Morocco Part 2: Marrakech Travel Guide.

Morocco, specifically Marrakech is one of my favorite places I’ve traveled. It’s hard to describe. It feels SO foreign and far away but getting there from New York is about the same distance as London! The culture is so different from ours, which is one of the reasons the trip was so special.

The biggest questions I got was whether we felt safe and the answer there is a resounding YES. That being said, we stayed in a great location, so I definitely can’t speak to all parts of Morocco – I’m sure like anywhere you travel, there are definitely parts that aren’t safe. I wrote more about where we stayed in Morocco; but I would definitely recommend staying within the Medina (the walled city) in a nicer hotel like La Sultana if you are able to. The staff there was so helpful and attentive, gave us great advice with dealing with the markets, and helped us make reservations for all of our meals.

The minute you walk out on the street it’s bustling with excitement. Everyone is trying to sell you something. I learned to not make eye contact and just continue on. But once I stopped feeling overwhelmed/overstimulated it was actually sort of charming.

Here is everything we did. Keep in mind we were only there for three full days and nights. I wish we went for longer!

Outfit Details Above: ASOS Dress (such a good price) // Vince Sneakers

Marrakech Travel Guide

Moroccan "pharmacy"

One of the best things we did was visit a Moroccan “pharmacy.” It was so cool. There are women there actually making argan oil and I bought so many oils (orange blossom, lavender, cactus oil – aka “natural botox,” and this amazing blend for sore muscles. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip shopping wise as I’m such a beauty junkie. I loved all of the different smells and talking to the women there. I would recommend either Medina Herbal or Al Farabi Herbaristerie but these little shops are all over the markets and they’re just amazing.

Theres’s A LOT of great shopping in Marrakech. Becca and I both joked that the dream would be to visit and have an empty apartment to decorate. I had no need for new rugs, tapestries, lighting or china but MAN if I did, this would be the perfect to go.

Where to Shop in Marrakech

Joykech Bazaar had the prettiest kaftans and robes, all around $35 or so.

Sarah Maj – a tiny boutique with gorgeous printed dresses.

Max & Jan – this is a really cool concept store with tons of brightly patterned kaftans and clothing for both men and women.

Lalla – beautiful leather bags, I bought a touristy (but still kinda cool) Morocco tee!

Atika – gorgeous loafers and driving mocs, very similar to Tod’s!!!

Intensite Nomade – I got a gorgeous yellow floral dress here that looked just like Ulla Johnson. They have SO many gorgeous kaftans here.

One of the best things we did on this trip was wake up early (we got picked up at 5am) to watch the sunrise in the desert – via hot air balloon with Marrakech by Air! This was by far the most expensive thing we did (it was around $250 each) but really, really special and something I will never forget.

Marrakech by Air

We got picked up in a car around 5am and drove around an hour out into the desert of the Atlas Mountains.

When we arrived, it was still completely dark as they expanded the balloon. While we waited we had orange juice (so good in Morocco), and pastries. When we got into the balloon, they told us to crouch down low for about a minute and when we stood up we were so far off the ground. It was really cool. The ride lasted probably an hour or so – we saw the sun rise over the mountains and could see for miles and miles. The photos are beautiful but don’t do it justice!!!

Marrakech by Air Marrakech by Air Marrakech by Air

A crew met us upon landing to level the basket onto the bed of a truck. From there the balloon was deflated and we all took cars back to the base camp, where we were served a traditional Moroccan breakfast (MMMM Moroccan pancakes, which are a lot like naan + fresh honey.)

camel ride Marrakech

After the balloon ride they then took us to another spot in the desert for a camel ride.

In all honesty I was terrified – I am scared of horses (I had a bad experience as a kid), and camels are even taller! I didn’t want to be “that girl,” and sit in the car while everyone else did the ride so I just went along with it. Getting up was scary (the camels are all sitting down and then they get up all at once), same with getting down, but really – I had a great time. The ride itself wasn’t scary at all (there was a six year old girl in front of me so… I felt a little lame being such a scaredy cat!). Besides the photos (that “selfie!!!”) were totally worth it. Again, something I will never forget!camel ride Marrakech

Honestly, I am a big food person and was a little meh on the food in Marrakech. Moroccan food isn’t my favorite and I got really sick at one point, so it was a little rough. I will say that the decor at the restaurants more than made up for the just so-so food. Everything was spectacularly designed – so beautiful. It’s also worth nothing that a universal thing was the painfully slow service! You just get used to it!

