DIY: Monogram Stencil & Notebook


Today marks my second tutorial post with Adobe Photoshop Elements.  We’re going to use Elements to design a custom monogram, make a stencil, and then use the stencil and a paint pen to dress up some Moleskine notebooks.  The best part is that after this project, you can use the stencil to monogram anything your little heart desires… a tote bag, a sweater, even a pair of ballet flats!


In Elements, open up a new document, at 8.5″ by 11″ long.


Click View, Actual Pixels so that you’ll be able to see the approximate size of how it will print.  (Note:  You can always hit print preview later to see it that way, too)


Click the large “T” which is the text tool.  Add the large letter of your monogram.  I used Times New Roman and made my middle letter 140pt.


Then, add your two smaller initials.  I used 80pt. for these.


Print out your document.  In Elements, make sure you select print actual size.


Tape down your design to a thick piece of cardstock, and get something to protect your workspace.  I used a binder, but you can buy cutting mats too.


Using an X-Acto Knife, carefully cut out your design.


Once you’ve finished, peel off your design and use the knife to clean up the stencil.



Tape your design down to your notebook.


Using a paint pen (I used this gold one from Sharpie), carefully fill in your stencil.


And then you are all done!


Post brought to you by Adobe Elements

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Leave a Comment


  1. Such a great idea!

    8.12.13 Reply
  2. So easy…and so chic. Would make such a great personalize gift! Would love to do that to a tray!

    8.13.13 Reply
  3. These are great! What a good idea!

    8.13.13 Reply
  4. obsessed. i have so much work to do but all i want to do is stop and do a monogram! just got a leather notebook that it would be perfect for.

    8.14.13 Reply
  5. Simple and fun. If you ask me in a month, I’m probably going to have like 20 new monogrammed items around my apartment.

    8.14.13 Reply
  6. Hey! This is lovely 🙂 Appreciate all that and have a question. Do you have many more? Could you show them to us? I used to think that’s difficult until I read your article. Now, I’m on my way to start making my own.

    8.30.13 Reply
  7. I just came back from a trip to the US South where monogramming was huge! I think this could be a nice way to do it myself, lovely post.

    9.23.13 Reply
  8. Great Idea! Love it!

    9.30.13 Reply
  9. Very cute! Love monograms!

    10.4.13 Reply
  10. Need to make 1 for my blogging calendar 🙂

    9.28.14 Reply