M&J Trim’s Blogger of the Month!

As I announced last week.. I am beside myself thrilled to be M&J Trimming’s Blogger of the month.  My post goes up on their site today.  They sent me a box of goodies and I put together four fun and easy projects incorporating the materials they sent over.  Here’s what they sent me…
 And here’s what I made!
 A fun statement necklace, inspired by Tory Burch’s Skyline Collar
 A happy ascot-esque brooch to brighten up my classic pieces… (It lives on my trench coat now…)
A rock ‘n roll-chic Necklace…  easier to make than you’d ever imagine!  Just pin it!
There is one other project too!  Head over to M&J Trimming’s blog for the full scoop and tutorials for each project!  

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