My {fast!} Morning Routine…


I have my mornings down to a science. So much so that it’s a bit embarrassing for a “fashion person.” As I really don’t like mornings, I have shaved my routine to take really just 20-25 minutes – and then I’m out the door. Not every morning is like this… if I get up early and go to yoga, I have more time to dawdle… but that’s just not always the case!

I usually shower at night after the gym so that’s when I do the things that take longer – shave my legs, wash my hair, etc. Here’s my 20 minute morning routine… step by step.

  1. I pop a teaspoon of coconut oil into my mouth and start oil pulling.
  2. Feed Tyrion.
  3. Jump in the shower – quickly! My morning shower doesn’t usually last more than ten minutes and I do not get my hair wet.
  4. Towel off.
  5. Pat SK-II Treatment on to my face.
  6. Spray entire body with Vaseline Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer and rub that in.
  7. Apply face cream.
  8. Tame flyaways with shine spray or styling cream.
  9. Spit out oil; brush teeth.
  10. Get dressed. On busy days, I almost always resort to the following: little black dress, statement necklace, cute shoes.
  11. Apply makeup. I keep this simple too… just bronzer, mascara, a little eyeliner, and bright lipstick.
  12. Done… out the door!

I really love Vaseline’s Spray & Go Moisturizer as it makes getting ready so easy. It does a great job hydrating skin and also absorbs in 10 seconds or less so you can put your clothes on immediately afterward… making getting ready even easier than it usually would be. There are three variants (Total Moisture®, Aloe Fresh, and Cocoa Radiant) The Cocoa Radiant is my favorite as I’m just a little bit obsessed with the scent of cocoa butter!

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Thank you to Style Coalition and Vaseline for sponsoring this post.

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  1. awomanwithoptions:

    how do you like the oil pulling? i’m so close to trying it…

    4.28.14 Reply
  2. The Avg Girl Guide (@AvgGirlsGuide):

    Love hearing a good morning routine! Must try your tata face moisturizer, and I agree re: vaseline… the stuff is so convenient and good. The fast dry and spray so I don’t get all oily feelign is perfect.


    4.28.14 Reply
  3. jillian (@cornflakedreams):

    ooo i really need to get that spray and go lotion! xo

    4.28.14 Reply
  4. Fashion Follows Her:

    I need this… I’m just not a morning person’

    4.28.14 Reply
  5. Polly Rowan:

    I’ve been meaning to buy that Vaseline lotion for ages!

    4.28.14 Reply
  6. Nan // Simply Elegant:

    I am the same way, I have such a set routine in the mornings to try and be as quick as possible. I use that exact same Benefit bronzer, it is such a great product that has lasted me forever!

    4.28.14 Reply
  7. Lauren:

    I love tata Harper!

    4.28.14 Reply
  8. Cathleen:

    I am definitely a morning person, but I don’t like the process of getting ready in the morning. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a simple morning routine. Thanks for this list of goodies.

    4.28.14 Reply
  9. Amanda @ A Hammer & Heels:

    You girl, are amazing! I only dream of getting my morning routine down to a half hour. My makeup routine is much more involved, so I blame my acne prone skin for my pokiness.

    4.28.14 Reply
  10. Annie Reeves:

    I love my Vaseline Spray n Go – I’m not a fan of lotion at all (I know, I’m weird!), but this stuff I love!

    4.29.14 Reply
  11. Becca Krzmarzick:

    I always wonder what other people’s morning routines are and if there is a way I can be more efficient while still looking good. Thanks for sharing!

    4.29.14 Reply
  12. Cy:

    Where’s your sunscreen? I wear it everyday, no matter what the weather. People are shocked when I tell them I’m 52, they all assume I’m in my 30’s. You look gorgeous all the time, by the way Grace.

    5.2.14 Reply