’d get in my knees and cry. Sounds so good!

    9.14.21 Reply
  2. Marisa Sandahl:

    Any thoughts on if it would inflame hyperpigmentation?

    9.17.21 Reply
    • Mia:

      Colore Science products are the best for hyperpigmentation!

      9.19.21 Reply
  3. Lisa Autumn:

    Okay I need to try this!

    Lisa |

    9.18.21 Reply