I will say that breakfast was my favorite meal every day. The orange juice is so good (it’s made from the whole orange so it’s very pulp-y) and I loved all the fresh fruit, pastries, honeys and spreads. Our hotel had like 8 or 9 different breakfast spreads (things like chocolate, orange blossom honey, all TO DIE FOR).

Where to Eat and Drink in Marrakech

El Fenn

This is an ultra chic hotel; I had followed their instagram feed for YEARS (does that floor above look familiar to you???) and was so excited to finally go. We went for dinner and it was good. The cocktails (epic mojitos) and appetizers were amazing but in all honesty our dinners (I had the lobster and Becca had the chicken) were a little dry. I think if I were to go back I would go more for drinks and snacks. They have a gorgeous boutique downstairs as well; though it is very very expensive.  If you go for dinner, definitely make a reservation. There are two seatings; early and late.

Grand Cafe de la Poste

This is an old post office. We went for drinks and a snack before dinner one night. It’s a beautiful spot and we had this really delicious cheese toast with truffles.

Le Jardin Marrakech

This is a really beautiful spot but it’s worth noting that they do not serve alcohol. I was meh on the food but LOVED the decor. I think I’d go for lunch instead of dinner. I’m pretty sure that this is where I got sick.

La Trattoria

This is a GORGEOUS Italian restaurant. It’s where I took this instagram photo. If you go, make a reservation and ask for a table by the pool. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. The food was great (probably my favorite meal which bums me out as it’s Italian and I always pride myself on trying all the local flavors) but the food was very good. The portions are huge and it’s pretty affordable.

La Mamounia

This is one of Marrakech’s most beautiful and expensive hotels – we went for drinks (dinner is extremely expensive – they have a seafood plate that’s a few hundred dollars!) at one of their four bars (The Italian Bar) and were a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – it’s an absolutely beautiful property but I don’t feel any need to go back or to stay there. Maybe we’d hyped it up too much but as glamorous and fancy it was, it didn’t feel like we were in Morocco – we felt like we could have been at any really upscale hotel; even Vegas.

Visiting the YSL museum (and garden – Jardin Majorelle) was really really special.

We weren’t allowed to take photos at the museum (so above is a photo of the cafe, haha) but if you are a Saint Laurent fan or just love fashion, you will die seeing the archives of his designs from over the years. Everything is set against a stark black glossy backdrop which makes for a really dramatic and luxe display. Highly recommend.

The gardens are beautiful as well. That blue color above is “Majorelle Blue,” named for (and trademarked by!) Jacques Majorelle the painter. You can read more about that here, but it might be my new favorite color after this trip. (Separately, I got a lot of questions about my caftan. Sadly it’s a few years old. The brand is called Gallabia and I wore it in this post!)

(After visiting, I was inspired to pick up this book… I’m currently reading it and learning so much about Saint Laurent’s life and rivalry with Karl Lagerfeld. I’m only about 25% in but love it so far.)

Things to Know before Visiting Morocco:

  • Friday is the Moroccan Sunday, so a lot of things are closed!
  • Don’t eat street food or drink the water. Be really careful; you shouldn’t even brush your teeth with the water.
  • If you are bartering in the souks, the tip we got was to ask for 60% off the price they ask for and settle for half off. Don’t take my word on this though, we failed miserably at bartering!!!
  • The orange juice is delicious. Be sure to have some. (This is so random but I had to include it!!)
  • A lot of restaurants do not serve alcohol, so if you want cocktails or wine, ask ahead!
  • Marrakech is HUGE! We were blown away by how big the city is outside of the Medina. We really didn’t spend enough time there; if I were planning another trip I would probably have gone to Marrakech for four or five nights, exploring more outside the city, and also giving ourselves a rest day at the pool.
  • Driving is crazy here. Just be prepared for a few wild cab rides!

