One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was this really beautiful antique teacup from my aunt.  The saucer had clearly been broken a few times (but always carefully mended) but the detailing of the cup was just so beautiful.  It’s inspired me… I want to start a little collection of mismatched teacups.  Besides drinking coffee + tea (and wine) out of your cupcakes, they also are great for jewelry storage… or you could try making candles with them!  The best place to find them is at thrift stores, but I’ve found some other really pretty options below (how cool is this one in blue?)


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  1. I love a great tea set – especially the mismatched ones – it makes drinking coffee so much more fun!

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  2. love them, so girly and cute.

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  3. So adorable. You should find a nice way to display them in your apartment 🙂 I’d love to see how you style them.



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  4. What a wonderful, wonderful gift. Would love to see how you will use them.

    xoxo Ra


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  5. Errmerrgerrd! I made tea cup candles! http://gonebanannas.com/2013/01/23/a-little-candlelight/. They are super cute. My teacups weren’t nearly as pretty or antique-y, just salvo finds but, they came out cute!

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  6. jillian:

    so fun! i love the idea of a teacup candle! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

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  7. I’m obsessed with collecting mismatched teacups, especially when they have stories behind them!

    Lovely Notions

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  8. I collect these too! And agree on the thrift store finds — I find some of the best ones in Texas, often for just a dollar or two (it’s amazing!). Funny you got this for Christmas…my grandmother gave me a single teacup too! #greatminds

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  9. Mismatched tea cups are so beautiful. Have you seen Richard Brendon’s work? He takes old saucers and pairs them with metallic cups. They’re gorgeous. http://www.richardbrendon.com/category/reflect-3.html#all

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  10. I lived in London over the summer and they had the most beautiful antique teacups at the Portobello Road market. My sister bought a couple and now I’m sad that I didn’t! So pretty.


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  11. Never thought about collecting tea cups, but it sounds like a very interesting thing to do! Hope you get enough to show us a collection post sometime. Would love to see how you’ll display them in your home

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  12. Caitlin:

    I collect tea cups too… so fun!! They’re great on display to add a pop of color to a corner of your apt. When the weather permits, I plant small plats in them (basil, succulents, etc.) and they’re great to use if you ever throw any shower or brunch! xo

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