More DIY Love.. Chic Steals’ Pamela Love Ring

Every now and then, a project comes along that totally blows my mind.  Today’s comes from Carly over at Chic Steals.  Her arrowhead ring?  Uh-mazing.

It’s based off of a $528 (yowzas!) ring by Pamela Love.  I don’t know about you, but even if I had $528 laying around, I wouldn’t spend it on an arrowhead ring.  I would, and probably will, however, attempt this DIY, and rock it proudly.

Carly’s creativity here is totally impressive.  She introduced me to some ideas I hadn’t even thought of, using materials I’d never heard of… making me believe more now than ever before, if you see it something you love, and you put your thinking cap on, the sky is the limit!

And on another note, Jenni of I Spy DIY introduced me to the blog Atlantic-Pacific today.  Dying over her painted American Apparel Clutch… making one immediately!

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