Mood Elevators

There’s something to be said for the way the right piece of clothing or accessory can lift your mood.  A pop of color, a whimsical print, pretty bows, polka dots… they’re bright, happy, and always fun.  Pieces like these lift my mood and make getting dressed just a bit easier.  See below for a few of my personal favorite mood-elevating pieces.  I’m lucky enough to own a few of them (this and this included) and can attest to their magical powers.

Top Row:  Chevron Top // Tote // Lip Studs // Necklace // Bow Belt

Middle:  Blue and Combo Chevron Rings // Heart Sweater // Pink Skirt // Cat Ring // Earrings // Bow // Floral Tank

BottomDot Sweatshirt // Bow Studs // Pumps // Earrings // Skirt

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  1. PennyPincherFashion says 8.31.12

    Completely agree with this logic and it’s part of my “wise shopping” strategy – I only buy pieces that really make me feel good.  Otherwise, I know I won’t reach for them on a regular basis 🙂

    • graceatwood says 9.11.12

      I like your strategy and totally agree. Have spent too much money on clothes I don’t wear… it’s a tough lesson to learn!

  2. Lisa says 8.31.12

    The satchel from JCrew  was a recent purchase and the color was exactly what drew me to it.  

    • graceatwood says 9.11.12

      ooh lucky you – it is fabulous!!

  3. Elizabeth Schneider says 8.31.12

    Total mood elevators, happy Friday!

  4. tomorrowtodayblog says 8.31.12

    ah! that j crew shirt just makes me happy- I love it! totally agree with you- I try to only buy things that I want to wear out of the store!

  5. christin schindewolf says 8.31.12

    dollar sign studs? get out of town! 

  6. AdventuresinDressmaking says 8.31.12

    Cuteness!! I am always wishing for that one piece that would make my outfit more fun. Must incorporate more brights and prints. =)

  7. Chloe Gale says 8.31.12

    What a perfect weekend pick-me-up. Love the lip studs and chevron rings…so cool!

  8. The Avg Girl Guide says 8.31.12

    I’m fully OBSESSED with everything. That Madewell sweatshirt is the best (and by clicking on it found the cutest b+w polka dot tee, score!) 

  9. Lindsey says 8.31.12

    I love bright pieces for fall! I agree – wearing fun pieces instantly brightens my day! Love your cute picks!


  10. Denise Atwood says 8.31.12

    I agree about the mood boosters!  Love this post!

  11. Dana Punzenberger says 8.31.12

    Thank you for the mood boosters!!! Love all pieces,  expecially the pink skirt and the heart sweater.

  12. Roxy Barr says 8.31.12

    That adorable skirt in pink! I must have it!!! I love anything “paperbag-style”

    🙂 Roxy

  13. Tierney says 8.31.12

    Where’s the leopard?!!?  (Just kidding.  Kind of.)  

    Real talk though:  When I saw the post title, I thought it was going to be a special post on cool elevators at departments stores.  Haha.  You know.  Like “Mood Elevators” in cool hues and themes.  Haha.

  14. Kirbyellenbrooks says 8.31.12

    That Chevron Top is amazing! J. Crew can do no wrong!

  15. Sara B says 8.31.12

    Such happy pieces! I’m wearing my chevron rings today and they’re totally making me smile. Happy Friday Grace!! xo

  16. Clarity Star says 9.2.12

    Color is always a mood lifter. These pieces you chose are wishlist worthy as well.

  17. Lisa // Elembee says 9.2.12

    It really is amazing what the right clothing/accessories can do for your mood. Even though I work from home and love taking advantage of the fact that I can work in my PJs, getting dressed and putting on makeup makes a huge difference when I’m feeling frustrated or just not as productive. Stripes, polka dots, and/or bright colors always do the trick for me! I think that polka dot sweatshirt would be just the thing for an off day.

  18. Jordan - Queen of LA says 9.5.12

    as a lover of color on everything and anything i love this post. spot on! love those heels and that pink skirt!