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  1. The pharmacy sure sounds fun, especially for us skincare addicts! The culture in Morocco looks incredible. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.18.18 Reply
  2. Paula Atkeson:

    I love the hot air balloon photos! We did a similar ride in Jodhpur, India and it was incredible.

    9.19.18 Reply
  3. Taylor:

    Your photos are incredible – I’m glad you and Becca had such a wonderful time in Marrakech!

    xo, Taylor

    9.19.18 Reply
  4. Heather:

    These pictures are stunning! Morocco is at the very top of my list. I want to get to Chefchaouen (the blue city), but it seems like it will be difficult to get to. Question about travel- what did you fly there, and did you have a layover or go direct? Thanks so much!

    9.19.18 Reply
    • I flew JFK to Casablanca to Marrakech!

      9.19.18 Reply
    • (It’s really not very difficult – time wise it’s about the same as going anywhere in Europe; my flights home from Sweden yesterday were longer!)

      9.19.18 Reply
  5. Katie:

    Are the Vince sneakers in the top photos black or navy? I love the camel pic also!

    9.19.18 Reply
    • They’re grey! I’ve had them for years and years so not sure if they still make the exact color.

      9.19.18 Reply
  6. Morocco is definitely on my bucket list, thanks so much for this super helpful travel guide. Hope to get there soon and follow your tips! 🙂

    9.19.18 Reply
  7. Ashlee Hightower:

    Grace! Your trip looks amazing! Marrakesh is on my 2019 list, and after reading this recap I’ve put it as a 2019 priority! The city looks amazing, and it looks like you and Becca made the most of your time there! Thanks for sharing!

    Ashlee |

    9.19.18 Reply
  8. Samantha:

    Thanks for posting these details. Will definitely use them for my trip to Morocco in a couple of weeks.

    9.20.18 Reply
  9. Julie:

    Great post, Grace! So glad you had fun. I loved Morocco too and marveled at the organized chaos on the streets. But it’s all part of the experience, right? Beautiful pics too!

    9.21.18 Reply
  10. Samantha:

    Two quick questions are the shops you recommended all in the souks or in other parts of the city? Also, did you get dirhams or use euros?

    9.23.18 Reply
    • We used the local currency (dirahms). The shops were all over – some were in souks some were not! None really had websites but they did have google maps so just type them in!

      9.23.18 Reply
  11. Mandy Sinclair:

    As the owner of a food and cultural tour company in Marrakech, I find it incredibly sad that you advise readers “Don’t eat street food or drink the water”. Why not encourage readers to do a bit of research? Or join a street food tour? Or head out and look for the street stalls where locals are gathered, giving a fairly good indication that the food is not only good, but selling quickly rather than sitting around?

    10.23.18 Reply
  12. I loved Marrakesh! It was hectic but so cool.

    10.23.18 Reply
  13. Thanks for sharing this guide to Morocco it makes me want to visit even more now! and your photos are vibrant and really capture the vibe of the place.

    Eme xo

    10.24.18 Reply
  14. Susan:

    Where is the loafer store you mentioned – Ativan? Thnks!

    11.6.18 Reply
    • Sorry the name is actually Atika! I don’t remember the exact address but it should pop up on google maps! x

      11.6.18 Reply
  15. I stayed in Morocco two years ago, but it was on a work tour to a meeting in Marrakesh and I didn’t have much time to see the sights. We are eager to go back and travel it properly in the next couple of years. There is lots of supportive advice here to motivate our journey. Thank you!

    3.1.19 Reply
  16. Caitlyn:

    The pharmacy is SO COOL! This post is a dream.

    I know you love them and wear them all the time (they’re really cute!), but are the sneakers good for walking around all day for a trip like this?

    10.14.19 Reply
  17. Mrs Angela Crossgell:

    Hi Grace
    I went to Marrakesh for my wedding anniversary in February for 4 nights (prezzie from the kids) and had a fabulous time. I wish I saw your blog before I went, it was very useful. I intend to return next year for at least a week and check out the places you mentioned. The pictures taken are fab.

    3.18.20 Reply
  18. Omar Alaoui:

    Hi Grace , Beautiful pictures .Great post Thank you for sharing .Glad you had fun . Marrakech is a magical city. I have been there many times I highly recommend the readers trying street food. just do your research and you will love the experience.

    9.10.20 Reply